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Lyn - Old God Time Loop

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I'm not sure if any other time loops have occurred in urealms before but this campaign creates the clearest one.

Lyn, in the TOUW, learns about her future from the old gods though visions. She acts on what she's told and exterminates the beenu further down the time-stream. We first encounter Lyn during this purge, from which we learn of what she accomplished. We then proceed back in time to when Lyn was climbing the TOUW, and we tell her about what she will do. Lyn then acts upon what we told her, etc, etc.

So we meet a Lyn who has already met us, and Lyn first met the old gods when they had already met her. We caused each others outcomes actions so either both Lyn and us, or neither are to blame for everything that has happened regarding Lyn.

And we did see Nisovin time-travel soooo..... Time travel back in time is confirmed, including us.


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    Yep backwards and time travel confirmed, I'd say Einstein is spinning in his grab but he's too busy watching Rick and Morty  
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    Time in Urealms is linear and predetermined, ;
    What happens here is, nisovin goes back in time and waits it out until nisovin goes back in time and the resumes time normally. 
    So it was meant to happen all along, there are no nisovin copies, time is fixed and everything that would happen will happen and the only thing that is not reliable of visions of events that have not happened yet.

    Time is predetermined but not guaranteed to be foreseeable in Urealms, so what has not happened yet, does not necessarily needs to happen, or in the exact way the vision is suggesting.

    TLDR: it's the "can't fix the past" time travel. And we messed with Lyn's head.
  • @Fera I dont think its a time loop. While in the tower, the old gods give her visions of her exterminating the beenu, and then successfully having a child. She acts on these visions but in reality the old gods were either toying with her or leading her to kill the Beenu.
  • Well we know the tower is in the realm of holding. Maybe that means the the realm of holding could be sort of outside of time
  • @Quartzleo ; other then the mass amount of nisovin copies that arent created because of time stuff (eg his mirror images and the probably multiple if not dozens or even hundreds of nisovin believers)
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    @Doubleupomega ;
    any nisovin copy out there is a believer, this is the type of time travel that self resolves and therefore there are no copies and no paradox because the way nisovin experienced time is he was meant to travel back in time for a and pile up a few extra hours of tower climbing before ultimately dying in the lava room.
    By traveling back in time it prevents a copy from existing since it will happen the same exact way every time in the same point and space fusing them. Now a realm of holding can mess with copies since space and time are closely related and a tower like this seems to be contained within one.
  • @Quartzleo like I said "aren't created by time  stuff". I was merely making a joke as well as clarifying the technicality of there being more then one nisovin when you stated there are NO copies
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  • @CookiesAndMil_
    Lyn saw these visions then acted on them in her future.
    However, for us, we saw lyn exterminate hte beenu then we messed with lyn in the past to lead her into exterminating hte beenu. It is essentially a feedback loop.

    Maybe we were toying with her, maybe not. Regardless our actions could only happen because we saw what lyn did, and lyn did what we saw her doing regardless of whether we messed with her.
  • @Fera the campaigns were in that order but just because there's some meta plot doesn't mean it's all 100% meta here. I mean technically nobody or very few people were thinking "aww yeah let's be assholes to lyn" but that's the current outlook on what the old gods have done. With how things were worded in the visions and such I believe that while we see things out of chronological order, the old gods actions aren't based on that new order we see things in
  • @CookiesAndMil_  to be honest I pretty much voted to be an asshole to Lyn. She committed genocide, I think it's appropriate that she is punished rather than rewarded. Allowing her to go on rewarded for what she did could've had catastrophic results for their world. Imagine a child raised to believe that genocide is what the old gods want and not only that, that they will reward you for it.
  • @Mynameiswramos To be fair, some people were saying that making her infertile would be more dangerous, as she *does* do that whole assassin harem thing, and if she was infertile she wouldn't have to worry about unexpected consequences for it. 

    As for the rest of the thread, sure, we technically created a time loop, so what, big deal! Honestly the fact that we can do this is a good thing, it means we've got even more control over the space-time continuum than we thought! To be fair, Lyn probably exterminated the beenu the first time for her own reasons, then that started the time loop of us going back and f&cking with her, which causes the genocide etc.
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