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Anyone else hyped for Classic WoW?

Just wondering if anyone wanted to discuss it, and maybe form a guild when it launches "eventually"....
Also what happened to the off topic/other thread?


  • Would be interested in forming a classic horde guild when it happens, didnt consider doing it with other URealms fans at first cause from what I could see most people here that do play, play Alliance.
    Not sure what you meant by other off topic thread. If you are talking about the blizzcon one its still around.
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    Gonna roll a warlock, which been my main since I really got into wow(late BC/early wrath?). At 60, I can summon a Doomguard that will break my control and go on a rampage after a few minutes x3. I at least hope that is a vanilla spell<.<. 
    Bummer thou' that Exotic Pets wasn't a thing back then, 'cuz a hunter with a Devilsaur pre-mass-shrink was massive. (Or someone just made theirs grew massive, I was still a new when I saw that giant walking around in Orgrimmar)
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    Me and some of my guildies will be on EU (Probably alliance).

    As for the topic/other, scroll down in the "topic category selection list".
  • I remember being so sad when I found out that the night elf Mohawk Mr T thing was gone when I first played; I remember the first thing I did when we finally got dsl internet was download the game. It took days to download but the 10 day free trial or however long it was was just enough time to reach level 20 something on my undead warlock guy and was able to summon an undead mount; I bought a subscription soon after. Eventually lost its hold on me though and I was able to drop the game. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm down to clown with a group from the forum sometime for nolstalgias sake.
  • I'd love to get into the WoW that people remember, but I don't know if I'm willing to pay for an account subscription.
  • @SquareoftheLightOnes you can play WoW for free up to lvl20, you just wont be able to hold onto more than 10 gold, join a guild, use mail boxes, or go into the higher level zones.
    I dont know if they will let people play classic for free or if that has its own expansion price.
    Legion, the recent expansion had a $60 purchase I believe I wouldn't be surprised if WoW Classic had a paywall of its own considering how many people wanted it back.
  • I've been thinking about getting into WoW for a little while now. I think since just before Legion the thought has been rattling in my head. However I still have two problems that is preventing me from actually playing.

    While I do know a bit about WoW lore, I still feel like I would be missing out on like a metric **** load of story. There have been 6 expansions on top of Vanilla, each with the two faction's sides of the story and side stories. Meaning about 14 games worth of content of potentially 100+ hours each, although I don't know if you could just use the 2 characters(one for Horde, one for Alliance) and experience all the story with them(Cause you know, Low level stuff).
    Its not the time commitment to play that's keeping me, its the fact that I would be jumping into Legion or Battle for Azeroth with little to no context of many things leading up to that point.

    Second is the subscription fee. Im willing to pay for a game, im not that cheap, but a subscription of $20 a month is kind of a lot. I mean it's not unreasonable, but it is a bit pricey; $240 a year + actually getting the expansion which is usually like $60(And assuming you only have to buy one).

    Then if that wasn't enough to put me off there's the fact that Black Desert is a flat $10(or $30-50 if you want starter goodies which is still cheaper) and graphically superior(Not that graphics are a deal breaker for me) with competent and comparable game play, albeit not as rich of a story. Which makes me hesitate on getting WoW even more despite the fact I've loved the story and characters I do know about.

    Since they are making a Classic server, maybe that's the best time to get into it. IDK. I guess I just need some convincing from someone who has played before and can say that my concerns aren't as bad as I think they are.
    *Le Sigh*
    The eternal, internal conflict continues... To WoW, or not to WoW. That is the question...
  • @girclassgamer Financially I can see where you are coming from, but once you buy the current expansion you dont have to worry about it afterwards, just go have fun killing things or meeting new people. Subscriptions are $15 a month or less depending on your sub plan.
    There 3 different sub plans. $15 a month which is standard, $42 every 3 months which is $14 a month which saves you $12 a year, and there is $78 for 6 months which is $13 a month which saves you $24 a year. (reading off the website)

    Lore pfft, not gonna be that big of an issue trust me. If you are into lore and stuff you can learn about it and what not if you want, but not being in the know about the lore will not take away from the experience, unlike game of thrones. There are usually about 5 main things that you need to know when an expansion comes out when it comes to lore and that usually gets shoved in your brain during the first couple hours from questing. Its how Blizzard likes to do exposition dumps.

    Pretty much every expansion's important lore/climax's can be summed up into their own two sentences each.

    Horde or Alliance questing in most of the expansions ive found to be very "similar" or down right exactly the same except names get switched around.

    You can go out there and kill stuff, learning the game on your own or with friends. Just doing that was a blast for me. 
    WoW allows you to have almost any kind of journey you want or could think of, whether it be achievement hunting, guilds, pvp, collecting, finances you can pretty much do it. WoW classic If I remember correctly was alot less restricted with some things than today because of pvp and stuff.

    Your concerns are not that bad. the only one i think your fretting over too much is the finances cause you said $20 lol.
  • @Gterra2 ;
    Thanks, the lore thing is actually a huge relief. And yeah, I was looking at the wrong thing for the Sub fee, still a bit pricey but more manageable. Might give it a go once I have more free time since right now is a bit busy. Now to agonize on what class and name to go with first!
  • @girclassgamer My personal favorite class is Warrior Tank, But I would recommend for new players shaman or druid as those two can do the 3 specializations so you can change play styles when ever you want whether it be damage/tanking/ or healing.
    I prefer The Druid over Shaman because it has 4 different specializations to choose from, 2 for damage 1 for tanking and 1 for healing. Druids can also turn into different animals which can be fun.
  • I also advocate new players play Warlock, easy leveling with a high skill cap.
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    I can't wait! I've never played vanilla wow so when it comes out so I'll be experiencing it for my first time which makes me hyped to try it, I hope I'm not disappointed. I always thought the only wow I've played of legion was too casual. I liked playing it but it was so casual i didn't even use a rotation for my paladin and I just spammed buttons and I won fights easy. To be fair a paladin is pretty casual with the 3 get out of jail free cards and the blessings, but I didn't even find out I could use blessings until suramar and I did fine. I want to be challanged from the beginning to the very end only taking a break for professions.
    I really hope I'm not disappointed.

    Edit: just leaned what a paladin did in vanilla lol. Now I wanna level a warrior or something.
  • I've basically spent the last week at work during slow hours thinking of character concepts, you know: Class & Race + name. Im ready for when I jump in!
  • I'm relatively excited for Vanilla WoW, but I think I'm a bit less nostalgic about Vanilla WoW than some people so it's more just going to be a novelty for me, though I will play it at least for a little while.
  • I'm just curious if there'll be PvP-realms, RP-realms and what-not; oh, and of course whether or not it'll be free, subscription or a one-time fee. I'll definitely end up getting it if it's free or one-time fee but I'll have to deliberate on the price if it's subscription. - I sure miss the older days of WoW, but in the end its' mainly the mix between community and game that keeps you in the game.
  • I never got to play WoW, but I've always been interested in giving it a shot and it seems fun to get in on playing classic and whatever the updates to live WoW bring at the same time, depending on cost of the collective sub.

    If my XIV raid group is still flopping around (irl problems for most sadly) by the time Classic is released, I'll happy bounce over and give Classic a go for a while. :)
  • yo i would be more than 100% down to form a Urealms Guild.
  • Maybe we should form two Urealms guilds on the same server, one for horde and one for alliance, that way both sides can interact with each other.
    Tuna Bandits for the Horde and Salmon Stealers for the Alliance! (or Unforgotten Horde and Unforgotten Alliance. Guild names for URealms is hard... would we even do guilds for both "battle for Azeroth" and Vanilla servers? 4 guilds to manage, 0_0 yeesh...)
    Both guilds fight over divine decisions and what not from time to time for fun.
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    @Gterra2 I feel like one guild for Classic and one guild for Modern would be the easiest to manage, or if you can have a hybrid that fits both. (Edit/Addition): By hybrid I mean if they allow a guild to be both Classic and Modern.
  • @UnluckyBimi okay here is the thing, not everyone is gonna want to play one side or one server type when this all comes out so, the minimum amount of guilds we would need is 4 unless nobody wants to do "battle for azeroth" then it'll be 2 guilds minimum because of people wanting to play either horde or alliance in vanilla.

    Making and deleting guilds cost nothing if I remember correctly, so we can start up the guilds when ever, itd just be a matter of time before someone else takes the name of the guild which shouldn't really be a problem because of the size of our community.

    The current guilds cannot span multiple servers, especially of differing types like this because of how many changes wow has gone through over the years. Class has been extremely reworked, leveling has been reworked, clothes can be altered, lots of things have been changed or added between now and then. Guilds can transfer servers but thats only possible for the founding/guildmaster character to do that by paying to change realms/servers for that specific character, and doing so would kick everyone out of that guild automatically.
    Its like Pokemon transferring, you cant bring Pokemon introduced in generation 7 all the way to generation 1.

    Managing 4 guilds should not really be a problem if there is a discord for the founders/guild leaders and main guild members/officers of each guild to communicate and what not.
    I was not very clear before, I meant for one person to manage 4 guilds. For one person to manage all 4 at once would be extremely difficult unless all the guilds are used by the same players across both server types and even then that would be a lot to keep track of for one person.
  • @Gterra2 I remember guilds costing 10G (sure, not a big amount) but that's sorta irrelevant to a player past level 20 (I remember gold being easy to get). - "The current guilds cannot span multiple servers" not entirely true if we just go by chat between Classic<->Modern (I don't mean actually having the guild on both servers, and I know it's an unlikely scenario but I threw it in there anyhow). - Managing 4 guilds themselves as one person wouldn't actually be that hard, but it's more-so maintaining the guilds that would be (plus, then there's the debate on whether to have it on a PVP, Normal, RP server, etc). - There's also the entire "Who'd be the leader" debacle for each guild (or collectively) with the entire rules, bank, ranks, etc. - There's a lot to consider, and then there's also the question of "Is it worth it" if we have like 100 people playing horde on Classic but 5 on Alliance to actually form an actual guild for the alliance side of those.
  • Anyhow, negativity aside about potential problems (and number of guilds at the moment): The "best" way I can see, in theory, is to have a "council" in charge of each URealms guild that vote on what the rules should be, how rule-breakers should be dealt with and what-not (plus, we don't exactly know how Classic will deal with guilds so it's better to have an all-round solution pre-ready rather than a make-shift at the go).
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    @UnluckyBimi Gold would never be an issue.

    Considering we dont know the exact details of the upcoming classic servers, I have theorized that it might take a separate subscription from the regular WoW subscription, and be behind its own launch title/"game" in the blizzard launcher which may make some people here on the forums choose between the two which would be very unfortunate.

    I dont think there would necessarily be a "Leader" for the guilds, as it/they would belong to the URealms Community and as a group we would decide things.

    Mainly just have the guild be a place where we all could hang out and do what ever we wanted and not necessarily stick to one focus like pvp or raiding, as I can understand from experience being in several guilds that focuses on a single thing can limit interest and that would not be beneficial as we are a varied community with all sorts of interests. Roles for the guilds will be necessary and more than likely would be held by people would be online most often so deciding who gets what role should be dealt with when we actually get to that point.

    I dont believe that many people here on the forums are experienced WoW players or would like to participate in things like pvp or raiding regularly. If we dont have enough players for those sorts of things we could always invite people outside the URL community for that. Plus, itd advertise the show/community a little bit. I really dont think a debate over what kind of guild we'd be is nessecary as more than likely we'd be a "Jack of all trades guild".

    Well if there are 100 horde players in a guild vs only 5 in alliance (somehow lol) or something to that degree, then just having mostly everyone in one guild on a classic or BfA server would work great as we would all be in one place, for the most part.

    Edit: argh! you did another comment whilst I was typing! ;_;
  • @Gterra2 Yeah, sorry for doing another comment while you were typing. - I'm just being a negative nancy to point out the potential bad things. - Although some things would definitely need to be decided before the guild is made: Server (not necessarily the focus of the guild, but would matter), Leader-structure (I do trust a good bunch of the URealms community, but some people may not turn out to be that good and may screw over others). - I never said anything against being a Jack-of-all-Trades guild, just what server (since there's plenty of Raiders on PVP servers and PVPers on RP servers, etc). - Personally, I think the guild's best bet (in terms of server) would be a RP server, as they allow for PVP, Raiding, and RP (which other servers aren't really big on). - I totally agree on the not many on the forums seeming to be experience WoW players, but isn't that all the more that there needs to be a basic structure down so that they can see that much at least to give them some closure that it won't turn out to be a dead guidl?
  • @UnluckyBimi pointing out the bad points isn't always a bad thing. It help us to potentially make things better in the long run because we will be more aware of said things.

    As far as the leader structure, important roles should mainly be given to those that most everyone knows or has a good reputation on the forums and what not. (Which would not be me, I think I'm one of the least popular/known people on the forums lol, Also I couldn't really lead, im pretty sure id crack under the pressure.)

    I completely agree, an RP server would be very beneficial as it would be a safe environment for people learning the game, (the only thing we'd have to worry about for RP servers is keeping the new guys as far away from Gold-shire as possible xD)

    It was never gonna be a very active guild in the first place, considering the size of how many people on the forums that I currently know of, which is very low right now.
    It may grow after it has been successful after a while, or if someone everyone knows joins in on the action and talks about it which would be very motivating for some people.

    I dont think the guild/s should be exclusive to URealms forum's members. Inviting other players would help with keeping the guild/s "Alive". And to be perfectly honest, id be perfectly fine if the guild/s last only a month or so, as long as we actually all had fun doing it. I do not expect something like this to last a long time with our current numbers.
  • @Gterra2 I agree with the non-exclusive, however I don't think that should be the case at the very start since the initial purpose (from this forum-section) seems to be for URealms fans to have a "place" within WoW together. I think the minimum amount of people for the guild to continue being alive would be 15 (with like 8 actives minimum) to 30 since from my experience 13 is the lowest count I've had in an "active" guild back when I used to play and any less makes it more-or-less "dead". - BTW, I wouldn't really say you're unknown on the forums as I recall your name as one of the people I see regularly on the forums... But all new members need to take the gauntlet of RPing as Phineas on EXP during a trip to Goldshire (this is a joke, but I do think it'd be very amusing to see all the Phineas-attempts).
  • @UnluckyBimi I agree as well for having it be exclusive at first and then opening up to more people as players become more independent and what not.

    I think we should figure out the whole activity thing once we a general baseline of people. I would like for there to be about minimum of 20 people (not counting characters) in the guild if possible, but as I see it that would just be a pipe dream.

    Im aware im somewhat known, just not what id like to be known for at times... -.- I don't really see myself as a regular. I may be logged in all the time, but I only really interact on the forums when I have nothing else to do or when someone is having technical issues.

    When we send the Phineas squad to Goldshire we got to keep a leash on them so they don't get trapped in the second floor or by the night elves, lol.

  • @Gterra2 Last time I was on, roughly 2 years ago, it was Draenei-Panda squads in Goldshire. I know that 'cause I warned a real-life friend about Goldshire he said "Can't be that bad" and has since been scarred. - I'm similar to you, logged in most of the time but not a heavy commenter (although I typically comment when I see high-possibilities stated as fact... 'cause I'm a nurd).
  • I've not played WoW before so I don't know how guilds work. Are they Faction neutral? Sounds like it, but with the PvP stuff Im not sure.

    So to get a coehesive thought:
    1-2 Guilds. 1 For Classic(If faction neutral). I think just calling it "URealms" would be fine, personally.
    One for Modern if enough people are on board to feasibly sustain both for a month or so. (Will have to run the numbers and come back to this one. That was a joke in case you missed it.)
       Side Note: RP Servers preferably 

    I think when the time comes we start a new thread, probably called "Urealms WoW guild" , to say "Hey this is a thing, those who play WoW and are also URealms fans" 
    also to list what server(s) the guild is on
    how to join said guild (if we are being semi-exclusive) 
    guild rules(How NOT to get kicked out) 
    Also maybe a list of members(Forum names) and their character(s) (in case we don't want a guild of just 20 Phineas').

    Look good?
    On a personal note: Im definitely making a Nisovin character for this!
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    @girclassgamer Horde and Alliance are the main factions. Horde characters cannot join alliance guilds and vice versa, nor can they communicate with each other in game.
    I highly doubt anyone here from the forums would be doing PvP, but if you do get the urge there is an easy way to enable and disable world pvp for your character on any server.

    More than likely Either I or @UnluckyBimi will make an announcement thread for the guilds depending on how the WoW classic servers work and if they are behind a  paywall. Also once we actually decide on a server once the list is out.
    More than likely we will be doing what we have mentioned above when it comes to recruiting which is exclusive to URealms at first and over time other players join if we want to get bigger and maybe more serious.
    Guild rules would probably be the same as on these forums. Dont be a dick, dont cause trouble, all that good stuff.
    In guilds characters can have nicknames/notes in the guild charter, so if identification becomes an issue their forum name should be there or on a list. Identification shouldn't be a problem as its not possible for anyone to have the exact same name for their character.

    Just dont take the nisovin name.
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