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Campaign Thread: The Grand Paladin Order



  • @Dubir I agree with you on everything, but I just want to point out that when roamin rolled doubled 20s he got the option of halving everyones health twice or to force (1-4) Deathroll on William, Sergio, Heathera and Jimmy(R.I.P) or focusing all the energy into the porc. If he wanted to, he could basically blast William out of existence, but Roamin choose the more dramtic event(more potential deaths).  
  • @Lemon_Oakley He released a link to the full thing on twitter.
  • Great campaign as always
  • This campaign was great, it's one of the first ones I'm re-watching over youtube as it airs. I missed this show.
  • This campaign was easily one of the best of the entire show so far! Rawb did a great job GMing despite being really out of it during most of the show, the player characters felt alright for the campaign (despite Roamin's and Coe's not having a real relation to the Grand Paladin Order itself), and the encounters felt tense, unique, and... well, they did their job as encounters.

    There were only two things I felt that this campaign could have done a little better with, just coming from a critical standpoint:
    -The encounters felt a little longer than usual. This isn't something I think could really be improved, so much as the length of encounters are left up to RNG--the dice. The DVZ-esque encounter of defending the North wall had a simple goal, but bad luck. Blocking up the walls and defeating the boss would end the encounter, but with moments like Roamin rolling poorly enough to have a good wall plan fail, that might have added about ten minutes to the whole thing. This isn't a complaint, I assure you--just an observation. It's like a grammar error in an essay--not something major, but noticeable.
    -The death roll system. If I recall correctly, last season there was a point where the death roll system was similar to this, but every time a death roll occurred, the odds of that death roll being a failure for the character doing it were increased with each successful roll. That felt more plausible than a 5% chance each time, over and over again--more realistic, anyway. Let's say that, in the final encounter, when Roamin was pelting Justin's companion with five Ice Blasts, that Roamin did not fail at the end, but William managed to survive each one. If William is on the ground, being struck like chunk-chunk-chunk-chunk-chunk, it makes more sense for him to die after taking all that at once, rather than "tanking" it (given the blasts are rapid, William doesn't have much room to move out of the way of each one, and is only able to block with his arms).
    The roll system could have odds of failure increased to feel just a little more plausible. I'm not saying to make it ridiculous, but a small tweak could do so much. Again, this is only a criticism. Not a complaint. Despite the odds of surviving being a little high for my taste, Death rolls are still exciting and tense, and would still feel acceptable as is in future campaigns; they do their job well.
    (I also understand how increasing the odds of death over the course of a campaign would get ridiculously high in an ageless campaign such as this. In this case, the current system is likely more plausible than the previous one).

    Again, overall, very satisfying campaign. The Divine Decisions segment felt AMAZING, and very, well, godlike. The ticking and Deadbone's lovely voice acting made the situation actually feel impactful. The sub-theme of DvZ applied well to this campaign's story, and I cannot wait to see what comes of Gwenyth's new position as Grand Paladin in the future. (And the poster-shirt design, whichever it'll be, I want to see the full version of that badassery).

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.  :)
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    These are some of my random thoughts about the first campaign. It felt like to me that the guys had to get back into the swing of things for an hour or so at the beginning of the campaign. Venom Burner is an excellent monster name. I think Rob might have forgotten about how death rolls were supposed to rise after every defeat, but I don't blame him with all the stream issue stress going on. Characters still died so it wasn't THAT big a deal.

    Overall I enjoyed it. It's not my favorite campaign, but it's a very solid one.
  • my thought on the first episode of season 3. it was ok, were there any problems? Yes both technical and rules related ones! like with the overflow, death rolls for defeated character and more. but i loved many of the characters, i like the story, i like the divine decision and the animation and art, so in the end ok. and i look forward to watch the rest of the seasons episodes
  • Read the thread and got spoilers. Didn't know what I was expecting lol, brought that on myself
  • IT was amazing to be able to watch it live again and interact with chat and on top of finally being able to watch it live this was an amazing start to the knew season the only thing I didn't like was the lack of role playing, but that was probably because they started late. 
  • really enjoyed the stream! nice to see how fast the episodes have started to appear on theTubez too, will prob rewatch them at work to keep my brain busy lol
    good work as always rawb
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    Thank you @Elodalius :D
  • All the work Rob did to rework Season 3 really worked out well and I enjoy all of it. (Especially the status effects, I can't wait to see more)

    The battles seemed a bit long though, I feel the Wall encounter, Rob could have killed one of the guys... or left the right most wall alone until the Bomb-Goblins arrived. It was blocked off fully, Rob knowing the bomb goblins were coming, but still had the Ageless claw the wall down. It seemed to lessen the significance of a job well done in that area. And when the bombs went off and the Ageless flooded the area... and Roamin and Coe did nothing to help against the Golem... Rob should have just killed everyone. Instead he held back and pulled in NPCs to finish the fight.

    I had to leave for work part way through the final battle, so maybe I misunderstood something as I was getting ready:
    Mikeal used a Spell-grenade on Roamin. Why didn't Rob mulligan the Bone Armor spell? Roamin should have taken the 9999 damage.
  • @Logetastic Rob did. Roamin could only take a max of 20 due to ironskin
  • rawb roamin shouldn't have been charmed because the affect of his legend made him charmed for the rest of combat
  • Such a risky fun campaign!! EDGE OF SEAT ALL THE WAY!!! Rather happy the way Divine Decisions work :wow: 

    @Railith Death Rolls don't accumulate anymore, unless you cripple yourself in that way lol. Rob says so long as you don't roll 1, you're not dead but still at RISK - Essentially someone can still Coup de Grace you with a well placed blow. Just like in D&D, the rules aren't set in stone for this and it's up to the DM to weigh the circumstance.
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    I had fun watching but it was not one of my favorite campaigns. I appreciate how well put together it was and how everything stayed focused on the goal. However, the combat got really dull when it boiled down to waiting for 1 or 20 to see something meaningful happen. By the end I was really sour to death rolls.

    I had some things I liked as well - including one unplanned  part I absolutely loved. I would expand upon them but they are very spoilery.

    Do we have spoiler tags on this forum?
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    @Vilmar_Reliner Thanks for the clarification.

    I can understand the trade off for a minor but constant threat of death as opposed to a limited, but ever increasing chance. It goes with Rob's philosophy of letting the dice tell the important moments.
  • The best parts of this campaign were all the 20s, the laughter of the players and all the funny shit, and most importantly the Divine Decision with all it's music.

    The worst part was that Jormr's ability to use Pyroblast didn't even get a mention. And Fireball too, I think! Sadly, not as much love for our Black Boar friend this time.
  • This is such a good campaign to start off the season, but honestly I feel that Roamin's character shouldn't have turned on the team because a jimmy died to save his life, either way Roamin going anti-party is cool too since it just adds more to social standards/standings in urealms lore.
  • Was plesently suprised to see a relative focus on combat, all in all very fun and interesting eipsode, while I have a bit of gripe that the inclusion of the Grand Paladin wasn't the focus of the campaign since (I probabbly just misunderstood) it's what the trailer for the episode implied, but the other compoennts I feel made up for it. Nice to see how season 3 plans to workout gr8 job as always guys 
  • Best part, imo, was the Roamin went 3rd party :evilsmile: 
  • Loved the show can't wait to see what Divine we ended up creating and what its name will turn out to be.
  • I appreciate the systems changes, and while the Defeated system seemed awkward at first it was clarified to the point where I understood.   It was quite combat heavy, and I was hoping for a few more RP-heavy scenes and group shenanigans but that's ALL personal taste more than anything.  A lot of interesting personal lore threads going on, but it didn't feel to integrate all that wall to me.  Roamin's drama with his companion for instance.  It was interesting, but it felt out of place.

    Super happy the fans came in force, mostly (temporary YouTube chat was awful), and that the donations flowed.  Coughed up a few bucks too.  I do wish in the URealms chat I could block individual users though.  I'm sure I'm missing something there.
  • With this campaign being my first one watched live, I loved every second of it even if combat dragged on and chat getting out of control (props to Meganzoor for maintaining the order). The Divine Decision was spine chilling and amazing!

    Also I'm totally going to fill my wall with all the campaign posters  :)
  • This was an awesome campaign, season 3 is gonna be a great one.
  • That was a nice video RAWB I quite liked it.
    But seriously though that was a great campaign. The hype was amazing, it had awesome combats and Roman going anti party was just too good. I would like to list a few minor tweaks towards the campaign that have probably already been said but I would like to give my two cents.
    First the third combat was a bit straining. I won't say it was long, like others have said, as I don't think it was long, I just think if FELT too long.It was a marvelous idea for a combat, however I think that having try to do the same thing every turn while failing just kinda dragged it out past what it needed to be. This was probably mostly due to bad rolls, however I think that if you had saved the tambok ticket event, or one of the donation events until later it would have been a good way to spice it up once it started to get stale. 
    Secondly, I think the death roll system needs to be tweaked slightly. Having Roman constantly trying to kill someone and having them not die was a bit excessive. If this was a player character I would completely understand. However since it was a companion I think it should die a bit easier. I would recommend adding in a system where if a companion or NPC is at 0 stamina and get hit 3 times in a turn that they should just die. I feel something like that would make a good fail safe so that way it doesn't feel excessive in something like this.
    I would like to add this all with the stipulation that I don't claim to know more then you guys do. I'm sure that all of you guys probably already considered this and have the best system, and that you are just sick and tired of hearing long rants about this stuff, but I felt the need to just add my two cents on the topic. I apologize if you are sick of reading all of this. Again though, it was an amazing start to the season and I look forward to seeing what the rest has. 
  • Rob, I can't say I liked any campaign more than this one. I honestly loved everything you did, and everything the characters did. Despite your cough, you did AMAZING. Feel proud, especially considering all the things that... UHH, DEFINITELY DID NOT HAPPEN BEFORE THE SHOW. YEAH.

    I have a few things to say about it here, just some of my opinions as random Jimmy who knows nothing #783.

    1. The way you handled Divine Decisions was very epic. It really felt... empowering? It is strange. The narrator asking if I was sure, with the shaking hourglass... Man, I could not have been more amazed at that.
    2. Everyone seems to be talking about the Death Roll system you made for season 3. I think the main issue here is that people don't understand how it is supposed to actually work, and that was magnified by the way you did a Dwarves vs Zombies siege first. Had it been anything else, I feel people's opinion may have been different. I think it's fine, and we need to see some examples of Death Rolls without the Ageless Swarms, and without Anti-Party players, so the fans can understand a sort of baseline to compare.
    3. The Donation Events on the top of the screen were occasionally getting in the way of the action. I don't really know where else to put them though... Maybe keep them stream exclusive, in the sidebar with chat and the actual donating button? On the website itself? Not sure exactly.
    Aside from what I specifically mentioned, it was otherwise a fantastic show. I can't wait for the next one Rob!
    P.S. Don't feel too bad about being sick. I've also been sick, so some URealms is nice while I start to get better!
  • Gah...  Nearly had a heart attack when Heathera rolled that 1, just gotta thank Galen for that Greater Layon hands. Doomed girl has to outlast everyone!
  • @Ninjathis

    Stream exclusive donation events are a huge hindrance on the youtube audience though. Being able to watch the donations tick up is a huge bonus to some events. Gotta remember that not everyone is there live and the youtube audience can't be neglected.

    Watching the first 30 minutes live was okay. I had to get rid of chat because good lord is chat miserable. Endless complaints in the live chat with people spamming dumb junk. If I want to ever relive the community's conversation as though I were ever in a live chat, I would just go to Word, spam my keyboard for about 30 seconds. Then copy and paste it over and over again for 30 minutes. Then throw in the random 4 and 20 and 1.
  • I love the new companions actually. Feels like fun for people who like multiple
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