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Campaign Thread: Lyn Azveltara Gaiden



  • This was a pretty good campaign. I think TOUW campaigns are like potato chips. They taste great and you can binge the whole bag but it doesn't really progress anything and its not the greatest but it hits just the right spot when you get it.  
  • I'm not sure if "human baby" was James or we just killed it.

    Anyways, Lyn deserved this. I'm glad we had a chance to fix the mistake of giving her a child in the first place by ripping it off from her hands.
  • @c3k4o It wasn't a mistake to give her a child, it was quite clearly intentional.
  • My friend came over within the last 2 hours of the show and, knowing I love URealms, watched it with me so I explained to her the basics of how everything works and some general lore so now she is hooked. Waiting on Naders Unforgotten Tales now! :)
  • I finally got to finish the twitch vod, worth it :) I missed the chance to donate this week which sucks now that I have a job and money to throw around, but oh well.

    I paused at the divine decision to decide which I would choose, on one hand, having every vision be true can be stale after the first few, and also is less "real" as predeterminism is pretty shitty imo, but making them not be all true leads to them all being "fake" even if they turn up to be true. Personally I think it was a question where yes/no isnt sufficient, but I also think that that is ok, as a hard decision is good. I would have went with a visions of the future system similar to oingo boingo from jojo part 3, where a vision comes true if super specific circumstances are met, and can often be misinterpreted.

    For what the end slide means for lyn, thats pretty fucked up, she is nearly guaranteed to lose nearly a hundred babies, and then do such atrocities only to realize it is all for nothing. It reminds me of the classic struggle of a character who sacrifices everything for power, but cant win anyways. 

    I enjoyed deadbones and coes characters a ton, nissovin seems dwarfed by their "huge" impactful characters, but even he and spiff had good moments. The carp king was pretty funny, I wish it really was a prince, maybe a mer-man prince instead of elf, but it being deadbones erotica is pretty funny too. 

    Sorry for the huge rant, I just really wanted to throw my thoughts onto a post, Ive been really enjoying the shows, Ill wait for the one after christmas :) I hope the team has a great little holiday, even though I know you will all be working hard
  • First Gwyneth and now Lyn, I wonder how there can be children in urealms when it seems every pregnant character loses the baby.
  • @zipzorp Only one pregnant character, Gwyneth, has lost their baby.
  • so just in case anyone is wondering, pizza is classified as an open-faced sandwich. i don't know how the Realms would classify their elven flatbread, but it's 100% a sandwich.
  • @UnluckyBimi @zipzorp ; there is nothing that states Lyn explicitly loses a baby. Dreams CAN come true...
  • @Vilmar_Reliner That's basically what I said by pointing out that only Gwyneth has lost their baby.
  • @darkangel I think, as they hinted at the baby being Ghostblade, that she has the baby but then it gets stolen or something along that line. And then in the campaign where Ghostblade gets taken maybe that's Lyn finding him, after all, that time. 
  • @UnluckyBimi I mean, what about all of Deadbones's family in SOD? His character, her wife, and their dog were all pregnant and then got killed, losing lé babies.
  • @KaeawynShifter His wife's baby went with her, so did the dog's (so it's fine), I guess I forgot that DB's character was also pregnant so whoops. Yup, 2 Lost-babies then. (Not saying the Dog and Wife didn't lose theirs, it's just that they died too so they don't have to continue without them. Would've said lived, but DB's character ain't livin').
  • @UnluckyBimi Wow, now you're saying Ageless aren't alive? HUH? HUH?! YOU THINK JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE FLESH YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME? IS THAT IT? IS THAT IT?!
  • @KaeawynShifter Ageless aren't "livin'". Don't have to be livin' to be alive.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    Wait wat? I mean, I'm pretty sure that a requirement to being alive is living, right? That's like, in the dictionary.
  • @KaeawynShifter Not in mine. Alive = Moving and Talking and other stuffs that can't be described in a family-friendly environment. - Livin' = Alive and Fleshy.
  • @UnluckyBimi Okay, I can see that, thanks for clarification. (totally doesn't have to do with you being pro-ageless in another simeultaneous conversation in a different thread.)
  • @KaeawynShifter Me pro-ageless? Nah. I'm pro-self obsession, which just so happens to coincide with the Ageless agenda.
  • @UnluckyBimi Oh, I see, so we're pro-ageless for the same reason then.
  • edited November 2017
    Wait, I thought it said in the first baby divine Decision that Lynn would have her child, and the other option was to make her barren? Did it get reversed by this Divine Decision? Or was it only permanent to make her barren? 

    Ah found the text:
    Yay - "Lyn Azveltara will become pregnant with a player-characters child."
    Nay - "Lyn Azveltara will become infertile and never bear a child."

    Guess the permanent answer was only the barren one. So I guess its effectively a choice of her motives right, because she killed the Beenu either way, but with this one she did it because of tricks. 

    I know SolarIce's decision this week changed a lot more in the grand scheme of things, but in regards to this change I'm confused. I made a grid which might highlight where I'm thinking about this wrong. 

  • @Vongeo This DD only made it so that not all visions are 100% going to happen, but people are taking it as that Lyn’s “baby visions” are fake. 
  • edited November 2017
    @UnluckyBimi Well at the end she is also crying next to an empty crib, so it makes sense to take it that way. 

    Unless rob just wants to leave that ambiguity up there to drive home the point that we decided this ambiguity. 
  • That picture had no relation to the visions though. Rob even said himself that it was just for an ending. 
  • edited November 2017
    @UnluckyBimi can you clarify? Just for an ending as it hasn't/isnt going  to happen or it is the conclusion?
    Ahh found his comment and follow up looks like room for ambiguity.
  • @Vongeo

    You can't think of Divine Decisions like this. I write the next campaigns Divine Decision with the knowledge of the previous show. Everytime we do a campaign, it changes the story and lore going forward. If Chat had voted to not give her a baby in the first place, most likely this campaign would have been written differently and even the Divine Decision could have been different. Going back and doing what-ifs doesn't really work because this assumes nothing else would have changed (when it does constantly).
  • @Rob so this show is just your brutal torment to dozens of story characters masked behind funny jokes and banter between the player characters?
  • @Rob That makes much more  sense, I think I was heading to that conclusion but couldn't get passed less organic (maybe interactive or responsive is the right word) shows where things are planned at a different  level. 

    So many other choice based story  media just doesn't have this level of discourse and I guess it really can't without real people giving it a lot of thought. Hard to break into the mindset, especially after doing lots of sorting files in little boxes programming  stuff all day. 
  • Sudden realisation.. Last campaign?
    Rewatched the video, "Last campaign of this year"
    That means there might be shows in winter 2018?
    But my visions might not be true
  • @Dall The season will continue sometime in januari 2018, yes.
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