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Bonsai's Scribbles

howdy! i draw a lot but i only post like, 1/3 of what i draw. i mostly draw people and cute things! i don't actually have much urealms fanart so it'll probably be mostly art from Qu33nAce's drawing prompts. also i rarely do lineart so most of these will probably be colored sketches.

 thea and vitali from a recent drawing prompt! i don't draw muscles so uh, they're a bit off

 heres cain and ladyir from another prompt! i guess they're ageless now too. ice cream-eating ageless.

another prompt one. actually maybe just assume they're all from prompts unless i say otherwise. this was fun to draw!
small lil dragon aspect also. people are my specialty so i have trouble drawing critters but i like how this one came out!

this one's old but i still like it. it's from the coloring book and its lineart!!! 

 aaand this is me trying to not do cel shading with phineas! i never actually posted this, but this one was based off sixelona's design, before his new puppet.

i think that's all of the ones i like enough to put here. i'll try to update this when i can! thanks for coming!!


  • These are really amazing dude, I love them! :D
  • Oh! These are really great. Way to go!
  • i see you already got a start on tomorrows prompt ;p
    these are lovely! keep it up
  • These are amazing!
  • These are lovely, such a nice style!
  • Dude these are awesome! Thanks for sharing them :)
  • aaaAAAAaahhh

    y'all are so nice!!!!! thank you!!
  • These are absolutely adorable! Love the style as well
  • Geeze you have such a cute art style it's so pure and I LOVE IT. keep up the great work and I'm excited what you do next.
  • Very nice! :D
  •  here's a wip i posted for this weeks prompt! i'll try to finish it but i really don't like lineart so i wouldn't get your hopes up

    also thank you all so much for bein so sweet!!!!! it means a lot!!!
  • I can't believe I missed this thread. I should really look out more for the fantastic art that's all around the forums! I love your style, it's very... SOFT! It is such a cute and beautiful style, I love it! 
  • I love your style so much!
  • @Bonsai ;
    I really liked what you gave me for the coloring book, but I love the rest of your art too!
  • edited July 2017
    @TheAeronoksGS thank you!!!! i recognized your name and i remembered your really pretty art!
    @IronClark ahhhhh thank you so much! you're a big inspiration for me!!! your lineart is incredible!
    @Snarky thank you too! i've seen you bein nice in other art threads! you're super cool!!

    also thanks to everybody else who's said something nice here! i'd gladly reply to all of them but i don't wanna bother all of you
  • <3 I can't draw at all (shaky hands due to disability) so other people's work is always really enjoyable to see :) @Bonsai
  • only the best! maybe i'll draw the rest of the guys later who knows!

    also this is like, the most finished my art will ever get
  • Oh these look absolutely adorable! honestly, the way you draw as well as color works well with each other! Love how enthusiastic Kohai Chan looks compaired to his more serious companion Shyte
  • These are so cute! who knew ageless liked icecream! very good work!
  • Man, it's a real pleasure to watch your style evolve. 
  • these are all so great!! your style is so good and the cartoony feel really works well with urealms!
  • Awesome! I love the phineas one  :)
  • [minor spoilers]
    the purge characters! i only had time to draw the player characters but maybe ill draw the rest i dunno

  • All that's important is that you got Fluffbold in it. :smilebold: 
  • awesome!!! These drawings really get me in the mood to start drawing stuff again even though I'm not that good myself.
  • ooooo i love the way you drew Percy! and that snowbold? my good. I love your art so much.
  • (spoilers sorta!)

     i got sketches done of the guys from the latest campaign!! maybe ill color them later too who knows! anyways these were real fun to do so i might draw some more later!
  • I love your art so much Bonsai!!
  • @IronClark ahhh thank you so much clark!! ur a big inspiration to me!
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