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Born to Kill, causation of Genocide and Regret

We, the old gods are now responsible for the Genocide of the Beenu, we are the causation of the actions which led to the death of an entire race. The last dreamweaver vision in LAG is the vision which led to the genocide, not Lyn's desire for offspring or the elven jingoism.

I would let Lyn explain what this vision did:
"Shut up Robhear, dont you understand? The gods of our gods spoke to me. Should i ignored their commands? Did you? First they mocked by showing me visions of my late husband, suffering. Them they taunted me with a vision of the future with my soon to be born son. Then they gave me hopeThen they DOOMED my FATE Rohbear, they gave that hope a priceI then had a vision of this very conversation; a vision of me(future) telling myself(past) what i must do to have a child, a son. You now how much i wanted a child, but they showed me a path, a violent,  I will follow it again.."

Remember, they people of this realm belive all dreamweaver visions of the future is true. But we, the old gods decided that not all visions are of the future, but rather tools for the us to manipulate the people of the realm. We manipulated lyn into genociding the Beenu. She was contacted by the Realms most powerful beings, she was given visions of what she believe to be the future, she was first humiliated by being showed a vision of her late husband, then she was given false hope of something she had always wanted, and then we doomed her Destiny by giving her a vision of what she believe was the future; her talking to Rohbear about how her Destiny was to eradicate the Beenu after being given 3 visions from the gods of Phanto and Callisto.

The Born to Kill vision was the vision which set her on the path of genocide, if we would not have donated to that event we would have been blame free and Rob would had to blame Jingosim for the genocide. Rob asked us in the donation event; Are you willing to take part in the responsibility for this vision? Because it would reveal: " dark and perverted revelation filled with regret." This was not only regret for the non-living ghost, but also regret for the race we Doomed and regret for manipulating Lyn into becoming Bird Hitler.

This campaign allowed us to see that Lyn was a loving person who took in homeless elves and made them her family. People who say Lyn was selfless or evil do not considered that we, the old gods, from her prospective commanded her to kill the Beenu, she did not do it because they were a threat, she did it because we tooled her to do it and and because of the reward we promised.

But is only a theory :peace: Only the future will reveal our actions and the truth.
(Sorry if this was a Repost and sorry for the Wall of Text) 


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    Lyn and the Beenu were doomed by the Old Gods that voted in the divine decision, but "we" didn't manipulated her. We didn't know the effect of the last donation. There is a diffrence by tricking her by accident and manipulation. Rob manipulated us to doom her, we didn't manipulated her... But again, some Old Gods don't care about the blood of the Beenu or the other races, they continue to bring pain to the world by causing terrible event...
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    @Dalard ignorance means you cannot be guilty? Are you trying to tell me that the last donation did not seem dangerous? Oh but it was too interesting wasn't it, you couldn't not skip over that part of the show? If I give you a button and tell you that you have no idea what could happen if you press and you press it and people die, your telling me there is no blame or guilt because of ignorance?

    These seem like excuses, more than logical reasons to me!

    I am writing a story which has always had darkness in it. You can blame me for telling the story, but people still pay to have the story told. In this context, those who support me, enable me, so the blame is shared. I make the spell that kills all, but it is the audience who casts it. From this point of view, do you not think the characters would perceive you as evil? I mean this all just entertainment for you after all. You, the audience, enjoy watching them suffer at some fundamental level or else you would stop watching! 

  • @Dalard Rob has a very clear point. Ignorance doesn't make you free of blame, if anything it makes it worse as you never considered the bad.
  • i am a god why would the life of mortals be anything more than just entertainment for me? i can not see my actions as evil because i am a god. my job is to chose what i think will be the most interesting or fitting, not to act as a symbol of justice or benevolence. i do not see the world from their perspective and as such will not see their ideas of good or right in the same way. to judge them after their own ideas of whats just and fair is impossible. they all contradict each other in their ideas a result of the gray world they live in. so i vote with drama and story in mind instead. i act on what i feel would fit and what be interesting.
  • @LexderMob True fellow god, but I think its important for us, the old gods to undestand which actions we caused by our divine intervention and which actions are caused by the people of the realm. There will never reach a balance between justice and entertainment since our nature is to create interesting stories, chaos in the realm for our entertainment, lawfulness and righteousness are boring in to big doses. 

    No action is pure evil, no action is pure good, thats the nature of most decisions.
  • @Rob Eh... you summarize everything I believe and what I tried to say in other threads. I believe my comment wasn't clear enough and I didn't explain myself enough (sorry English isn't my first language).

    What I am saying is to manipulate someone you need to know how you trick her. Sure, I totally agree with the fact that we doomed her, that we are guilty, that's what I was arguing with other people. I am just saying there is a difference between conscious manipulation and reckless action. We have the big majority of the blame, but not all of it.

    And again, I never blamed you, I think it's totally stupid to put all the blame on the author of the story, it's like saying that all the mistakes I did in life was the because of my parents... And I also believe that we become more and more evil in the eyes of the inhabitant of the Realm, that's what I am arguing in another thread.

    You try to convince the wrong men, I already believed everything you said :)
  • @Dalard "What I am saying is to manipulate someone you need to know how you trick her" is wrong. You can unknowingly trick people, 'tis simple as that. A story-teller and their story isn't really relatable to a Parent and Child, since a child will always be tied to their parent through just blood but a story can become somebody else's without ever being one with the author. - Also, no offense, but you did blame Rawb. "Rob manipulated us to doom her, we didn't manipulated her" is blaming Rawb directly.
  • @UnluckyBimi Maybe I just have a different definition of manipulation then...

    For me, the manipulation is to consciously tricking people, maybe I am wrong, but in that case we just have a problem of definition...

    And I see that my first comment wasn't clear, because I didn't want to put the blame on Rob, I tried to make the difference between manipulation and what we did. I mean, Rob is the master of NoTrick... he consciously try to trick us with these donation events (it's the type of event "You wouldn't donate to this if you knew what it did") and it's great! That's how I understand the definition of manipulation. Yes, we unknowingly trick people, so there isn't a conscious trick and that is part of the game.
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