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Is lyn still fertile though?

i am wondering and I think she still is right?


  • She could be, but her body just doesn't have the capability to carry the baby full term.
  • and would that not really counter the vision because it ever say it...what happen would happen or not 
  • Yes, she is.The Divine Decsion from Azveltara Z says she will have a baby, or she wont and is infertile. So she is still fertile, but with the result of this campaign regardless of IF she can have a child, we do not know if she has the will too. After all, 77 miscarriages is a big number. 
  • I'm not sure what will happen to Lyn. After 78 miscarriages I'd give up on having kids, but then again it's probably really important for elves to continue their family.

    My guess is no, no kids, but I could be wrong.
  • @CelestialSentinel 78 now and if I had to guess cause the realm loves killing unborn babies that that number will rise (its the univers's fault for the baby-murder)  
  • @CelestialSentinel This. Either she carries the baby to term, but it's sickly and dies in infancy (possibly even the day it's born), or she miscarriages just before the baby is expected.

    It does suck though that this DD essentially makes DD3 worthless; Lyn will not have a child, even if that Child turned out to be Ghostblade (and I'm personally thinking GB would've killed Lyn if that were the case). I can not imagine her going for a 79th attempt after this. I don't know if she can even live with herself after what she's done, all because of a lie from us...
  • ghostblade is ether a command nickname or Lyn or Bie have a other kid....
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