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Thoughts on Grand Paladin Order Campaign



  • Overall, I felt like the campaign was a bit underwhelming. It was a very combat-focused campaign, which isn't inherently inferior to role-play campaigns, since I actually really liked the Cobblers. But, the combat itself felt unexciting. I think the new death-role system was the main reason for it, since it makes death feel so artificial. Another reason is because we didn't have much time for role-playing at the beginning to become attached to the characters. Even the Cobblers had plenty of role-playing at the beginning, and even throughout combat. I just didn't feel attached to the characters, and it didn't feel like they really earned their victories in the 3rd encounter. The 3rd encounter dragged on, and had to be ended by Galen instead of the player characters, and as such felt unsatisfying. 
    Overall the characters didn't feel very memorable to me, but that could be partly due to the lack of role-playing to develop their characters. 
    I don't think anyone did anything wrong, it just took this campaign to try out a new style, and potentially see what did and didn't work.
  • Awesome 8/10, there are things to improve on but a lot of good here. Not going to discuss the bad bits too much to avoid importing vitriol from the Death Rolls thread.
  • It was a very nice exposition campaign.  It did a good job setting up for the following 9(?) campaigns in this season. 
  • Being shitty does nothing except make other people dislike you, y'know? I'd much rather be known as "that cool chick who's always super nice" than that "one jimmy rob had to ban", y'know? I mean, nobody's perfect, and I'm sure I'll accidentally be a bitch at some point, but if I handle situations properly, and am a good example, then hopefully others will be too. @Ulthax
  • I think them lacking time to roleplay weakened the campaign significantly. Roamin's character really needed to interact with his jerk companion more. Really show the manipulative relationship and make us really feel for his character as well as show why he snapped (I think he was hoping to get a reaction when he beat the snot out of his companion so her character could latch onto that but there wasn't that much of a reaction). The ending also felt rushed and a lot of the combats had potential with a more defensive focus but really needed some kick. That being said Fetchthewater was pretty funny, I enjoyed most of the characters and the magic show was great improv. Over all not my favorite but still a good campaign.
  • @TaeyRurj Congrats on getting picked for the divine decision!
  • While I did enjoy the campaign, I feel like at least half of it was spent in combat and that part of that was due to Roamin's decision to go anti party. I won't gainsay his choice but I think it was poorly executed and that as a result, the last act got tedious. I love Roamin and his characters, but I don't think he put a huge amount of thought into this one. Yes, he had a backstory and an idea of what he wanted to do

    It's always easier to think of bad stuff to say than good stuff but I did like how we're bringing storylines in together and weaving them into the overall narrative. I thought that Coe did the best thing he could with the sub par hand he was dealt in character creation in making a silly but not in the way character who still shined.  :)

    One thing I would like to see is Rob offering the players the option to roleplay their old characters if their current characters are not the ones having the conversation. Still mostly scripted and what Rob wants but also engaging the players and keeping consistency. 
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    I liked this campaign a lot. It had a lot of exciting moments, and I always enjoy seeing characters we've already explored once come back to further their development! I also really liked the new divine decision mechanic, seeing as everyone in the community has a chance to participate and potentially be the decider for such big decisions. Rob could have easily done the raffle through donations, but he was kind enough to give everyone a chance to vote on who they thought would be the better option, which makes the show all the more engaging. I was thrilled Gwyneth got chosen as well, since we've already seen her so much in the past. And it seem that it's going to be a emotional adventure considering the description did say, "her darkest path" or something of the sort. I still think Lance's option would have been great too, considering how awesome of a character he's proved him to be, but just because he didn't win doesn't mean we'll never see him again! (Which of course, I'm looking forward too)

    It's also really interesting to start receiving these connections between campaigns. We got to see tons of returning characters this week, a lot of which, had strong moments during the campaign (such as Alessa and her amazing donation event). It's always fun to start seeing timelines being formed so you can place events in order, allowing you too have a better grip on certain things and why or how they happen. I look forward too seeing more characters come back, whether it be a prequel or sequel to what we've already seen of them. Another good point to bring up here, is seeing dead characters return in the form of a campaign prior to the one we've seen them die in would also be super cool.

    Overall, I thought it was a really good campaign. Was a perfect plot to start the new season off, and has gotten me really hyped for this whole season. I'm also really looking forward to creating that new god together, hopefully I'm lucky enough to have my name drawn for that, would be super awesome! Even if I don't, it's going to be a really fun community event.
    Can't wait for the next campaign, it's going to be a blast like this one, I'm sure.
  • It was really unfortunate that there wasn't enough roleplay moments for the characters to fully flesh themselves out. Especially since the players brought so many companions with them. I can only assume Rob expected that the amount of ageless and dangerous terrain he was throwing at the party  would get him at least one death. Even Deadbones seemed to want his main character to die so he can give more time for his two daughters. Because of the combat heavy campaign, it looked like they wanted they decided to use the encounters to roleplay their characters but it only served to extend the third encounter a little bit too long and without any flare.

    I understood it was supposed to be a DvZ callback but it didn't really translate well for the third encounter since some rounds were just attempts to wall the openings followed by attempts to break the walls down. Since its the first campaign of the season and supposed to be a big exposition episode to set the tone of future campaigns I knew they couldn't go for a Den of Devils scenario where named characters were dying left and right especially since the party was with big name heroes. It just didn't feel like a party achievement and it was more like a npc showcase.

    While I don't want to go too heavily on death rolls I did feel let down that the empahversion spell which on multiple occasions is advertised as 'the most ancient and dangerous spell" was defeated by a simple ironskin passive. Legendaries are legendary for a reason and seeing one so handily countered kind of ruined the "omg!" moment.

  • Okay, I'll throw my hat in. I hosted two other people at my house for the campaign. We all loved the characters, especially, Deadbones, Coe, and Justin. The thing with Roamin's character was the snap just kind of happened and didn't make all that much sense. It went from going to fuck this douche to giving him what he wants and in the process killing people who were kind to you. I actually really love stories where the characters turn on their friends, especially the "what have I done moment" afterwards. I site Anakin as an example. I felt that his legendary was very poorly handled at that the Spellnade was shafted. I'm sorry but Empahversion is basically the strongest spell gameplay (maybe lorewise, either that or Greater Pyroblast) so the fact that a simple Bone Soul Shield or an armor and passive made it deal 20 damage seemed ridiculous. I feel like that Mikael would have vetoed that spell had he known it would do 20 damage, which he should have known considering they were party members together. The anti-party thing really killed the end of the campaign for me as it took a lot away from the final boss fight as it felt the spiders took a backseat to Roamin. I remember seeing someone in chat say, "When are the spiders gonna go? Roamin's had like three turns." This kinda summed up my frustration for me. I felt the snap didn't make all that much sense at the end. I would have much rather seen Roamin actually kill the asshat outright. Another problem with Roamin was the fact that he could only be dealt with by Hero NPCs. You weren't killing him unless you had an ability to force a Death Roll like Lance had. This basically made it so the combat was effectively Roamin being unkillable to anyone but the NPCs which we knew was going to happen anyways and felt overall very anticlimactic. I'm rambling at this point so I'll just stop. 

    Anyways, if you're reading this Rob, here's my advice. While I found Roamin's arc very interesting, his actions at the end seemed very forced and nonsensical, which made him very hard for me and my group (don't want to speak on behalf of everyone) to feel for. It was the final boss fight and it very much felt like The Order was in danger, which was awkward considering that the majority of the encounter was focused on Roamin, while the characters themselves were not. I also think that in general Legendary Spells should override basically anything. As for Death Rolls, I actually have no complaints. Even if I did, they can't be changed now, too many things would be stupid broken if they did. I'm fine with them not advancing and in all honesty, I'm fine without characters dying. I'd rather them feel like the could die when they won't rather than them just die. Maybe the only tweak I would say would be for extremely unimportant characters like the Jimmys getting higher Death Rolls. By the way, what was the deal with Gwenyth and Galen at the end with The Greater Lay on Hands? I didn't read the event so I had no clue, are they Sins? 
  • @Gent, thanks guy!
  • I feel this campaign was an iffy one with fans because of all the combat but the donation events opened an entire 11th campaign and we made a new divine being so more a less it's given us something to redeem itself  but I still liked it, breaking things and all.
  • @Ulthax What lack of comedy? Did we watch the same campaign? Here what about Kallark getting in a drunken fistfight, the magic show, that stupid spinner, Fetchthewater, the dreamworld, all the technical difficulties, spider rodeo, just Heathera, the heart attacks, and that last sceane with Gweneth and Kallark that was perfect and there's so much more. So what are you talking about?
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