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Question: Will we be able to trade gold?

Just thought of this question and was wondering what everyone else thought. Will we be able to trade gold with each other in the future, or will it be like character creation where you aren't allowed to trade gold? It would be cool to be able to trade gold, but on the other hand then you'd have problems of people creating multiple accounts and it'd be cool if the other reason was to keep consistent with the no sharing gold policy like in character creation. 


  • Considering gold is only used to purchase avatars, I don't think this will become a thing. You would not only have to worry about creating multiple accounts (not that it matters) but maybe even people scamming others. It's just a lot of potential bad news. You make enough gold on your own to get what you want in a few months anyway.
  • Since the Gold is only for aesthetics and seems to function off a donation based system I don't think trading Is anything more than a liability for gold farming
  • @Cloud Thanks for sharing your opinion! Didn't think about the whole scamming situation at all.
  • @BarrowBro True, wondering if they'll change the system and make it branch out from just being donation based and based on daily gold.
  • Yeah NP. I hope we get to use gold for other things too, perhaps profile customisation or something.
  • @Cloud I've seen a few people with different emotes. Maybe they'll be adding new emotes you can buy in the future.
  • @Cloud Rob did respond to a tweet saying that gold wouldn't have any other uses, but this could also just be Rob doing the whole "If I tell them no they won't bother me about it anymore" approach 
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