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Campaign Thread: The Grand Paladin Order



  • I just passed the hell out halfway thru the Golem fight :(  :/
    I even had my surround sound blaring specifically to help me stay awake but nope. Missed everything after that. RIP me
  • @Davrial
    Dude, I know how it is. I'm from Europe so it went on quite late and at the middle of the last encounter I somehow passed out. I would tell you where, but I don't want to spoil things. ^_^
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    EU too. I passed out just as the last encounter was about to start...  :\
    But the stuff I was awake for was 10/10  Good jerb, Rawb. 
  • 8/8 campaign m8!  :3
  • The divine decision was absolutely awesome, can't wait to see more of them in the future.
  • Was a very cool campaign and fun stuff happened, did go for too long for me to watch it through from start to finish, I was like yay the campaign is finished 6 1/2 hours in, the battles over and they are having a party and then surprise! Its not over and there is another whole encounter to go which IDK I would have been happy if it just ended at the party instead of it dragging on.

    Also that divine decision, surprised so many people voted for Gwenyth since shes already been in like 5 campaigns before and already has a story, where with Lance we've barely seen. I hope that we still see Lance around since he is practically the 'Grand Paladin' in terms of who actually leads and runs the order.

    Reading back over this it looks like I'm being a bit critical but don't get me wrong I did love the show and am super hyped for the rest of the season. Fjord for Grand Vizir!
  • Hey uh, pretty cool stream I quite liked it.
  • Passed out just after the final battle started, but watched the last of it this morning and thought it ended really well!

    The fight at the wall was very DvZ and I enjoyed it but it didn't keep my whole attention. I think after such a long break it's understandable that the guys need to get back into the swing of things before they can make brilliant characters (both for fighting and roleplay) cause 2 characters in-particular weren't as good as they could have been, and for me this made it quite hard to watch.
    I'm also not sure about the death-roll system. When a character is pounding what I would consider a non-essential character and he keeps living, it gets to a point where it becomes a bit much. Again (and this is my opinion), initially I was like "no don't let Justin's' companion die to Roamin" because there is a little bit of attachment there, it got to a point where I felt like I wished he would just die already, and if it wasn't for that brilliant role Roamin had it could have went on for longer.

    I know things are still being worked out, and it's great to watch the show as it progresses, but this is just my opinion so no hate please. I absolutely love the show, and it's great that Rob is keeping his promises, creating events that allow people who can't afford to donate a lot, want to donate the little that they do have spare just to become involved. I'm really grateful for that.
  • Great show i can't wait to see the next one.
  • It was a solid start to season 3, I really like the burned/poisoned mechanic and the divine decision part (loved that it was 50/50 even though I was surprised so many people wanted a dark Gwenyth storyline and not a new character to take over). I also loved the bouncing and the fidget spinner
  • LOVED the campaign lads, perfect start to the long awaited Season 3!  Justins' really coming forward in the campaigns these days, specially between this one and Season 2 finale.  Coe needs the Roamin treatment, make him bellow out loud and proud "I WANT THE DWARVEN THINGY!"
  • Im catching up on what i missed after passing out on the recording of the stream, and I gotta say, when Coe was talking about taking off the hat, I was half expecting them to reveal just luscious long locks and/or that they were secretly a girl the whole time.
  • I quite liked that campaign and will await the next one! I loved how Roamin had so much trouble killing William the Porc  :o His death and those of the brave Jimmies and Jameses will not be forgotten  :(
  • The stream started 2AM for me. I didn't want to miss the first Campaign I donated. I pulled an all nighter, but I fell asleep during the golem fight. I got caught up now, and oh good. It was fantastic. I loved it. This was basically a DvZ advertisement as well, so I hope the servers see more people. I loved all the reference to dvz. Golems, Spider/spiderlings, Venomburners, Gobos. It was wonderous. Although I'm glad Heathera didn't die, It's sad that Mikael didn't get the story line Rob was pushing for. And man, he was pushing for it. but the rolls really didn't help. R.I.P Mikael. You'll be missed you Cowboy.
  • What a fantastic start to the third season, good job to everyone on the team, the Divine Decision got me so hyped during the voting and the reveal, really good job with the music choice and deadbones' voice talent!
  • Personally damn loved roamins character arc. The conclusion aswell was just brilliant. That divine decision left me hyper as fuck even if it didnt go as i wanted it was still such a tense moment for everyone there!
  • Great job with the campaign this week! I think you made a strong start to kick off the new season. I'm excited to see where it goes from here.
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    Man Roamin's legendary use towards the end just felt kinda shoehorned in, which is a shame. I can definitely see where the legendary's creation came from, but with everything that happened, Roamin's character using it didnt really seem to make much sense. I could see why Roamin would think of using it, but it just felt forced just so Roamin could use it.
    Really neat item though, shame it didnt come about in a situation where it WOULD have made sense.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Pretty sure lance is just based off of Bruce 
  • @Rob I liked it a lot.  (spoilers if for some reason you haven't watched the campaign)Except for Roamin kept getting 20s and attacking someone on the ground and they didn't die for so long.  I think at a certain point you should just die.  If you play according to cars.  That pork could have been hit by 5 crit greater pyroclasts, and only have a 25% chance to die, or 50 if it's just two death rolls.  I know a GM wouldn't do this, but that was just and example of why I think the death roll system needs changing.
  • winner winner chicken dinner 
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    Loved the campaign, Divine Decisions is something I really like to see, hope they're used in entertaining manners in future campaigns. most if not all balancing changes from season 2 to season 3 are stuff I can get behind. Especially regarding character creation.

    Of course, the chat was very very garbage, but with there being about 4000 active users at once, it can be very hard for staff to control. So it was nothing but inevitable.
    edit: I basically just ignored the live chat for the whole campaign, but that doesn't really matter, since it's the actual roleplaying I'm there to see
  • @Hoshyossuda Lance is Bruce's son. While this was also a thing in DvZ, it can be extrapolated from this canon in the way that Lance continually refers to his dead father and that, in the animation, the Grand Paladin spirit looks like Bruce.
  • This campaign was really good, Coe's Jokes are great (of course). It didn't really seem too long compared to other campaigns, as well Divine Decisions are quite hype inducing. Though to me the "Final Boss" seemed pretty easy to kill considering we have MVP NPC's. Overall a good campaign, I quite liked it.
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    Just wanna suggest that you make a post on twitter or something that the shows starting, seeing as twitch wasn't working so I wasn't going to be getting any email updates I was waiting on twitter for an announcement or update as to if the show was even happening because of your cold and the technical difficulties, only to find out that the show had started 5 hours into the campaign.

    I'm not massively upset over it, I'd just rather watch the show live when I can, and it helps knowing that the show is happening when the only info I have is that twitch no longer works and you've lost your voice.

    Regardless I managed to vote on the new Grand Master & catch the last combat situation and that was pretty great.
    Looking forwards to seeing the rest of the show on youtube over the next few days.

    One more thing, I felt really bad for Roamin when he was trying to kill people but couldn't because even though he kept pummelling Jormr over & over and forced at least 4? death rolls within a minute, as long as Justin didn't roll a 1 Jormr wouldn't die. I felt like there were so many death rolls that Jormr should have had a higher chance of dying at the very least, and having so many death rolls but a character still has a 1 in 20 chance to die begins to make death rolls feel insignificant.
  • My favorite part of the campaign was hands down the Divine Decision segment. Everything from the tense music, the ticking timer, and Deadbone's amazing narration cemented it as just an awesome part of the campaign and show in my mind. I'm looking forward to taking part in more Divine Decisions! Amazing start to season three, can't wait for another amazing season.
  • good campaign very wow much cool
  • So this has been my favorite show yet, the divine intervention was fun and suspenseful, i really enjoyed the new combat system, and all death rolls really makes combat intense. 
  • I liked the campaign a lot. I felt some parts dragged but all in all a solid storytelling. One main issue is the lack of death roll intensity.  I wish you keep that going. I felt some characters deserve to die but because they got a way with so many rolls and all they had to do is get a higher than a one. One particular part is where Rom. had double 20s and that damn Porc only had to survive a 1. 

    Another critique is that I wish Rob had said the number before the death roll . Since death rolls are here to stay, that helped made it more suspenseful and not monotonous.

    Loved that last donation event, I like the more interactive feel.  

    Can not wait to see what will happen the season.

  •  I felt this campaign was on par with the "Den of Devils" campaign, if not better.  A solid story was told, with some fun in it. My only hope is that the death rolls are reworked, and possibly the Tabletop mod in the near future. Other than that, my Saturday's will always be free.
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