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A theory on what race bopen is

This mainly come form Unexpected Discory ep 6,pretty much any clip that bopen is in and AZ. So the guys are going to start the fight with the giant mech and rawb says/roughly "the hand and body are covered it a purple magic/energy" this is parathraising but that the jist of it. And Bopen is able to move bones teleakinictly and he is always covered in purple stuff. And Bopen may of seen what happened to his own people the BEENU because CCTV Cameras became in effect in non government market in the 1970s! Which is the same techonolgy that the beenu had so that why Bopen has a vendenta againist living but mainly the elves as they killed his kind and he viewed the bennu as best race and he thinks that all living are below.And finaly we haven't seen him in his flesh form. bye


  • Huh that wouldnt be the most surprising thing if he turns out to actually be the last "living" Beenu though I imagine its about as likely as him being the spirit of Phanto possessing a corpse... mind you while theres no proof its a legitimate option until proven otherwise
  • The part what im skeptical about is, none hollow bones, anatomy would be different than what we observed,
  • @Crash He doesnt have hollow bones because he lost all his bones, and use the dundinborough royals for body parts
  • yeah we've only seen bopen with the bones of others being used as his own. we don't know if there is something keeping bopen alive or anything. phineas basically made it canon that bopen is not ageless or at least not a normal ageless. my bets are on bopens hunt for gold to feed the Golden Beast in Dundinborough is the source of bopens power.
  • @robertgoparty Either that or the sword since it had the same "purpley magic" around it even while the prince was wielding it.
  • @Ninja_Goose ... And Virgo Sunswords. And now Percy Basts.

    OT: I think he was an Elf, seeing as how he was as tall (or maybe slightly taller) then Virgo. Of course, he's not that anymore being Ageless and composited with bones. Personally, I'd categorize him as a Lich; he's a skeletal being that doesn't die when 'killed' and has a couple phylacteries (His Sword, and especially his ring). Of course, Rob could name this type of creature something else, but for all intents and purposes, it's a Lich.
  • What if his race is just skeleton/ageless. That would be neat
  • Yeah, since he has this godlike nature to him, it would make sense for him to be the first ageless. We know the mermaids created the first ageless, presumably during the birth of magic, but who turned the mermaids ageless?

    Seems like such an innocent looking being would exist before birth of magic uncorrupted, and then someone turned them like that. Maybe Bopen is a curse we (old gods) put on some elf/beanu for entertainment... I mean we do seem to like him, sometimes seeing him as a good and enjoyable fellow.

    Assuming that is that he was created at Birth of magic like the first ageless, check his songs first lines
    "He was Ageless from the beginning,/
    and was Ageless till the end."

    So hes probably and an old race, pre birth of magic. Apart from that, I don't think either the elfs or the beanu would subject themselves to the ageless curse, being the apparent most rational races.

    To be honest it's probably gonna be a Divine Decision some time in the future, since he seems to be so heavily connected with the old gods. Remenber Bopen isn't and original character of Urealms.
  • @TheoriesBanana ;
    Bopen is, however, an Original from Dwarfs vs zombies. he was one of the event bosses that would show up to destroy the keep. in the context of that game, Bopen could be killed, but that wouldn't stop the event from just happening again having him return.
  • @robertgoparty
    Well, Krungor could also get killed and the event would still fire up again.

    Also, just in case you didnt realize (no offense or anything), Theories probably made a typo with "Bopen isnt anD original character of Urealms."
  • so... Bopen is why you don't give purps to casuals?
  • What if he does not have A race but is all races in his boooneeesss
  • What if he is what the beenu created?
  • What if he is the result of some experiment after the birth of magic to try to bring that utopia back. Someone tried to make some way of beating death so that you couldn't die like pre-birth of magic
  • What if Bopen is the result of what killed Phanto. Maybe whatever the Beenu were working on somehow infused or irradiated dragon magic into and inanimate object, went completely outta control and leached lethal levels from Phanto. Bonus points if the disaster WAS triggered by Goldstandt's singing and that drained the cognizance Goldstandt giving Bopen a sense of will.
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