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Divine Debate: Is pizza a sandwich?

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You are the Old Gods, born before this realm was even created.
You wield an absolute power that must be shared with fellow divine, but only one immortal can choose a path forward.
Think carefully of your choice

as if called on...

as if called on...

as if called on...

You and only you shall control the destiny of this realm for but a brief moment....


( Yay / Nay )

The outcomes are not clear - both paths should be considered...

Yay: 362 Tickets
Nay: 450 Tickets

Choose wisely, Divine...

(On Tuesday I will draw someone to decide once and for all)

(Credit to @Irishxlily for making this incredible decision art!)



  • Nay, it shall stay as pasta bread.
  • Yay, as per definition of an open faced sandwich:
    "a single piece of bread with a savory topping."
    Since tomato sauce and cheese are both savory (bare minimum toppings for a pizza), pizza must be an open faced sandwhich, and therefore a sandwich.
  • Nay, just like how pineapple doesn't belong on pizza. 
  • I say Yay, due to the Definition of an Open Faced Sandwich
  • Also relevant: a game about determining what does and does not count as soup.

  • I vote for the third option of Calzone!
  • I feel like Calzones are a subset of pizza, and are also considered sandwiches, but not open faced ones.
  • And the Chosen Divine is......Phendrix... YAY
  • I still vote Nay

  • I'd like to bring up the Sandwich Alignment Chart.

    As a Radical Sandwich Anarchist I'm going to say that Pizza is a sandwich, as it's sauce enveloped by cheese and bread. 
  • @Ymnar
    Oh shoot really? Woah. I feel honored
  • NAY a pizza cannot and never will be a sandwich!
  • Pizza is "an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal."

    So, since it's not between two pieces of bread, nay.

  • The Divine Decision Maker has decided that Pizza is a Sandwich.
  • Nope he decided on something else. Doesn't count. 
  • @Azurillkirby I can acquiesce to that.
  • I only decided if the visions are always true or not, I've no rights to decide if pizza is a sandwich or not. 
  • /NLSS mode activate/

    Open face sandwich is no sandwich and I respect it but you should feel bad about your opinion.

  • Guys, soooo many things can be considered sandwiches, pizza becomes an obvious yes.
    For example, try coming up with a definition that allows for things like subs to be counted as sandwiches, but not hot dogs. Or that allows wraps but not pies. If wraps are sandwiches, burritos are to, and since hot dogs count, then so should tacos (at the very least, tacos with tortillas, hard shells might not count since there isn't dough).
    The point is, with all these foods that can already be classified as sandwiches using the traditional definition, why not also bring open faced into the fold, and let pizza count.
    (Also: cereal should count as a soup, and there should be a point where adding salad dressing turns a salad into a soup as well)
  • edited November 2017
    To add to @thepaperpilot 's argument, if you consider that folding an open-faced sandwich creates what is essentially a sub, then any definition that excludes open-faced sandwiches but includes subs is flawed.

    We had a discussion on this topic and decided that it's also difficult to categorize them by ingredients because doing so is subjective and requires you to draw an arbitrary line. For example, meatballs and marinara can be considered to be a reasonable sub topping nowadays, but if you were to add say spaghetti noddles is it all of a sudden to wacky too be a sandwich?

    Based on this, I feel that there are only two solid ways of defining a sandwich, a purist definition and an abstract definition.

    The Purist Definition - Where a sandwich constitutes two slices of bread with toppings between, and said toppings must consist of meats, cheese, produce, or condiments. Subs, wraps, and soft tacos are their own different classifications of food.

    The Abstract Definition - Something is a sandwich if consists of any toppings bounded on at least one side by one or more starch-based food items. This definition permits subs, open-faced sandwiches, pizza, soft tacos, burritos, hot pockets, poptarts, and even potentially things such as layer cakes and pies.

  • @thepaperpilot Well, 
    Soups Have 2 basic classifications. Clear souos and thick soups.

    Clear soups have gamez poultry, vegetables or other meats that remove impurities

    While Thick soups are made with cream, or puree

    So would you classify milk as Cream or Purre, or Cereal as Vegetables?
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