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What'd you choose and why?



  • I had to go with yes for the reason of keeping lore easily understandable.
  • I voted yes but this DD I love the story possibilities either way
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    yas! for once the one I picked got picked! Im SO stoked right now! I voted no!

    Edit: Still glad I voted no, never wanted lyn to get the baby anyway, now she can go on a vengence quest against us or something. Super thrilled now!
  • i went with no, having the visions be tricks to achieve an unknown goal sounded more interesting then just future sight for characters at times.
  • Went for no because I would not trust you guys >:)
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    I voted no: 

    Having visions only possibly be accurate makes it both easier for Rawb to retcon things, as well as gives us the possibility of past campaigns happening because of FALSE visions.
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    I voted no just because I don't feel like people should believe every future vision they have. Like, I want them to decide their own fates instead of just believing everything they see with come true.

    Edit: And I am still pretty ok with my choice.
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    I voted yes. feel a lintel like visions are not much of a use now. its like whatever you see is just an empty promise i  liket visions as a  guaranteed sores of lore, every time you saw one you learned something, like how many children Vigor sunsword have. now we learn nothing. it can be change for no reason on a vim. also one thing i always loved with the visions was that it could give us hints to future story line and campaigns, and now that just not likely any more.  but that´s just me 
  • I voted no, to give the characters the chance to fight for their fate instead of just having a set in stone destiny. 
  • urealms lore is so convoluted already, all saying no did was make it more inconsistent and gives rawb an easy out whenever he wants. I do not see a reason why choosing no would be a good choice for viewers or for the guys. The last donation of the campaign was a vision donation, why should I donate for 30 seconds of lore that is now not even real anymore? I genuinely do not know who wins with this outcome.
  • No to give characters some choice and I like the idea of people making choices because of a false vision rather then being stuck to a certain fate. 
  • I voted no and I'm still proud of it. What can I say? Us gods are cruel, and I love that Lyn killed a race based on falsehood.
  • I voted no because rawb might've come back in future campaigns to bite us in the ass if we said yes. Maybe something really bad happens in a vision and now it doesn't happen thanks to Solarice 

    But also really good things might not happen too....
  • I went for yes because I figured keeping the prior visions canon was a good idea, also it makes the whole thing with Lyn a lot cooler
  • No: Visions shouldn't be blindly followed. The characters should have the choice to make their own decisions. 
  •  Karma got Lyn lol

  • i voted yes:
    mainly because i wanted Cobblers lore to still be true
  • it was between tricks and no tricks and tricks killed an azveltarian ghostblade so I WAS RIGHT, NO TRICKS ALL THE WAY
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    you are already on here so idk if you really care, but yea dont go on if you dont want spoilers

    I said no, but "Guys not all visions are true. That vision might not be true. For all we know, we caused her eternal anger for never having the ability to have a baby and lied to her for the control of killing the beenu" -me in Six's discord
  • I voted no, because I knew that Rob had some old vision cued up that would have screwed us all. It also makes the lore a lot easier to sort out if Rob ever wants to ignore a vision.
  • I said No because in a way when these visions especially come from the old Gods it would make sense that we toy with the mortals and only show them possibilities of what could be. 
  • I voted no because of a fucking misclick and I’m angry cause I wanted yes
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    i voted yes because with the no option rob can retcon any vision past, present or future if he want.
    Also rob can no longer use vision as a means of story telling because chat will always assume they are false.
  • @pillowpower99 Because visions can be false doesn't mean they always are false.

    I am convinced the final vision we saw in this Campaign is true. Because the vision told us that Lyn had another vision that was false, which led to her killing the Beenu.

    Thus, we can trust that this vision was likely real, and its our fault that Lyn killed the Beenu for no reason. (Since Rob mentioned he had two versions of the video, I can imagine the video where all visions are real means Lyn did get her baby at the end after all)
  • Yes:
    ... We complain Rob is cryptic then half of us choose for him to be more cryptic... the old gods only want to confuse themselves. While the games are being played I’ll shall stand with the few who wish happiness for all, not just some.
  • I voted no because god damn do I love a lil bit of tragedy but also I like a character being able to fight against a fate he's been given. Should be really interesting to see this pan out in the future.  
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    No, because we've already seen how visions can mess with people.  That and if all visions are made to be true, we're stuck in this situation where characters are fated to play stuff out in order to get to that point in a vision.   This gives more unpredictability and leaves fate/destiny/whatever in the control of the moments and the characters in those moments, not whatever visions we throw at them that predetermine what will happen.

    Also we got to have revenge on Lyn for organizing the genocide of the Beenu and she can't actually put us Old Gods to blame like she did in that vision.  While it would have been interesting to see Lyn start to wake up and realize the meta that is going on, this makes it so that she pretty much did it just out of plain insanity and we'll have potentially more interesting characters get to start realizing what is going on.  

    This does have a double-edged sword though in that any future visions that could be hopeful and the like could end up being false, and things just going down a worse path... but alternatively if characters see dark visions and whatnot, it means those things aren't set in stone either.  So it'll be interesting to see how things play out as now we're no longer dealing with visions that -will- happen, but instead -could- happen OR -can- be prevented from happening.  
  • I voted yes, because I thought it would be more interesting if the characters figured out they were in a story.

    I'm okay with the result though. I'm sure that the characters will still figure it out. At least some characters will still trust us. On another note, Lyn and Gwyneth are pretty even of the torture scale now.
  • I voted for no, because in my mind, it is only the past that is set in stone. There is no set future, no forthcoming fate. The future is infinitely changeable; the only thing that sets us down a specific path are our choices. Thus, having visions not always be true makes it all about character choices: do they believe their visions and act accordingly, or do they ignore them? The more choice in the hands of the mortals, the more entertaining for us Old Gods.
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