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Is being Ageless bad?

So I know ageless are technical dead, but is that really a bad thing. We think being dead is bad, because when real humans die, they are gone forever. If you get turned into an ageless, yes you "die," but your not really dead, so what is really bad about it?

I realize that is would be scary to be turned ageless, but I was just wondering what the bad parts about it are. Also I couldn't find it on the wiki, but what determines if you turn into a sentient ageless, vs not sentient?


  •    The worst of it I think, when one looks at it from an Elvin point, is that ageless are an antithesis to The Light. Ageless are a corruption and mockery of the perfect painless immortality once possessed by the Elves. It takes ANY creature regardless of it's purity or ancestry to the Dragons. Clearly it MUST be a curse since the healing Light burns them.

    TL;DR: Not much "wrong" with being ageless, just the Elves being elitist pricks again.
  • sentient ageless is made when you are alive and the ritual is performed on you thralls are made either with a corpse or golestantds breath
  • From what we've seen you become a non sentient thrall if you're hit by the breath of Golestandt or of another non sentient ageless (like in Woodcarvers or Fall of Dundinborough). You remain sentient when you go through a ritual like in the Silvermine Mountains / Skeleton King / The Purge / Senate oof Deadlantis.

    Honestly like you said there's no real baad thing about being ageless: you get to potentially live forever (just wear a helmet wherever you go and you're good :) ) and you can die whenever you want if you are tired of living, you don't need to eat or sleep which = Max productivity, you don't need to breathe so you can live wherever you want (even under the sea!) and I'm pretty sure you can replace the bones you break.

    In Urealms most people think that being ageless is dead because they think they are all non sentient beings, but we know from the ageless campaigns that when you're turned into ageless you are still the same person (the only difference is that you generally feel empowered) which is why Lance Willakers' story could become very interesting since he was one of those paladins who went around killing skeletons left and right thinking they were all thralls, but now he is one of them and might understand that he has not changed at all.

    If us humans were able to become ageless and to hide our skeleton bodies with betraoil or something like that, I would totally do it >_<

  • There is also this thing with maybe not having a soul anymore, but we're not so sure about that one.
  • I think that when you're ageless there is no afterlife for you when you die, but if you're not ageless when you die there is.
  • @Weslid "he was one of those paladins who went around killing skeletons left and right thinking they were all thralls" That's not true, well there's nothing to support that. He knew there were thralls, but based upon people knowing there are ageless in normal towns just blending in and what-not it seems like people know there are sentient non-thralls (and that Lance was most likely one of these people, who knew about sentient non-thralls).
  • From what I can gather, there are exactly 3 problems with being Ageless (that we know of right now):

    1) It might change you, and I say might because from I've seen, it might not necessarily change you at all. We definitely saw Young Ladyir change, from being a scared but adventurous child, to being a child with no fear at all (he might have also lost his want for adventure). It was hinted with Merci feeling a sense of power within him now that he's ageless. Cain and Lance Willakers showed no change at all, though. And we can't tell if becoming Ageless or the events of the Birth of Magic are what caused personality changes in Stuart, Zanaria, Daedric and Ladrian (it may be a combination of the both).

    2) You completely lose the need to socialize, which lets you find things like staring at walls for literal years to be fun (or at least, something to do).

    3) Light Magics hurt you, unless you are directly casting it (on yourself or others).

    Other then these 3, and the stigma non-Ageless have against you, there are so far no real draw backs to it.
  • I mean, it's been alluded to that the only real downside to being Ageless is that you can't have children, but I mean, I'm sure you can adopt an orphan. As far as other things go, you don't need anything, so you can do whatever you find fun for eternity. I mean, sure, the Elves hate you, but you can always just walk in a straight line under water until you reach another continent and start a new Ageless civilization.
  • @KaeawynShifter You also don't age nor can your appearance change. (Well, allegedly your appearance doesn't change but Roamin sure looked it in SoD although that could just be him cleaned and suited).
  • @UnluckyBimi Oh yeah, I forgot that, and I'm pretty sure you could change your appearance using magic to either mold your flesh after summoning it, or to change your aura slightly to make your flesh-suit look different.
  • From what we have heard too with the iffy at best knowledge of the loss of soul we also have the hollow empty feeling as well. Yes there has been empowerment and ect for those who have changed, but from what rob said there's forever some sort of hollow feeling to one's being.
  • The only thing better than watching paint dry is watching paint dry under the sea. @friskyBrisky
  • @friskyBrisky @AlternateWraph I don't think Ageless find doing nothing "fun", they just live forever.

    Forever is a really long time. What are you going to do? Everyone non-Ageless tries to kill you, so you end up hiding, just wasting away, wandering the streets of places like Deadlantis.

    The Elves lived in Utopia, and were also immortal, however they had the "Beenu Theme Parks" to keep them occupied. They always had stuff to do. The Ageless end up hollow if they run out of things to do.
    I believe that was part of the Skull Breaker political party? "Let's kill ourselves to give us something to do."
  • i don't think it's bad to be ageless. WRONG.

    The Ageless are a blight upon the world. They're nothing but the dead reincarnated to wreck havoc, and cause nothing but pain and mischief. They don't have SOULS, those things shouldn't be defended! We must purge the Ageless threat like Lyn did with the Beenu an exterminator purging a house of termites!

    in case it wasn't obvious, this is a joke.
  • If the whole world is ageless, it will lead to the end of the realm. In the purge it was confirmed that ageless cannot reproduce. So if the only people left are ageless, they will die off from lack of reproduction, like the beenu.
  • Ageless are immoral
  • @Pufflemore not if you crush their skull
  • Becoming Ageless is beneficial in ways, but so is selling your soul to Rob. - Both of which are terrible ideas that you can never predict the outcome of.
  • The other races have similar reasons of course, but there must be a bunch of Ageless Elves who have lived before the Birth of Magic, who want to relive those times again and imagine they were still immortal and nothing has changed.

    Of course, it is futile. Perhaps they don't need to breathe, sleep, or even meditate anymore. And perhaps they don't have as much of a pain sensation as they should. But not all of them will remember the fantastic taste of Elven cuisine, or the ascension parties from long past. An unfortunate trip on a rock could spell certain death for them. The world of the present is a far cry from what the Elves had remembered from tens of thousands of years past.

    It's not the same and it will never be the same again.
  • @UnluckyBimi ; first off staying a mortal human(or elf or whichever race) is also a terrible idea. you can die from falling off the stairs, its horrible. your basically making a horrible choice no matter what you do.
    also what can you lose from selling your soul to rob, seriously nothing possible bad can happen from that. :smilebold: 
  • Ageless are more likely to die from falling down the stairs. @kreeperkiller63
  • @UnluckyBimi actually it hasn't been confirmed the exact toughness and difficultly of cracking an ageless skull in Urealms, yeah your probably definitely right, but still.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Actually it has been stated that Ageless skulls are slightly harder to break than normal ones. And considering that if you don't get hit with some heal juice real quick a normal person with a broken skull will probably die rather quickly anyway, so Ageless are less likely to die from falling down the stairs.
  • @KaeawynShifter Yet you have to take into account that Fleshies have flesh as some padding where-as for an Ageless it'd be direct skull-to-floor damage (and an ageless with a broken skull is insta-dead. Now, a cracked but not fully broken skull is an unknown although now I'm curious).
  • @UnluckyBimi but your forgetting that the only way to kill an ageless is to crack the skull. You don't need to crack the skull of a person to kill them, you could Pearce an organ, or brake a bone, even falling in you head might not brake your skull but the force still kill you.
  • But your original point was to do with falling down the stairs, which is why we were discussing skulls. Also, what if they’re holy light magic stairs?@kreeperkiller63
  • @UnluckyBimi I am absolutely still talking about falling down the stairs. Even if it is harder to crack the skull of a livings person, cracking a living persons skull isn't the only way a living person Can die from falling down the stairs. How ever ageless the only why an ageless can die falling down the stairs is by cracking there skull. This was the point I've was trying to make.
  • I love how this thread has turned into us just discussing weather an ageless or living person is more likely to die falling down the stairs  :)
  • edited November 2017
    It’d probably depend on the individual overall. There’s not really any bloodloss in URealms so I guess a punctured lung (if they have lungs) and such wouldn’t be as bad. I guess a fat fleshie would prevail over a fat deadie, cause of their padding. The thinner and average ones would definitely depend on the individual. @kreeperkiller63
  • If Gwyneth is still blinded by Light, then yes. Being Ageless is bad.
    If Bopen is still being himself... well I dunno. It's Bopen, he's a dick.
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