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Twitch vs. Youtube: Which is better for URealms Streaming?

So, with the first Campaign of Season Three, and the first Campaign to stream over Youtube instead of Twitch, I think it's time to ask: What platform do you prefer the guys streaming over, Twitch or Youtube?

Personally, I prefer Youtube over Twitch. With Twitch, even on the lowest settings, the Campaigns would lag for me, where refreshing the video, or the entire page, would still only give me second long views before lagging again. With Youtube, the video only started lagging slightly towards the end, and never for longer then a second. On top of that, it makes sense to stream over Youtube, as all the videos end up on Youtube anyways, and the VOD won't just vanish off the face of the earth afterwards, like what happens on Twitch.

Of course, it is up to Rob and his crew to decide whether they stream on Twitch or stream on Youtube, this is all just opinion based. So, what is your opinion? Twitch or Youtube?


  • Yeah i have to say i did like the youtube streaming this last campaign but really i never face too many problems.   
    one big plus for youtube is you can arrive late and still not miss anything. 
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    Honestly I preferred the Youtube stream. Unlike Twitch it actually allowed you to rewind the stream (as long as you were watching the point at which you wanted to rewind to), and if you got out of synch it kept you going from where you were at, allowing you to jump back to the Live time whenever you felt like, unlike Twitch always booting you to the Live time (after quite a bit of buffering) if you even got a tiny bit out of synch.
    I for that rewindability alone (mostly for funny moments) I would actually like it if Rob kept streaming from Youtube.

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  • I heard there was a way to do both. 
  • The YouTube One was alot better for me, 0 Lag on 720
  • @Davrial ;

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    Best part about YouTube was if I fell behind for any reason, I can pause it and go back very easily. And if I wanted to try to catch back up, I can set the speed to 1.5x/2x to try to catch up so I can use chat again. Very convenient, tbh. Back when Murder Bros first aired, I ended up missing like 20 minutes for personal reasons, and because I missed so much, I figured that I might as well just wait for the YouTube episodes. Something similar happened this week, and I didn't have to worry at all.

    Twitch is, in general, much better than YouTube because of YouTube's terrible chat system, but if we just have a custom chat on the site, I honestly would be 100% willing to stay on YouTube for livestreams.
  • I've always preferred youtube as a streaming platform purely from the fact that you can pause and catch up if you missed stuff
  • YouTube seemed to handle lag better than twitch. I think I like YouTube better.
  • if we were to get the youtube stream on the website like you can twitches that would be far much better because we would have a community chat and we would have all the fancy features that youtube has over twitch.
  • I think youtube would get more people to watch as well
  • I think that youtube would be good for watching from the website because it's more smoother and has replayability. However, I think the decision is still up to Rob and if he wants to stay on Twitch then that's fine. Overall, because of the side chat on the urealms website, I preferred youtube a little more than Twitch.
  • @HazziThe youtube stream WAS on the website with the community chat and card viewer as normal. Took a few tries and refreshes but it was all done before the show really started.

    @Occisor Nope, not really. With Twitch, it's very easy to discovery new streams and streamers in topics you find interesting. On Youtube, if you arent a super popular channel your stream wont be advertized anywhere so only people who already are subbed will see the stream announcement
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    I definitly have a slight bias towards Twitch since I spend most of my time there, but normally with Youtube streams I end up having a large amount of buffering which messes up my ability to watch. And before the stream was on the site, I was having that exact issue.

    Oddly, when the Youtube stream was put on the website, I didn't encounter any issues. No buffering, no having to mess with the quality settings, nothing of the sort. I definitly still have a personal preference towards Twitch, but Youtube is definitly a good option as a backup for moments like yesterday where twitch doesn't want to work.
  • Currently youtube is worse for me because if i missed a campaign i usually just watched the twitch vod instead of waiting for all the episodes to release.
  • Youtube has some issues where anytime they start and stop the stream, Nisovin has to update the webpage and everyone has to refresh, where twitch is just a single embed link, easy peasy.

    Rob can enable instant VOD creation of the stream, adding content to the VOD as the stream happens, which allows you to "rewind" by watching it through there. It's not quite as convenient as Youtube's built in rewind, though.
  • @Zse4rffb Youtube does its vods better, they are up not long after the stream finishes and arent deleted after a bit like Twitch does. Here's the whole stream if you dont want to wait for the videos:

  • The fact that you can pause and catch up at 1.5x speed definitely makes youtube the better option. I used that so often this stream, it's unreal 
  • another good point with youtube is you can skip the breaks that they do in between encounters if you got behind on the youtube stream
  • @Davrial Just found the link myself, my problem is solved. Thanks for the link anyway.
  • I only saw a few minutes of the stream on YouTube, but I felt like it made more sense to see it in there. The rest of the show is already in there, so that would be platform less at least for me. I personally never really liked Twitch due to a lot of technical issues - especially when I was on my older machines.

    My vote definitely goes for YouTube.
  • whilst youtube has the issue that I can't rewatch it with the chat like twitch can do, it does do better in almost every other factor so I'd say it is best.
  • My laptop is pretty weak, so it tends to struggle with the Twitch player for some reason, especially if at any point there is a hiccup in the internet and it has to buffer. Youtube is more favorable to me in that regard in that I can rewind and change the quality of the stream with not much issue.

    That being said, Twitch is the streaming platform for games on the internet. I can only imagine people who use it actively look for people who are streaming stuff so it's easier to build an audience there.
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    What @SugarSmear said. YouTube has better features, a more optimal viewing experience, but Twitch allows for more people to come join the show. Considerations have to be made as to how much better the viewing experience might be on YouTube (I'm sure there are some for whom is makes no difference) and to growing the show on Twitch.
  • Personally I like twitch better because I can never catch a show live from the beginning (Australian), and I like watching the chat alongside it. Also as others have said twitch seems like a better option in terms of growing an audience. I can see the benefits of streaming on YouTube though.
  • Youtube is better its easier to access pluss theres like 0 lag

  • I wont say that youtube has zero lag, that's a bit ridiculous to claim, but it was certainly smoother than on twitch. The ability to pause and play was invaluable at certain times, and I used a free trial  of Youtube Red so I could run it in the background and still use the URealms forums chat. It was a great campaign to watch and i'm not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much on twitch.  
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    The problem with YouTube is it doesnt easily allow people to discover new streamers, so everyone that watches the stream there is going to be someone who already knows about the show and the audience won't grow. Twitch, on the other hand, encourages people to browse through streams to find things they like which in turn encourages audience growth. As much as I personally like youtubes streaming, I can't say it would be good for the show in the long run.
  • @Cruxia not really theres a row of videos in the front page called live right now and i dont see alot of people streaming on 1 pm
  • I enjoyed the Youtube stream because as a lot of people have been saying, it allows you to not miss some of the campaign if stuff happens and you can't dedicate all of your time to watch the show for a few hours straight!
  • One complaint I had about the You-tube stream is that it apparently won't work with Chromecast for some reason (not sure why, since normal You-tube videos work with it, and Twitch streaming works with it).  I use Chromecast so I can watch the streams on my 50" TV instead of my laptop, but it wouldn't work with the You-tube stream, so I had to watch the whole show on my laptop instead of my TV.  For that reason I personally would prefer Twitch.
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