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Theory regarding the sins of the unforgotten.

Okay, so a donation in Azveltara Gaiden reveals that there have already been 3 sins, but that's not what I'm discussing. I saw a thread discussing who Galen revived in GPO and saw someone make a very important point. That Maelstrom has the mark of a sin. So what if there are NPC characters that have sins in the future due to past campaigns? I can't really think of characters this may apply too other than Dalfgan and Empusa, but I would love to hear your thoughts.


  • @KingJR Wait, why would Dalfgan have a sin? He's never actually shown up, only an illusion of him. Empusa, I can understand why you'd suspect it of her but we've never actually seen her near-death never-mind "die" to become a Sinned.
  • @KingJR @UnluckyBimi In Murder Bros, one of the lore cards reveald that Kobolds which eat silver will be able to see the Old Gods, just like a sinned character. I believe its the reason why the Sandbolds became the first servants of the old gods, because they took over the Dragon SilveBennu facility.  
  • @Kadriaz Wait. The Sandbolds were the first servants of the old gods? When was this confirmed/said?
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    @UnluckyBimi in one of the nader lore bits, maybe in a another place but that's where i know it.
  • @scooter0427 Huh. I remember there being the meta-level book thingy (as in, the book-part where at the end Rawb told translators not to translate if they don't want spoilers) in relation to Sandbolds and us, the Old Gods, but nothing else. I'mma try find where-ever this link is.
  • @UnluckyBimi

    The Page from AZ

    The sandbolds took control of the tunnels I cant remember the exact date geece you really just never trust any of my numbers as my memory just isnt what is use to anyway the sandbolds took control of the final talon as the facilities left by the beenu were still in near wint condition and in many it was the sandbolds who were truely the first servents of the old gods even if they never fully understood the masters they were serving.

    The irony of it all though was that in by serving the old gods all they did was ensure their destruction when the old gods summoned their first divine oh come on now you cant complain about spoilers when you translate what I say if you wanted to stay ignorant then you should of that before we started to course the order of chaos killed the sandbolds.

    Final talon post birth of magic.(Picture)

  • @Kadriaz I'd like to point out that doesn't say that the Sandbolds were the first servants of the old gods, but that "in many ways it was the sandbolds who were truly the first servants of the old gods". That's basically saying "they weren't the first to serve them in general, but were the first to do what they actually wanted" or something along those lines.
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