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Not sure if im being paranoid or not buuuut......


  • Looks like a signature.
  • The art was done by Lily, so maybe we can check to see if that signature is on her other art, like the Mermaid Poster - if not, then it's probably a signed photo from Nader
  • I'd say it looks like the signature of someone with the initial N
  • But the real question is whos sigature, 
  • It's an N with a scribble after it. Perhaps its someone whose name starts with N who drew the sketch for us old gods. But who has a name that starts with N and knows of the old gods?
  • The most i can discern is an N maybe an I and an S, Nis, spoop
  • Guys, Nader starts with an N, he's the one who is literally talking to the old gods at most points. The whole fancy guy who gives people presents, has a cane, tlaks about phineas on the forums, is the person behind the whole future Urealms Retelling. 
  • Yeah, I saw the signature during the initial stream, but I just discredited it as one of the artist's, but it looked like an N to me, so I was still unsure. Nader makes a lot of sense. Now the real question is whether or not that means that this 100% happened (as a way to get around not all visions being accurate) or if Nader has some reason to lie to us about future events.
  • if it was Nader lying to us it may have been to stop us ensuring that the child dies as he was probably friends with Lyn 
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    Yeah it's Nader's signature (it's the same one as the elven page from azveltara z) which probably means that it's 100% confirmed lore.

    Also, there's a sneaky order of chaos mark in the top right corner :p
  • @Weslid Oh yeah! I see it! Good eyes.
  • @Weslid It also kinda looks like the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry....WAIT TOWER=OoC WHERE ARE THE THEORIES!
  • @Reapor Around page 54 or so, none of them have any grounding though, so don't bother reading through them, trust me, I did.
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    @KaeawynShifter Oh well r.i.p. me.
  • Dont be paranoid about the signature, get frightened by: 


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