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Divine Debate: Is pizza a sandwich?



  • Maybe much like life. A sandwich is whatever you interpret it to be. :ughmona: 
  • Pizza is a cooked bread with a topping. What else is cooked bread with a topping you ask? Toast! Pizza is toast. 
  • Pizza is not a sandwich. Sandwich consists of two bread slices. Pizza has only one side with crust, and it's not even bread.
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    NAY Pizza is not a sandwich, I can understand the debate on hot dogs but it MUST be enveloped on at least 2 sides. If pizza is a sandwich you might as well put butter on toast and call it a sandwich
  • Yay pizza is a sandwich
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    "Pizza is a yeasted flatbread typically topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven"
    "A flatbread is a bread"
    Yes it is a bread. Wikipedia says so. Toast can be baked in an oven, and is bread with a topping. Therefore pizza is toast. 
    Also an uncooked pizza is an open sandwich. Which is a sandwich with only one piece of bread.
  • I say Yay, Pizza is a dough based thing and so is bread I have made both from scratch and realistically pizza is bread with sauce and cheese on
  • @Shuckle Since when is Wikipedia a reliable source for information....
  • @TheWizard Oh please. That argument is years old. It's a lot more reliable these days.
  • I vote yay.

    Pizza is a type of sandwich.

    Pizza is a cake as well as seen here

  • Open Faced Sandwiches aren't real sandwiches

  • @Phendrix Generally a vegetable is any edible part of a plant, so in some cases yes. As for milk, I'll agree that's a bit of a stretch
  • @Shuckle I cant argue with this logic.
  • @notalizard As an expert on pizza's, I declare that pizza is indeed a sandwich
  • Nay! I say that pizza isn't a sandwich, for it is not ingredients slapped between two pieces of bread or anything similar!
  • I think ultimately language is complex in nature and words change as they are used. If something doesn't fit perfectly into a category due to the vagueness of a definition perhaps the meaning of the word would need to be more strict in detail of what it is describing. As far as the vagueness of the current definition of a sandwich is a pizza can be considered a sandwich.

    A great example of how such divides in language occur (as someone who does not study language) look how fries, biscuits and cookies mean completely different things between Europe and America.

    Perhaps pizza is a Non-Traditional sandwich and should be considered such that it is not the norm when thinking about what a traditional sandwich is.
  • @StealthInel So if we want to say pizza is a sandwich, we can, right?
  • @timmy1291 you could, but know that most people will disagree on principle because it breaks their traditional interpretation of the word. 
    AKA call pizza a sandwich to a person who does not think so and be prepared for a debate.
  • @StealthInel ya I understand your point. Language is primarily to communicate. I guess that's why we have dictionaries. The problem is if the dictionary is ironically not defined enough
  • Clearly this is a Divine Decision worth making art for. Why doesn't Rob ask me to do art for much more important decisions that need to be made?

  • @StealthInel No, a sandwich is a fucking sandwich.
  • i sayth yayth
  • Pizza? Not a sandwich.

    Two slices of Elvish pasta bread, facing each other top to bottom? Sandwich.
  • Nay, even if presented with solid logical evidence I refuse to acknowledge pizza is a sandwich.
  • In Urealms Pizza is a sandwich made from Elvish Pasta Bread.  Problem solved.
  • @Irishxlily wow, that's incredible!

    At this rate, I think I'll let this debate continue for a few more days and then draw someone at random to decide once and for all (weighed by level like the actual decisions of course).

    I'm going to start keeping a running tally of votes in the OP.
  • I believe sandwichal definitions based on the angel that they are generally presented and how you would cut it in half. A hotdog generally presented with the slice facing upward is not a sandwich. However an open face sandwich is still a sandwich because it is simply a sandwich cut in half vertically, and of presented with an obvious other half would be clearly a sandwich. Pizza however doesn't lend itself to it's structure without becoming a calzone which is clearly a pocket.
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    The outcomes are not clear - both paths should be considered...

    Yay: 240 Tickets
    Nay: 229 Tickets

    Choose wisely, Divine...

    (On Tuesday, I will draw one Old God at random to decide)
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