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OC Art requests because I'm Bored.



  • Could i perhaps give you the task of a  4 man title screen- Kingsguard in big font-  with - A pompus elf who is devious and thinks he is better than everyone- Thane. Monk gnome with a nimbus and a ankh in hand, mistaken for a gnome - tiny . A drunk dwarf paladin with secret dark magic nd and a suncleric Kallsto devotee. Thanks alot if you do it- If its too much work dont worry
  • @xandat ;
    That's a little confusing to read, can you write it out again like this:

    I apologize in advance, because I will probably butcher your character, but I will draw as best as I can based on the above description.
  • Name:Marvin Frisk
    Race: Gnome
    Class:Sun cleric
    notes: Firm believer in Kalliso - in hands- maybe - ankh or mage gaunlet

    Mondeu Ironfidget
    Race     : mistaken for both dwarf and gnome
    Gender     : mistaken for both
    Class   : Monk
    Notes: only has fistwraps, also has an ankh somewhere on him

    Name:Salveto Slinn  (just goes by Salveto)
    Gender: Pompous Male
    squire- doesnt really mean much
    Notes- looks down on everyone- literally and metaphorically - hands- elephelk horn staff + hammer

    Yolgeat Platefoot.
         Gender: male
         race: dwarf
         class: paladin
    notes: has secret dark magic- so slightly evil  - hands - moonglow shield + has noble jewelry

    Thank you :) don't worry if it is too much - thought I could get someone who could actually draw to help ;D

  • @xandat ;

    "Someone who can actually draw"? 

    Are... Are you throwing shade at me? I don't have to draw your characters you know.
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    @RaHuHe Oops sorry if  it seems I was phrasing it like that, I meant I can't draw so I thought I could possibly find a person who likes to and can draw, such as yourself-  and wouldn't mind giving these characters a go? Sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention
  • @xandat ;
    Yeah, the way you worded it was a little rude, like "Hey, if you don't think you're up to the challenge I can always go get someone better than you to help you"

    But anyway I'm gonna try some of them. I usually prioritize characters from people I have't done yet, So after i've finished one or two of yours you may be on the backlog for a little while.
  • I was looking for this thread in the Fan Art tab lol. Whys it in offtopic?
  • Been watching this thread for a while, mind drawing mine?

    Name: Zyra
    Race: Kobold (female)
    Class: Shaman (Water)
    Cornerstone: Healers
    Attribute: Lovable
  • @Firelie @KaeawynShifter ;
    I didn't know if it had to be fanart of official Urealms. I just draw based on attributes. 
    That looks awesome, I'm looking forward to drawing her.
  • @RaHuHe ;
    huh, ok. Sorry if I sounded rude

    May I submit another character?
  • @Firelie ;
    No, no, you're fine. Go ahead!
  • @KaeawynShifter ;
    I couldn't keep myself from drawing her! I love her!

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    Well, shoot, now I have to make that into an actual character so I have an excuse to use this art...
    turns out this works great as a Discord profile pic.
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    Two characters @RaHuHe ;
    you dont have to draw them both, just giving options
    Name: Mes Maejik (This was a chraracter I used on the forums. If your interested I rolled a 20 on endowment, but that doesnt really matter)
    Race: Keen
    Class: Magician (Female)
    Cornerstone: Scholar
    Attribute: Optimistic

    Other stuff: Has a mimic that is her regal top hat

    Race: Kobold
    Class: Fleshweaver
    Cornerstone: Schitzophrenic (Hatezan)
    Attribute: Drunk
  • i would like you to draw the King of all Porcs,and that it,

    just the king from an alternative reality where Porcs are the top rank race that's in control. a what if scenario you could say.
  • So RaHuHe... mind if I throw another character in?

    Name: Anewlyd
    Race: Kobold (female)
    Class: Ranger
    Cornerstone: Wildling (drew Sunhound)
    Attribute: Well Endowed

    just so you know, I actually randomized this character, don't worry about it.
  • @xandat ;
    Here's your ancient thane! I wanted to have a Sick beard, a Zeus look, but I don't think Nobleborns can grow beards.
  • @RaHuHe ;

    Also has a mohawk
  • @LexderMob ;
    He is the king. You can tell he is the king because he has the crown. as soon as he put the crown on, all the other porcs decided that since he's got a crown, he must be the king, and he honestly couldn't come up with any argument otherwise.
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    Hello! I loved the last character you made, so if you get a break from new people requesting characters, would you mine doing another for me? Alright, here she is:

    Natasha Barris: Female Keen
    Daredevil (More confident than daredevil though)
    long flowing hair

    She is part of a performance group (Like for battle of the bards) as the dancer of the group. She would use her custom card to dance with her and her marionettes from monaime in the front, while the band played behind her.

    He was the confident and talented front line performer, and I loved her (as a character of course :peace: ).

    And if its not too much (beggars can't be choosers, you've already amazed me with that Pirate I asked for) could it be "mid-dance" (perhaps slightly provocative?) so to speak for her pose?

    Thank you so much, for the last one, and for this one in advance (whether or not you do do it), I'm fine with waiting :drunk: 

  • @MasterDJV ;
    Sounds interesting, She's definitely on the list.
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    @RaHuHe ;
    I think this may be a fun one
    Gnome (gender your choice)
  • @Zsane ;

    Is this what you were expecting?
  • Kobold
    Child of Rokesh
  • I'm sorry I haven't been posting for a while, I've been crazy busy with my new Job, my schoolwork, and the Team Fortress 2 updates.
    I'm still going to be doing as many of the OC's I can, but the back-log keeps getting longer. I will try to prioritize OC's for people who haven't had one yet.
  • @KaeawynShifter ;
    You're going to get me in trouble with these requests ;)
     Here's your Well Endowed Kobold lady. Her Endowment is her hair ^w^
  • @RaHuHe I think it might be your art style, or the fact that it's a kobold, but all of your drawn OCs are so cute! Love it, trying to find a way to use the image now.
  • It would be great if you could try to draw my character! Here's a link to where I posted (sorry for the text wall) his info
  • @Javo ;
    Man, I don't wanna butcher some character you've poured your heart and soul into. 
    Just boil it down to
    and maybe a weapon or item that's integral to the character. I'll make a drawing based on that, and if it matches decently with your OC, Great! If not, you can have twice your money back, Garunteed.
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