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Who is your favorite character in Urealms and why?

Basically what the title says.

Who has been your favorite character? What makes them so memorable?

I'd love to hear about the characters you love. There's so many after all!


  • Duke Daring, no explanation is required.
  • Virgo Sunsword. Puddled a guy. need i say more?
  • Borracho, Probably the best character Coe has done.
  • Every Deadbones character  >_<
  • Lance Willakers of course, because it makes the Willakers family canon!
  • Kallark is definitely remained my favorite since The Sunswords aired. His story that campaign has remained one of my favorites ever since.
  • Borracho! Gotta love western, giant hat kobolds
    Yumi also holds a place in my heart, with her being Roamin's only girl character. I see her as a take no shit, grumpy leader and I like her for that
  • Oh man, there have been so many great ones!
    It would probably have to be either Trandon Barringster (Roamin plays an insane character very well, plus his love for pot puppies!) or Jameson Blant (Good ol' gender neutral Jameson Blant. Rob played his character very well.)
  • Karl Landers is my choice. I love his back story that Roamin gave him.
  • Phineas. He's literally insane and I love it. I also like Thea Mazing. She was hilarious.
  • Sonya and Larry, not sure if they count as 1 or 2. But I loved their bickering and how she used him overall.
  • I love James Briggs from his fighting of a suit of armor to his snakes with their own cleric hats.
  • So many good characters, Cain is one of my all time favourite player characters, Deadbones made me laugh so hard I cried when playing Cain. Maelstrom is my favourite NPC because he brings so much original urealms nostalgia :3
  • i love vanessa for no reason. it might have something to do with the attitude.
  • I've always loved Karl Landers, he's an absolute bad ass who somehow everything works right em!
  • James Briggs... need I say more?
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    Neena, It was love at first sight, the way deadbones played her and the humor which came from it (i'm also a giant lover of pigtails and dyed hair, oops :p )
    Maelstrom, From his first appearance to his tantrum in Rick's urealms game to that scene with Jo, he's a mysterious edgelord who I love dearly (he also turned me into a furry, damn it Rawb)
    Jimmy Blant, I'm not really sure why I ended up liking him so much, I think it must be because of his design and the energetic personality Rob played him with
    James Briggs and Ghana I don't think i'm able to explain why I like these two as it came out of nowhere and jumped upon me one day
    (I've also had a growing soft spot for DeNada for zero reason)
  • Karl Landers because roman used his entire life's worth of luck on that one character.
  • I really liked Ca-rell from Porc Hunters.   She took charge of a squad of misfits and changed them into a hard working team.   I also like how she decided to stay behind.   That campaign was a little off topic one would say but I enjoyed it vey much.

    Maybe its because before S3 was announced I didn't start binge watching until now.   I feel like I am really attached to the first two campaigns.   

    Watching through the campaigns now, I am really starting to notice improvements and its super cool.   
  • I think Cain was probably the one that got me the most. I just found the way that deadbones played him to be hilarious.

    Other than him, I've loved pretty much all of Deadbones and Nisovin's characters (Although I may just like Nisovin's because of Nisovin himself)
  • I'm a fan of Bromas, his whole character arc was entertaining to watch and Coe did a really good job with him, and the way his story ended was a fitting way for him to go.
  • Cain is a very special big boi. He's funny, but also pretty tragic because you can tell he's trying his best to do good. He's just not the brightest Porc out there.
  • Gonna be a cliche answer but Kallark. I just love his charachter arc and hope to see him again this season!
  • I like different characters for different reasons; Virgo is a goddamn badass, Borracho has an amazing voice, Nisovin is witty, Phineas is a funny psycho kid, Maelstrom is a fourth wall breaker... I can go on forever. SO MANY AMAZING CHARACTERS.
  • I really like Ca-Rell because even though she was part of the worst Elf squadron, she took pride in her team. Also white hair is cool
  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke Darrriinng. And Ariani. 
  • Phineas Barringster
  • So my five favorite characters (they're tied):

    1. Gwyneth Sunsword. She has her issues, obviously can't hold onto a relationship to save her life, but she constantly tries to do what's honorable, and I think that's worth a lot.

    2. Kinney. Sexy, violent, dangerous. She kinda reminds me of those femme-fatale types from films. There's something alluring about her, and you aren't sure if you want to have sex with her or run away.

    3. Aleesa. Her story is tragic, and yet she still keeps fighting, despite this. Probably one of the best story-arcs in URL.

    4. Phineas. Need I say more? Phineas always makes me laugh, without fail.

    5. James Briggs. I honestly think that James sticks out in my head because of the clever jokes on Coe's part and the delightful voiceacting.

    Honorable Mention: JJJ. The dverg-dverg accent and the hilarity of her pyromania had me in stitches.
    This isn't to say that I don't like Roamin or Justin's characters - I love their characters, too, but my favorite characters happen to be Coe's, Deadbones', and Rob's at the moment. We'll see how that changes with the new season. Roamin's and Justin's have only gotten better and better.

  • I would have to go all the way back and say Phillipee, does more need to be said about him? He's a living legend! I really hope he shows up again sometime!
  • My favorite character generally changes every time I re watch a campaign, but right now I'd have to say  Rhedmun Kriel, Deadbones character from Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, purely because of the line "He's a cheating, lying, fucking puppy wizard! I don't believe anything! Just shoot the fucker!" I know the line was out of character, but still I just love that.
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