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What'd you choose and why?



  • @friskyBrisky On the topic of us "Not upholding the bargain," that's kinda the point. We're putting destiny in the hands of the characters in stead of dictating their destinies finitely. We never promised anything in those visions. The only person in the visions to tie killing the Beenu to a successful pregnancy was herself. We gave her that vision because of the warning from Leomaris and she gave herself incorrect advice.
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    The result will have many interesting results, but I voted Yes in the hopes that the most important vision would remain indisputable truth...

    (timestamp didn't work, time is 30:36)

  • I chose Yes, mainly because I thought it was the 'good' option.
    Also I didn't understand completely but oh well.
  • I voted No because I thought that it would allow for dream weaver to be more of a possible curse than a gift as now it's not entirely set in stone for what they see. That and it allow the characters to show their true colors as they make their choices becoming better or worse on their own accord. That and I like the idea that someone will have visions that are always right. One after another. Right, right, right, right, right, right, but then at the end of their journey all they have worked for falls on us deciding if their final vision is right or false causing us to betray one of our most beloved characters or bring them to victory. I just like how tragic it would be for someone to become so devout of us that they trust everything we tell them then in their time of ultimate need we betray them and everything is take away from them in their final moments as we show our true colors.
  • Golf claps my friend. But I stand by my decision of no. I want Bopen to make tactical mistakes in the coming war because he puts too much faith in his dreamweaver's visions.
  • I voted yes because I was able to look past lyn's actions

    Without Lyn slaughtering the beenu I feel like it would have been a landslide of yes, but again just like Lyn having a child people were short sighted and just wanted to have some fun with a new character.

    This show will go on for hopefully YEARS and YEARS and I think this is possibly the biggest divine decision we have had yet. (maybe outside of the 3 way donation vote).

    To me it seems like the longer this show goes on the more we will have an impact on the world and being we just chose between being kind helpful gods that want to see the world have a happy ending and chaotic fun that ruins the lives of urealm's inhabitants for our enjoyment. 

    And we chose the chaotic fun.

    I really wanted to vote no just to spite Lyn, but that would not do anything there is time travel/control in urealms and magic we CAN fix what happened to the beenu and we CAN make things right, but instead we choose to so far be ignoring the longevity of the show and what these early decisions will do.
  • I dont think the no option is necessarily bad for the characters, because now we can use the visions to warn them. For example if a bad guy is trying to burn a building full of puppies, we can give some good character a vision of this happening, allowing the good character to try and stop the bad guy. The problem is Rob gets to choose what kind of visions we can give and to whom.
  • I was torn initially but voted yes as soon as the no scene played I was certain I would of liked yes more. To me Lyns genocide while probably does deserve punishment already happened and we can't stop it. However this choice doesn't punish Lyn it gives her a valid excuse and punished every other dreamweaver for no reason. Everything Boris and Areani saw could be false everything future dream weavers see could be false and trick them into things they would never do that could be worse then what Lyn did all because they see a potential future they thought was real and tried to stop it. 
  • I was super conflicted, I wanted to pick yes because it would be wonderful for Lyn but in the end, I picked no because it would be interesting if not all visions were trustworthy and Rob could have fun with that. Now it's over I'm worried because I think we killed the baby we gave future Lyn (I even voted for it in the purge) and I truly wanted her to have that child... What have we done...
  • @lobsterlobster if people think all things will be retconned they are wrong it said not all visions will come true therefore won't always be trustworthy but sometimes they are and will end up being true
  • @Cave I am not sure how you can assume a vison, just on it  having talked about it having had a fake vision before. If anything, this could only mean that either the last vision was false and lyn goes on to have a baby, or that the last one is true.

    Could you please tell me how a vision saying they have had a fake vision (and saying that they had a vision of that exact conversation, which just makes it more likely its false because of it having two places where it could deviate from the vision) makes it more likely its true?
  • I voted to keep them true so that when rob shows us terrible things, at least hes being honest and we don't have to do the whole "but it never would happen and you did this all for nothing".  
  • @Gterra2 Lynn still will become pregnant and have a baby.  It's just the visions of her talking about her baby are not necessarily cannon.
  • I voted no because in the future characters can be manipulated for more interesting stories. It also solidifies the fact magic isn't always accurate.
  • I voted no.
    All I wanted was the excitement of hope that a bad vision doesn't have to happen, or the fear of something good actually not happening.
    I never wanted to intervene with the old DD. I... I guess I just wanted it to be a simple thing. Not having both a short-term effect and a long-term one. I just didn't anticipate the effect and how could I? It was a tragedy written by Rob where even the good guy was unknowingly is the bad guy all along.
  • I voted yes. I think differently to some people here in that I want less story and more structure/confirmed lore/confirmed timelines and such. Honestly, the thing I was thinking about was the visions not related to Lyn, when I saw the donation my first thought was about Romulus and Neena and how if no went off then that wasn't confirmed to happen and so is less structured. I'm happy with what happened but would've preferred the other option because this outcome makes things less clear, we still don't know if she has a child called Ghostblade because she could have a child on her 78/79th try as the first dd meant she still could have children.
  • @friskyBrisky ; See I find this interesting.  I voted no because it makes Dreamweavers more interesting to me.  Now their visions are only sometimes true.  If they are true enough just often enough then the will still be trusted by those in the know about their powers (for the most part)

    But now instead of having characters who have perfect sight, now we instead can manipulate characters w/o forcing the things we show to become true.  We are the tricks #SomeTricks.
  • I picked yes since it would confirm the visions and it would give more structured lore but honestly part of me is glad no was picked after I thought over it. It can really mess with us and the characters since the visions might manipulate what they want to do. Many of the characters in the show might not always believe the visions, but if yes was voted then regardless it would come true in someway. However, since no was picked that means it could go a different way from the vision depending on the scenario. Sometimes it might even be dependent on what the character will do after getting the visions if they want to make sure it comes true or not.

    Although for the 5th time my side wasn't picked. I'm gonna now vote for the opposite of what I want with this power.
  • I chose yes.
    I wanted Bei and Lyn to have Ghostblade and have a happy life.
    And, I thought about the OTHER visions we've seen. If all visions are not necessarily true, Reginald Barringster might never have been caught by Virgo and interrogated. He may be currently free in the world.

  • I voted no, because we failed to punish Lynn before hand for her murder of the Beanuu and so, I felt we should punish her in making her visions false, however, looking back, we who voted no have sealed the fate of the beanuu, so my personal actions have been destructive to my cause.
  • I voted yes, because there are so many old visions that at this point I've assumed are canon, I mean think about it, in the Cobblers Borris sees Reginald doing bad stuff, and while i'm pretty sure that that vision is true, now we can't say for certain, so Borris may have reacted on a hallucination. Having it be yes gives us more concrete lore, but now we'll never know
  • @Ozoner The only visions we know is true(which i remember) is
    • Boris’ vision about Reginald since it happened in DoV.
    • Boris’ vision about Rohbear and Divine Layla. Golestandt confirmed it in SoD
    • Lyn’s vision about her husband, since she confirmed it.
    Also, Ariani’s vision about Rohbear banishing Nader makes no sence timeline wise and its really out of character for Rohbear. 
  • @Kadriaz ;
    Which is part of why I voted yes, we'd know for certain so many things if we knew they were all true
  • I'd argue that certainty isn't always a good thing, though.  It's more fun to allow things to be open and vague when it can lead to interesting discussions of potential outcomes.  It's more interesting having visions not be tied to the truth but instead, simply a means to influence the characters who see visions or employ those who do.  We get to be just as surprised by outcomes while also continuing to give Rob this storytelling device.
  • @greenpear ; Yeah I don't get why people think that Lyn is going to have #78.   We already know a character named Ghostblade exists.  It would make for a far better story IMO if the Ghostblade that's born to Lyn is the Ghostblade we know from The Skeleton King, because things could still have a tragic twist for Lyn.

    Like just imagine how she'd feel if she wen through killing the Beenu, got the child she was 'promised', and then loses him 'forever' due to some event we don't yet know about.  Ghostblade does have a pretty mutilated/creepy appearance so perhaps we will be able to get an origin story on that that ties him into being Lyn's first successfully born child.
  • My first instinct was to vote no, I thought I don't like that ghostblade origin story. But after thinking it over I voted yes, if not all visions are true then we should assume they aren't true until they are true. Rawb has said may times that just because a character says something, doesn't mean it's true, see the parallel. It takes away from the awesomeness of visions. Even if the majority of visions come true we have to always assume they can be false.

    it also takes away from some of the story lines going on right now.
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