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If URealms where to have a standalone game, how much would you be willing to pay for it?


  • This is based on what you are willing to pay for it, not what would be reality.
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    For me is it simple, 60+ bucks.

    I know it won't be a triple A title from a large company but if i look at the time spend on TTS (I only used it for URealms) am i at 355 Hours. Most games i play don't even reach 50 hours.

    Lets say it will cost 60 Euro like a triple A title. 355:60= €5,91- per hour spend and the cost goes down the more i play.
    This doesn't even take in account the time i spend on making maps/assets to expand the game. The amount of time spend on URealms is for me already way less than a trip to the movies (Movie tickets in my area are 20 or 40 euro's excluding traveling costs/food).

    The cost of entertainment per hour would for me be low in this scenario, making the game worth more for for me than most other games.
  • Like an actual printed Players handbook? Yes. yes I would.
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    @Boxlight I meant as a video game, 2K+ cards with duplicates for the decks and boards would most likely cost at least a few hundred bucks to pay for the paper and printing alone.
  • You reading this Rob? You're ontop of a copper mine!
  • If I had enough disposable income? At least 100 is what I would expect to pay for it, its just that there's SO much stuff so its gotta be expensive!
  • I personally would say 20 bucks. This is just because it is what the most amount of people could afford, and thus, more money for Rawb as there's more people buying his game!
  • An actual game version of URealms... well for season 3 $20-$30?
  • $60 because that about as high as you can go for games now-a-days without making it seem too expensive, but in all actuality i'd pay 70-80 easy
  • @NikoKun so you're saying a $60 base game with $10-$20 add-on packs? :peace: 
  • $60 would be ideal for me. but i'd buy it even if it were $100. though i'd have to save up quite a bit if it were.
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