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A large amount of people said justice after we found out that Lyn lost her child but was it really justice. We learned that Lyn did what she did not because she hated Beenu and other races but because the Old Gods told her to do it. We told her that this massacre was the right thing to do and that she would be rewarded for her it. Now it turns out we lied to her and this genocide, that no matter how you spin it was 100% the Old Gods fault, will have no reward and she committed this terrible crime for nothing.


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    No, no justice, she killed the beenu because of us, because we would give her a child, then we take that from her. in other words, we are the baddies.
  • i honestly wanted Lyn to retain the mark and for all visions to become true but neither of those occurred.
    I am ok with Lyn being betrayed and unmarked by us though because that will still keep the story interesting. This means our visions aren't about becoming prophecies. we now use them to manipulate people. We could lead people to their dooms, or to glory. Lyn should still have her baby unless it was killed after birth.
  • @Fera ;
    You bring up an excellent point that the baby could have been killed after its birth.

    Kinda sucks for Lyn, but I still think she got what she deserved. There are thousands of us and as the divine decisions have shown we all do not hold the same beliefs.
    All of those visions Lyn received can still be true though, the decision was "Are ALL visions going to happen", who says we have lied to her yet? We have merely shown her what could have happened and left out the consequences for those actions.

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    Honestly I find this whole situation with Lyn to be kind of interesting. Its a weird time travel situation where we meet her after she has met us, and she meets us after we meet her.

    From Lyn's perspective see was told that she would need to exterminate your race ;) while climbing the tower during her first encounter with us through spiff. After being told that she must exterminate the beenu, she enacts the genocide in her future in Azveltara Z

    From our perspective we see the Lyn who exterminated the beenu. Afterwards we then see her backstory where we influence her into killing the beenu because, from our perspective, we have already seen the beenu die.

    So Lyn travels through the time-stream of urealms normally and acts on what we told her. We follow this part of the urealms time-stream backwards, we see Lyn exterminate the beenu, and then we head back in time and let Lyn know, through visions, that she will do this. So in essence, we have both been the cause of each others actions, meaning either both Lyn and the Old gods are at fault, or the circumstances were unfortunate.

    Edit: decided to just make a thread regarding this.

  • @discardedcash ok but like the old gods arnt a hive mind there us and rob and the players A old god told her that this massacre was the right thing to do and that she would be rewarded for her it. Now it turns out A old god lied to her and this genocide, that no matter how you spin it was mostly (not 100% since ya know she still chose a potential child to a entire race) A Old Gods fault.
    with the caveat that divine decisions deciders vote winners wishes are usually monkey pawed by the old god rob who of course is almost always really at fault.
  • @weq15000 The mortals don't know the specifics of how us Old Gods work, so it's easy for them to believe that one voice is the collective of us all. The "Yayers" and Lyn are to blame for the Beenu's death.
  • @UnluckyBimi exactly just cause crazy sandbolds perceive us as Cthulhu doesn't change the fact were just humans consuming media, there just memes temporary emulating sentience from our puppetrying.
  • @weq15000 We're still Gods to them, we still hold sway in their lives (and deaths).
  • But are we really directly responsible of her killing the Beenu ? Because we didn't send the vision of her killing the Beenu.

    So there is only two option left, either we made her insane, or someone else sended her the vision...

    I think the visions and the mark made her insane and she imagined killing the Beenu, but wouldn't it be interesting if somebody impersonate the Old Gods to make her kill the Beenu ?
  • @Dalard we took the responsibility for killing the Beenu when we donated to the last Dreamvision in LAG. If we did not donate to that event we would be blame free.

    Born to kill
    BE WARY OLD GODS. This week's Divine Decision massively changes the outcome of this event. This is the last supporter event for this campaign, but why would I show the ending before the campaign has even begun? Are you willing to take part in the responsibility for this vision? If enough Old Gods will it to be told, then they may have this dark and perverted revelation filled with regret.
  • @Kadriaz First of all, no WE, some, not every Old Gods wanted the responsibility. And then you prove my point : "take part in the responsibility" not all the responsibility, not direct responsibility. Donating for a vision just shed light on something we wouldn't have known, it doesn't really add to the blame. We just know why we are to blame.
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    @Dalard Your right, I am technically wrong when I use WE when I refer to donations, but its easier to refer to the old gods or we instead of saying “the old gods who donate towards the donation which gave Lyn a vision”. We or the old gods is a term we use to describe the collective of people watching the realm and decide the fate of the realm. The old gods killed Gwyneth Baby, the old gods decided to give Chilly Wizzy a coat, we release golestandt, summoned Lance  and we, the old gods gave lyn a vision.

     You asked if it was the Old Gods who sendt the vison about killing the Bennu or if it was someone else? I  did not explain myself fully the first time so I give it another go.

     It was old gods who sendt the vision, the vision about killing the beenus was inn the conversation with Rohbear. (Beenu cut in half by Deadbones flashback durning the vision) Donating and giving Lyn this Vision was the causation of her actions, since it was the vision which led her to believe it was her destiny. The divine decision did not only determined if the baby survived, it also determined if we tricked Lyn into killing the beenu or just showed her the future. Not showing this vision to Lyn would cause Rob to find another reason for Lyn’s actions since it was not the Old Gods.

    I thought  “Are you willing to take part in the responsibility” was Rob asking the induvial if he/she was willing to be a part of the responsibility together with the other old gods who donated towards that event. 

  • @Kadriaz Oh I think you helped me understand something I missed. So the vision "Born to Kill" is the vision that led Lyn to commit the genocide ? When she say she had a vision of her poisonning the Beenu, it's the same vision of her talking to Rhobear ? So the vision is just a trick of her telling that she saw herself telling Rhobear that she killed the Beenu and had a child ?
  • @Dalard Yes that is what i believe, Lyn even says in the vision that she had a vision of the conversation they already.

    Im paraphrasing Lyn; “The gods of our gods gave me a Vision, they taunted me first by showing me a vision of my late husband, then they gave me hope by showing me my soon to be born child giving me hope, but then they doomed my fate by showing a vision of the price of hope, they showed me a vision of this very conversation

    Might post a theory on this later today. Is a good theory/discovery. ;P
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