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Qu33n's box



  • Really cool art style!
  • My mind was blown away on multiple occasion gazing upon these wonderfully detailed works of art! ~_~
  • thanks for all the love and support! :) you guys are wonderful!
     heres a bit of the next creature im working on
    if you guys ever want to see what one of the urealms races/monsters/characters/etc might look like in my head, feel free to suggest one or two!
  • I love the art style being very dark with tons of detail you put into it it's really awesome.

  • I can tell this is gonna be a very good thread. :smileporc: 
  • here's the finished up bullogre concept
  • THE BEE RACE! <3
  • edited May 2017
    Hooooly crap that Bullogre looks amazing! It definitely looks like something you wouldn't want to piss off
  • Wow they are amazing :wow: 
  • Those drawings are so nice. I love them so much!
  • Oh, these are all fantastic! Well done!
  • These are unbelievably incredible, @Qu33nAce. I especially like your porc drawings and the Beenu, they feel very lifelike, and the Beenu especially seems true to the original concepts of the race. But there are so many enticing illustrations here to choose from. You've really elevated some of the visuals of URealms to some new level barely explored before!

    I think my favorite thing from you might be the bee people. They should totally be some tribals in the desert we saw in Buckeroos and Murder Bros.
  •  @Qu33nAce Holy moly that Bullogre looks amazing! Love the lighting and attention to muscular details.  :)
  • I love it @Qu33nAce! The drawings are amazing as always!! :)
  • I'd love to see your interpretation of a hat rat
  • I don't think I could ever be satisfied enough by seeing all of this art, it's so good that I want to see more! The level of detail is--despite being wild and a little extreme--amazing and perfectly done! You also have a very great sense of color--that Bullogre has an amazing use of blue and orange as complimentary colors, for example. Keep up the great work!  :)
  • Love the art! 
  • The pot-belly is a nice touch on the bullogre. Great work! :smileneena: 
  • That porc pick is great. I'm using it for a desktop image.
  • I love those bee people designs.
  • This is all super cool! I'm loving the easy access to seeing fanart on this site :P
    I'd love to see you draw a dragon aspect or just a whelpling, that would probably be sick.
  • Bopen looks absolutely amazing! Great work! 
  • Amazing i hope one day ill be able to draw something real nice.
  • Awesome art, I love your Beenu!
  • Amazing detail work!
  •  Alright, looks like i'll be working on some hat rats and whelps/dragons tonight. Maybe a beenu or some bee people for good measure. Thanks for the feedback you guys!
  • I found the nerd section. Great art as always Queen! I need more intense plants and creatures
  • Holy shit, those clockodiles are terrifying. Jesus christ.
  • hat rat coming later-ish
     also toying with the idea that they cast the magic with their tail
  • Ahhh this is so good!  :(
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