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Campaign Thread: Lyn Azveltara Gaiden



  • best campaign in a long while, good job!
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    Well technically there is a chance the child with a Playercharakter can survive cause now everything we saw in any vision could be a bluff.......
  • This Campaign is the very definition of 90% Funny, 10% Serious. It made me laugh my ass off and also hate myself so much. One of the best Campaigns of the year.
    Why does all the times I vote, the one I didn't choose wins?

  • Congrats, you guys killed Tree Azveltara
  • This was great one. Good job to everyone involved.
  • This Was an Amazing Campaign and I am going to try so HArd to get my friends whom Are not into URealms to watch the Videos when they release so they can come donate For the next one along side me. URealms is like 1 of the most anticipated things for me and I cant wait till the next Campaign.
  • soooooooooooo good but that ending hurt so bad 
  • @NovaXII ; Why should we reward her with a baby after she committed genocide on the Beenu and was trying/going to put the blame on us for it?
  • @Sorenthaz I'm not saying that we should have, but at that point taking away the baby is unnessecary cruelty. And I mean, it was kinda our fault, right?
  • Amazing campaign! One of my favorites of all time. 
  • @Sorenthaz She did it because we gave her the visions that led her to do this. She was "promised" a child if she follows the visions. She followed them and she doesn't get her a child. 

    Of course what she did was horrendous. But there was a reason behind the genocide. If we didn't give her those visions then, yeah sure, don't give her the baby but we gave her those visions.
  • Amazing campaign as always
  • Lots of fun, but dang did I want that sin.
  • Loved the campaign!!
  • Anyone who would commit genocide because they want a baby is crazy and should be punished.
  • The campaign was incredible! Sucks that Niso was this years victim for cursed internet though. :(.

    That ending was so good and I personally though it was perfect for the story. My take from the chat and this thread has been that a lot of folks are assuming that all the visions are now fakes. But, didn’t it just say that some visions may be false? Or am I mistaken on that? Because if this is the case then we really should just automatically assume we’ve killed Her future child. Now, I know there was that heart wrenching image (kick-ass art and animations as always , thanks art department!) at the end, but that was part of a “vision” for us. Deciding, as we did, that not all visions are true, how do we know we’re be given the truth?

  • @Hdilie I'm Glad someone pointed this out. It true, we have no way of knowing if what we saw was the truth or not, and honestly I prefer that. The Uncertainty in the realm both for us and the denizens of the realm is an amazing thing. Honestly no matter which way it goes for Lyn, and no matter whom you blame her actions on, this uncertainty can only add more to the lore and excitement as we search to find out what it truth and what is falsity. 
  • it made me sad
  • Honestly having the visions just be visions and not absolute fact is much better for the characters involved in them.  If the visions ALWAYS came true we'd have some final destination stuff going on for characters in the future.
  • so my question is how did you determine to make Bei Mei the assassin who impregnated lyn?
  • @Ozoner I assume a mixture of "most interesting character" and the fact Coe won that tournament. 
  • -1/100 needs more guilt

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    i like that were her fate is implied it is not fixed as remember not all visions come true. We only have a picture of a empty crib which could not come to pass or could have been a memory of a past miscarriage for all we know. so until we are directly shown by rob or are told in game weather this vision is true. It is left for each of us to decide how our story ends 
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    Im really only sad about coe's story with his fish hierarchy
  • How did Lyn have a miscarriage pre birth of magic?
  • @Quartzleo Obviously she was visited by Golestandt, (soon-to-be)Dragon Aspect of Darkness, (also soon-to-be) Ageless One, and God of Miscarriages.
  • @KaeawynShifter and got 77 miscarriages all at once.
  • First time I've both laughed so much and also cried a little at a campaign. Curious to see what'll end up happening with Lyn next after that!
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    I always love seeing what new characters the group can come up with and I think they knocked it out of the park with this one, and Spiff was a great fit for Lyn too! The ending was very interesting and opened the door for a lot of fun potential future plots, thanks to the divine decisions. I wasn't sure how to feel about divine decisions at first but with every campaign I'm liking their use more and more, and it shows, especially with this campaign, how much thought was put into them. I'm really impressed.
  • @ShepardCom The decision wasn't to give her a baby, it was for her to become pregnant, pregnancy doesn't always equal baby.
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