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Is Maelstrom Sinned?

In the latest campaign Lyn Azveltara Gaiden one of the first donation events was giving Lyn a sin which allowed Spiff to tell Lyn anything on the meta level and if she was to fail a death roll she would be sinned forever being able to break the 4th wall and understand that this is a show. This got me thinking about the only other character that does this. Maelstrom. He always kind of broke the 4th wall. For example in The Skeleton King he says quote, "We meet again, and yet for the first time." This is referring to New Crew where we meet Maelstrom for the first time with this being the second time the players encounter him but it is first time their characters have meet him.
So with this connection of two characters which can know things on the meta level it made me ask is maelstrom sinned so I went back and watched the speech he made in The Skeleton King and I found what I was looking for. In his speech he states "You create those like me when you over extend. Sins burned into flesh that cause us to ascend... We are the Order of Chaos born from your sins" With this we can confirm that Maelstrom is sinned, and to go a little farther I think his eye is his mark for being sinned.


  • I thought Lyn's mark simply let Spiff communicate with her. That's not the same as being able to break the 4th wall. That is just Lyn hearing whispers, which she ultimately decided was just Tower trickery.

    Maelstrom, however, has always been a... strange character. I believe a popular theory around the community is that he is the product of what happens when you reach five Sins. A member of the Order of Chaos is created.
    I think it is pretty safe to assume that Maelstrom is either sinned, or very much related to sinning. Sandbolds as a whole, perhaps, are very involved with Old Gods and Sins.
  • @Ninjathis But orders of Chaos are created when we "save" people, and those who are marked gradually lose themselves where-as "A fate worse than death" has to be worse than that for the fifth sin.
  • @UnluckyBimi While it is possible that Maelstrom has a Sin, which would explain his Reborn attribute, another very plausible explanation is that he simply ingested raw dragon silver, which has been shown before to allow kobolds to see through the fourth wall.
  • I dont remember where or the exact details, But I do remember seeing an image of a Maelstrom with a red mark or scar on his eye or where his eye was.
  • yeah his eye was like replaced with a gem that just freaks the crap out of people and they die.
    Don't really know whats up with that, but its a neat thing.
  • I agree, but does that truly mean he’d know about potential alternate timelines just from that? That’s what made me put the dragon silver side on the backburner until we know more. @KaeawynShifter
  • @Angoman Pretty sure it was a reference to the original Unforgotten Realms, pretty sure it was a Nader Gem, and the red one was Fear or something.
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