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Announcement video for Lyn Azveltara Gaiden is up

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Also when he says "human baby" what do you think that is?


  • The hell is a "Human"?
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    Those blood golems intrigue me. (Human baby huh, sounds related to the dream vision. Singular baby.)


    probably not, but it would be akward if they had to rp a birth(miscarage).
  • Sexy lyn for the win  :dank: 
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    theory time: Our beautiful Old God Avatar will be the precious "human" baby. Great timing for a flashback campaign (so it can age up) and a the final show of the year.
  • NO TRICKS!!!
  •   Did someone mention Elves? :)

  • What, elves, pff. You are hysterical brandon
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    Wait, does he mean last campaign of 2017 or of season 3?
  • I'm glad to see Elf Realms Live is still chugging along.
  • I wonder which of them will be revealed to be Trandon Barringster all along?
  • Damn that art is cool, and is a Goro so hopefully we have our first Goro in the Show!
  • @Sixfeatunder we already have Dalfgan the ogre from Okanoma Guild Hall who was a Goro :p

    Also I just noticed that at the bottom of the goro elf woman there is Nader's signature (the same as the page about the sandbolds from azveltara z) so maybe we'll get a new page of lore at the end of the stream?If so I bet that's Quintara Lotus in her Elf form  :)

    Also ALSO... Tower of Ultimate Wizardry + Lumberjacks + the art that Six made for the Sorcerer class = the return of our favourite sir from Awesometon maybe?!?
  • All of you excited for the baby, meanwhile I'm over here excited about the river.
  • It's a shame that this'll be the last Campaign this season (hopefully we can get some Side Quests next year), but I'm excited! It's also a shame that I won't be able to donate this year at all.

    It's also nice to know now what actually happens with Sinned Characters; they become our servants in their realm. So this means that Lunk, Lola Van Drich, and either Galen or Hethera are our personal slaves at this point.

    @Weslid That'd be awesome.
  • Dammit we've had such a bad habit of doing our campaigns coinciding with your campaigns :( gonna have to miss the live show again D:
  • Human baby, Miscarriages and an Old God blood golem. Then I thought oh man Rob could just destroy some lives this campaign.
  • What is this... "guilt"?
  • Final campaign of the season?! Oh no! ;_; (Holiday themed side quest :-D or is gonna be Ultra S&M?)
  • @Gterra2 @friskyBrisky he didn't say it was the last campaign of the season, he said it was the last campaign of the YEAR. there will be more in the season, just it will happen next year.
  • @scooter0427 I doubt it; considering that the first half of the past 3 years has been used to make the next season, Rob would have to push a lot of work for Season 4 back (or do it concurrently, and I doubt that too). Maybe we'll get Side Quests, but I don't think we'll be getting any more Season 3 Campaigns after this one.
  • inal campaign of the season? Well that was unexpected.
  • I wonder who will play Lynn, my guess is deadbones, even though spiff probably can voice her better. I can't watch the video now I'm at work
  • This is just the last campaign of the year. Season 3 will still have 10 campaigns with the next one after this in January.
  • @Rob Well, that's fantastic, and I'm slightly glad I was wrong.

    Will the 6th Campaign be the one that focuses on the Order of Chaos and the God of Chaos? :)
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    @Vongeo ;
    Lyn could be an NPC right? someone that joins the party.

    Also @Gterra2 isn't the super mega Urealms stream around Christmas?
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