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Artists your mission should you Choose to accept it

Okay so I've decided I need to start challenging people because its the best way to get stuff for assets #nothidinganything
Anyways I need two drawings. One of the most Bad ass porc you can draw (Not a Blackboar) Then I need the same porc but pacified (That basically just means forcing it into neutrality)


  • hey! so if you're looking for custom art you're better off commissioning it from an artist or finding an artist who takes requests instead of asking around for free art! "challenging artists" for art can come off as really blunt and is usually handled pretty poorly. commissioning someone supports the artist and you get your art you wanted! if there are artists who are willing to draw for free, go for it! but these types of posts are usually used to take advantage of an artist! 
  • @Bonsai He did straight up say what his aim was, so it’s hardly taking advantage if an artist decides to provide them for free. 
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    There's also the factor of I will provide Credit when using the Image, because y'know Forum rules and not being a dick rules.
  • @UnluckyBimi ack! sorry if i didnt make myself clear! what i was trying to say was that this type of post is usually used to take advantage of artists, not that this one was. i meant to say that they might wanna use different terms if they're looking for art assets, not that they were taking advantage of artists!

    @OlympianHeros and that's a lot more than a lot of people can say! but you'd still need permission from the artist if you're going to use their art, not just credit! don't get the wrong idea though, you'd be fine! especially if the artist is making assets for you to use!
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