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So ghostblade is no longer lyn’s son

So it was discovered in a previous vision that Ghostblade would be Lyn’s son’s nickname, but now because of the Divine Decision Lyn never had a son so now we no longer know who Ghostblades parents are. So this is a discussion about who you think his parents are.


  • @Razer447
    Well, we don't truly know if the Child died. Maybe he went missing/was kidnapped
  • It's also possible that was a fake vision 
  • @Doubleupomega Aye after all we did just vote visions were not always true, maybe the same could apply to when we see something as well. In other words, tricks.
  • Welp, the last thing we saw in gaiden, was a vision. SO MAYBE GHOSTBLADE IS LYNS SON. We wont know yet. The divine decision was that vision dont ALWAYS come true. Some visions come true, some dont. Now its just not set in stone. All the last vision did was cause lyn emotional distress, its not set in stone. She can still change the future (well as far as having a son goes, because the beenu slaughter is Cannon).
  • Or they weren't gonna name him Ghostblade, But I firmly believe that the sandbolds took her baby

  • @pechum If Lyn sees that killing the Beenu won't lead to her having a baby, why does she kill the Beenu? Doesn't make sense. 
  • Yeah I don't think it's a vision, since the Visions have the Sparkly and Shiny background while it's going on

    While with the part after the final vision, it was like, a look into her fate, what happened with her whole story act
  • Also even if she did have a miscarriage, the next time she becomes pregnant can actually still work out
  • Good, reason enough to vote no for me (though I wasn't thinking that at the time.) Because I want that sharpsword from Senate to be Ghostblade.
  • See, the miscarriage is not a part of the vision that is the result of the divine decision showing that in the end she did not give birth. Had it been a Yes it would've been a different art. @pechum ;
    Now, since Bei Mei was pushing the name, he could've just been Bei Mei's kid instead. Hers and kuroyami's or something.
  • How are you guys still talking about this? I mean Rob even made fun of naming the Kid Ghostblade in his baby kid voice. 
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    Didn't the vision show that baby 78 died(or went missing).
    But she can still get an other baby, right?
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    @Phendrix is right, the end frame wasn't part of a vision. I don't remember where but Rob stated that it wasn't a vision but instead an illustration from Nader Leomaris (his signature is even on it too, I believe).
  • @Doubleupomega lol it would be pretty stupid if Lyn saw a vision of her telling herself to kill the beenu to be rewarded with a child and then see a picture of her, her lover, and an empty crib. That clearly wasn't part of the vision if you think about it and was just an ending for the audience.
  • Well, I mean, wasn't the child's name going to be Tree anyway?
  • @notalizard Probably not a good idea to take a screenshot from the patreon discord. It's a good way to fuck it up for everyone else. It's also something that contributed to Rob not doing patreon chats if my memory serves correct. Remove it. 
  • @Rob fair enough just one of those where seeing it in the same clip can lead to minor confusion
  • Rob
    edited November 2017
    @Doubleupomega sure, but I do expect my audience to deduce things. Most tv shows and such we watch hold the audience hands throughout the show, making sure they understand all the story pieces by having characters say unnecessary dialogue and stating facts and such, but I don't want to do that, I like keeping you in the dark and you trying to piece things together.  Their are two shows going on in urealms live. The first is this hilarious improv comedy show that you really don't need any lore to understand and then the second is this interesting set of sub-plots and connections that you care more and more about because you start to like and relate to the characters from the first show.

    I can understand it's confusing for sure, but that's because it's meant to be in some ways. It's more fun to figure things out on your own or talking them out with friends. It's a lot of fun to go back and watch old shows with new information, make new ties, and then share them with the community. In fact it's even important for fans to do this because I am not some amazing super genius that will remember every detail of this already 200+ hour behemoth of a show and it's very helpful to have people connect the strings for me to also reflect on. It doesn't usually change anything right away, but I'm always trying to plan the future of the show and after every campaign I have to change things, update ideas, and make sure it all fits as nicely together as I can and will produce a fun ride!
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