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What are you waiting to happen in the show?

Anyone have a specific situation the wish would happen in urealms not story wise but just in general things that people do.

Personally im waiting for someone (Deadbones) to try to insult an enemy and roll a 1 and compliment them and they try to stab them and end up hugging them... i just want people to be accidental friends.


  • I'm waiting for the exploration of dick lore for various races.
  • @Lucius_E Something tells me that question will have a long wait to be answered.
  • the tambok show for sure
  • For random factions and animals to be explored more. Such as a Gemlings forming armies or something.
  • i'm still waiting for the beenu lore dump campaign.
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    Random Spell [[Legendary / Shard of Perversion]] or [[Legendary / Final Gift]]
  • New Races, which we're not really going to get this Season.

    Also, an explanation on what Bopen is.
  • stories about the other non ageless threats in the world.
  • The return of Maelstrom and more lore on Dalfgan.
  • I'm waiting for the exploration of Sandbold lore.
  • i'm waiting for Sir Schmoopy
  • Lore dump campaign where the guys visit a temple and we all learn about the children of the dragon aspects. All because I really want to see a canon pantheon 
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    I  want to see the bubble world explored, I think the lore for that will be amazing. I what I think is that the original group will have found a stash of silver and eventually built a city. Ida cant be the only person to accidentally warp to the Realm of Holding. Therefore it is likely to have a large population in there.
  • Insights into Bopen’s origins, weaknesses and motives.

    A follow up on Kobold Headhunters

    Rick Snot accidental ship captain

    Although we’ve had so many elf campaigns I want all the lore of keys, families, Nadar to be released.
  • Anything more with Rawb letting them play goblins since it kinda sucks they basically got shoved to the side as this shitty useless and hated race that really cant accomplish much because of how everyone else views them. I'd like to see some more built around them because so far they feel like the most ignored race and we havent seen them in awhile.

    Also maybe some more incite into some of the early season one campaigns with the wizard Nisovin. He was probably just used as a convenient plot device but it still leaves me curious about whatever the key was he wanted from the Sunswords and what exactly he was plotting or if that whole thing is just throw away now and Rawb has moved past it.
  • I WANT WAR!!!!! It will be so fucking awesome and I would love like ten players and hundreds of minions and tens of characters.  >:)
  • Other dwarven kingdoms/clans

    Of course the adventures of DUKE DARRIINNG!

    Vampire Locket lore 
  • Tambok, or bopen to die, I don't like bopen because he does whatever he wants, no impact or negative consequences, it removes the fear of him and he becomes a newcence in the show.
  • I want one of the guys to roll a one for a deathroll at the start of the game. Can you imagine how funny it would be? One character taken out before they can do anything. Even better if they have no back up character so they have nothing to do for the rest of the campaign.
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    @The_Pez Would it still be funny if that happened to you? if you had to stay silent while everyone else got to play/perform for the next 6-7 hours while you have to watch in silence, would it still be as funny? From personal experience on both the gm and player end, it isnt fun.
  • The failing of races and the rising of races. Elves and ageless can't be the best forever.
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    I just want some campaigns focused on Kobolds, Gobilns, Porcs, Keens/Gnomes, ect. Seriously delving into their culture in depth, and exploring their major cities to give us a better prospective of it all. Some of these races are so over due for attention we only know the most cliched caricatures of their race. Doesn't help that the few campaigns that are focused on a single race were a lot of the older unpolished ones. Gobos of Pat are obviously non-canon. However, the one Kobold campaign on Karazim was just so lazy. It was more like a D&D filler side quest where nothing of substance happened and the town was a cardboard cut out that got more depth added to it in Silvermine Mountains than the campaign it was featured in.

    So anyways once seasons 3-5 of Elf Wars, The Ageless Strike Back, and Return of the Sunswords are finished maybe we can get some New Porc City or something.
  • @The_Pez I mean rawb most likely has a plan if people die early with no companions.
  • I want to know what happened to Porbo, did the mirror break or not?

  • I'm waiting for Reginald Barringster III to screw over the main party in some nefarious manner, only for Deadbones to retort and retaliate "EFF YOU! REGGIE!"
  • @Gterra2 It's happened to me twice, and I don't mind. Of course it sucks. Does that change that it could happen? No, that's what I would find funny, the grim humour of someone just up and dying.
  • The Eaglebear class. I won't forget Robert Moran, I will NEVER forget. 
  • The triumphant return of Ca-Rell, the powerful Porc master, the beautiful former captain of famous Theta Squad.
  • To find out the fate of Rick Snot accidental Captain.
  • More kobolds! More kobold dongers!  ~_~
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