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Milk's Drawings



  • @Milk I like all the root somewhat absorbing the what looks like an elf in this. Can I ask you why you titled it that?
  • @Toruk ;
    The Raven (Soloane) is a character from the Petals to the Metal arc of The Adventure Zone: Balance
    I recommend the podcast if you have the time, it's a comedy DnD game with 3 brothers and their dad in silly adventures. (Start from episode 1)
  • @Milk I will totally check it out!
  • Goretober 12:

    on the Skullgirls mood

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    @Milk More greatness has been created, especially by how sharp and refined the scythe wheel is. It is on point! And yes I been watching like a hawk waiting for this great art  ~_~
  • Goretober 13: Knives
    quick doodle in class, will attempt to catch up soon.
    boi needs healing again
  • When will this boy stop needing healing is the true question
  • Goretober 14: Creepy Smile
    Man I sure do love alot of Cuphead's design, also wish i planned this out better.
    This was made with two pages on a very small sketch book, I like the play on perspective.
  • Goretober 15: Tongues

    Cala Maria

  • *Does definitely not like this picture more than he should*
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     Goretober 16: Bitten
    Yikes, i'm really late with this stuff.  ~_~
    I have 3 shows in the next 2 days sooooo rip.
    I'll see if i can catch up.
    Also can we get some mysterious goblet in here?
  • I feel like this one guy just has it really rough XD but yeah you will do great in your shows milk, you got this! 
  • Goretober 17: Wings
    love my oc

    lets make her suffer

    Jk really good and gruesome, I'll give it 10 spooky points
  • Goretober 18: Possession 
    The Sombered One

    I remember creating this character a while back (the one in the back) along with others, I should expand on it but I haven't really gotten any ideas.
  • Goretober 19:
    hey guys remember that one moment from senate of deadlantis

    yeah you know. that part.

    (time is dead kids >:) )
  • @Milk ;
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    Goretober 20-23: oof i sure goofed up my schedule edition
    This was part of a series of characters I made a long time a ago that in the plot went throught an “initiation” Thought I would go and repurpose that idea here.
    Another character from the same idea above.
    Back to random doodles.
    But wait a twist! Lore? Who knows what I planned with this guy.

    Anyways, it’s been a tough week for me and I’ve finally found time to catch up. Hopefully I can make it to the 31st.  :)
  • You can do it! They look great so far c:
  • Goretober 24-25: Amputation & Rope/Wires
    What a doll.
  • Goretober 26-27:
    Some doodles to end the night.  ~_~
  • @Milk the ones through the 20-23rd don't exist anymore D:
  • edited October 2017
    fixed it!
  • Goretober 28: The Past

  • Aw dang, at the moment it seems i'll have no time to work on goretober stuff. Might have to push into November, I'll see if I can do it today.
  • Goretober 29-30: Revenge and Betrayal
  • Goretober 31:
    Coming to a movie theater near you!


    Well that concludes it. (A day late! :0) It felt nice to have a goal for the day. Daily posting was a fun thing to do too, however looking at how late I was with some days I might not do a daily drawing thing until after my schooling ends or during the summer.
    It was fun guys, thanks for looking at my art  :p
    (now back to work for me)
  • edited November 2017
    This was fun! Thank you   :D

  • yikes
    ive gone back to my roots
    (they were fun to make though)
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