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(Spoilers) Ending of Lyn Azveltara Gaiden

I may be mistaken but what I saw in the chat at the end of the campaign as the last donation event "Born to Kill" played out, most of the chat just accepted this vision we saw through Lyn's mind as truth even though the divine decision made all visions into a maybe. I just wanted to clarify that or be corrected if I understood the ending incorrectly.
Feel free to just discuss the ending in general here as well. It's better to have this in one place anyway, so I'm excited to hear what you guys have in mind for ideas.


  • @Rovesul Yeah everybody just assumed it'd come true, based on the stuff we have already seen happen. Could totally be fake, but unlikely
  • I think the baby thing at the very end was true, don't think there dead as rob wouldn't cop-out like that, but do feel we made the wrong choice.
  • Not All Visions are true
    that doesn't mean that all visions are false
    it means that They might be true and They might be false
    Rawb really doesn't like lesbians having babies
    like does insemination magic even work at this point

  • @bl1ndn3rd like i said above, the baby lives, as rob wouldn't cop-out like that (as that would also make all other DDs lose there weight), but still feel like we are the true bad guys in this story.
  • @bl1ndn3rd ;
    My guess is that magical insemination can work but it is unlikely to work given its magical origins.
  • Since Lyn didn't fire off that born to sin event with her death, I wonder if she'll lose the scorn she may of gained for the old gods since she cannot understand that she's in a story anymore. Then the story of her 77th miscarriage becomes mostly a story of her own torture and misfortune, and effectively, we've made a clean escape.

    Though I might not be reading into it correctly. The vision happened, that much we know. Whether or not the conversation Lyn and Rohbear had is real is something that will carry serious implications for the future of Lyn's story, in my opinion. If it wasn't real, Lyn is more of a neutral character to us. She would have chalked that vision up to weird tower stuff (as rob said), and she's been punished for the extinction of the beenu. Her as a character can grow in other ways, but not in the direction of the old gods, and not towards the order of chaos.

    If it was real, she has the potential to be a much more malevolent character. She claims that she genocided the beenu because the old gods told her she would have a baby from this bloodshed (referring to the Azveltara Z divine decision I suppose). Now her baby's gone, well... not all words should be taken as literal, but she said she'd do it again. So, watch this space regarding Lyn Azveltara. She could be one of our worst enemies.
  • @Rovesul Well actually I think that thing at the end was true. That picture of Lyn and Bei Mei was not a vision seen by Lyn that was a meta level thing shown to us. At least that's what I think
  • Just another thought I had after the campaign was that if it actually was the truth it would mean that one Divine Decision (DD) would work against another DD or even worse the last donation event worked against a DD. It may have been one giant set up by Rob since he said we had "blessed" Lyn with a child, meaning something positive, but now we turned that around with the DD of this campaign but that would just take weight out of the DD's in the future since one DD could just reverse the effect of another DD. I might be getting to Meta here and read into the situation to much but I just really hope that Lyn's baby dying was also just another vision that can be true but doesn't have to be.
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    The last sketch wasn't part of the vision. She wouldn't have killed the Beenu otherwise because she would know it would end in ruin. Unless Rawb pulls something out of his ass anyway. There's also a signature on the last sketch (Hard to find without full brightness). Why would there be a signature on a vision?

    Anyway we killed the baby. It was the divine decision that brought that about. The divine decision before isn't countered because it was "Should Lyn Azveltara become pregnant". It says nothing about having a child. 
  • I know I'm just arguing to please myself here at this point but it still countered the old DD in my opinion because following this logic @Shuckle would mean that one DD says a boulder will start rolling down a hill towards this village. We would all assume that it would kill people, cause a lot of damage to the village etc. Then the next DD where we are in the village in the timeline before the boulder starts rolling downhill, the DD says something about making a new river for the village because otherwise, they won't survive for long. We again vote that it should happen and thus the river gets formed and we see a cutscene of the future where the boulder rolls towards the village but gets caught by the river and does nothing at all. How are we supposed to have the foresight to anticipate something like this and how would something like this not be working against each other?

    I'm sorry I just got very frustrated that something happened in the divine decision that I didn't want. I also voted for no but all I wanted out of the DD was the excitement of not knowing if visions are actually true or not. It's just another moment for where you did something good for the future but all you do is feel bad because right now it's not good because of your decision.
  • You shouldn't believe that this and future DDs could get "countered". In AZ the decision was to let her become fertile or barren, as a reward or punishment. That's all, it says become pregnant not to bear a child. So this DD is fair game to bring whatever outcome to the table. If DDs could "counter" one in the past or future then Rob would not have them exist 
  • Let me show you my perceptive.  Taking your analogy of a boulder rolling down a hill, then in the next divine decision, we decide to move the town's folk away from the boulder in the past by having them be busy with the nearby fields.  The boulder still destroys the town itself, but it doesn't affect our assumption of it killing all the people too.
  • I personally like that we now have no way of knowing which visions are going to be true and which aren’t. I think the unpredictability and uncertainty of it is great. I also like to think that the image at the end is a “vision” for us, and as such we have no way of knowing if this is true either. Directly after that there was a message reminding us that not all visions are true. Personally I would like to think the image at the end was the outcome but Lyn had tried 77 times before that to have a child, and she kept going (I know 77 was probably just used because it’s a meme number at this point) she’s determined, and clearly resilient! I think that even if she lost this baby with Bei Mei, she would try again.

    As as for the divine decisions countering each other, this is only the 5th divine decision we’ve been given. I don’t think Rob will have any intention of making the clash, if he can avoid it. He try’s to be very careful about the lore and not making paradoxes or events that contradict the main lore. He’s said himself that we often don’t have enough information to fully understand why things don’t contradict others but it will be come apparent in the future. I’m not saying that rob will never make that mistake (it is Rob after all, he’s human) but I think we need to remember that when assuming outcome of divine decisions. But that’s just my thoughts.
  • @Hdilie Yeah, that was my thought. We just need more information. Rawb announced on Twitter that there will be a BTS, and we will see the other ending. Hopefully this allows for us to gain some perspective on the impact of the Divine Decision and its influence or lack of influence on the previous DD from Azveltara Z.
  • People keep saying that killing the baby would be a cop-out? Why?

    Our divine decision did have a pretty big impact, It gave Lyn hope, hope for the one thing she could never achieve, and then immediately shattered it again. Think about that vision, it's implied partly that the visions we gave her influenced her decision to wipe out the Beenu, so that she could have a son.

    She got so close, and did so many horrible things, and jumped through so many hoops, just to have a child, and in the end the same people that gave her this hope shattered it. That's not a cop-out, that's psychological torture on one of the most powerful elves in Urealms. That's not a cop-out, it's a really important decision.
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