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New written language of URealms?

So I was watching the introduction video for this week's campaign and noticed that there were words or symbols around the circle surrounding Quintara Lotus at the time stamp of 30 seconds or so in. I don't believe it is elvish from the symbols I saw and think it might be the language of the gods/dragons. What do you guys think? And more importantly what does it say?


  • @Snarky ;
  • Uhh I'll look when I get home, to figure out if it's elvish. @bl1ndn3rd
  • There are random symbols on the dragon aspects poster, IIRC. They seemed meaningless to me. @StealthInel
  • If it isn't Elvish, and it's only been seen in two designs, both of which are related to dragons, is there a chance that this is a dragon language?
  • @Mayonnaisinator I think Dragon Language is the most likely. I recall the only known languages are Beenu, Elven, Kobold, Abracadab and Dragon (although, I blank out when it comes to languages so I'm probably wrong) but Kobold is just "Kobold", Abracadab is just "Yes" (although, perhaps their written language is much more complex), we already have Elven which sorta leave Dragon and Beenu but Beenu doesn't really make sense unless they have some sort of hidden connection to Dragons.
  • I was looking at it and it looks alot like dragonic(d&d) and skyrim dragon language but it isnt one of them. I would think it follows the same rules as above named language but is a made up language by rob.
  • @Snarky Thanks for looking into it. I do hope this becomes another language we can have fun translating and discussing though. :smile: 

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    I know when we watched Den of Devils Rawb said the rune that Nisovin was casting the portal on said Quintara Lotus so i think it might be the same thing. So I assume it might be a dragon language but it doesn't look like it so i'm not sure.

  • @UnluckyBimi
    Well, Abracadab is slight-of-voice, by saying 'Yes' you can pass on a whole paragraph worth of conversation. The written form is slight-of-sight, which means that by writing 'Yes' you could still have a whole paragraph there and you just need to know how to read abracadab to read it.
  • @Godbrothers It said Quintara Lotus in Elven though.
  • The question is: is it just another font file? or did Rob decide to MAKE A LANGUAGE?!?!?
    Also if he didn't, he can feel free to delegate that task to me or anyone, because that would be amazing to have a language for the community, but don't mind me.
  • @Ozoner Well, we already have Elven and I doubt there's an actual entire language (as in vocal + written) that's been created (but on the off-chance there is an actual fully-fleshed out language: Kudos).
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    I don't think it's entirely made, but the Azveltara Z song was sung in Elven, Rob mentioned it in some comment at some point
  • @Ozoner I thought that was just random languages thrown together?
  • @Ozoner Wait. I found a comment from Deadbones (on the annoucement/teaser video) saying "It's gibberish, I'm pretty sure there might be some Spanish or Japanese in there but it's just pure and utter gibberish".
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    Damnit. I was bamboozled by Rob then.
    I said "The song sounds like broken ass japanese" and Rob replied with "It's elvish"
    I was fooled
  • @UnluckyBimi Elvish = Gibberish, Spanish and Japanese confirmed.
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