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What Is Your Favorite Campaign Quote, In or Out of Character



  • Whats a gemlicker???
  • "Have they told you a little think called... Stone Parties?"
    -Roamin to Roamin
    I don't even want to know...
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  • "Why are you turning my inuendo on me?" -Rob, Season 3, Campaign 1, during the speech from Roamin's Companion
  • "And the third one he reaches in his pants for"
    -Rawb ruining Deadbones' character (except not its actually really good)
  • "That's the sound of a stick hitting a turtle" Coe- fall of dundinbourgh 
  • "You really want to see my spores!?"
    -Rawb as Roamin
  • @Pacdude167
    *Takes off glasses* "Mother Of God"
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    "But how do we know this wasnt just no kinda horrible carriage crash?"
  • "He's drunk and he doesn't care. He's getting on top of that guy."
    -Rawb talking about Kallark
  • "Eleven! Shit. Eleven! Shit. Eleven! Shit. Eleven! Eleven!" *Plays Tower of Wizardry song* "Eleven!" -Rawb trying to shift into Floor 11. 
  • Rob: Then he will drown Justin in the blood of his enemies! Hitting Justin for 20 damage! I think he's unconscious.
    Deadbones: Justin should have 2 health. He was at 22.
    Rob: Was he at 22?
    Deadbones: Yep.
    Rob: Really?
    Deadbones: Yep.
    Rob: It did 22 damage.
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    McCoy: ..make sure that no one slips by who doesn't meet muster.
    A'ight... I don't know who Muster is but I'd be delighted to meet 'em.
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    From now on... We will be know as the Porcs of Karl
  • ""The legendary archer... Karl"
  • "Nows My Chance" Coes Mimic :peace: 
  • @Gent where is that from??
  • Coe: I'll take him to the river too we can both stick our heads underwater.

    Deadbones: You can't stick the wolf's head underwater.

    Coe: That's not the wolf it’s the comb.

    Deadbones: Yes it is.

    Rob: This is not the comb this is the wolf. Look you can't be meta level stupid Coe it's not fair.


    Coe: What I thought I was doing earlier was taking my comb for a walk. But now I understand.

    Rob: Oh no you were taking Scott for a walk.

    Coe: That's probably bad. I'm worried for Scott right now.

    Also I love

    Deadbones: His head went down the stairs like when Dankey throws Scott down the stairs.

    Coe: AHHHH

    Rob: By the way Scott's dead.

    Deadbones: By the way Scott's dead. I think they took your comb and broke it in half.

    Rob: Oh okay.

    Destroys comb card.

  • @sofakinggood The Cobblers, episode 6.
  • "babies make a decent snack on trips" -Cain from an episode of the new crew. 
  • "He also is a big fan of underground pot puppy fighting rings" -Romin talking about Karl with a k
  • "OOh, oh I see. Well this is just coming up very nicely then. I see. We take the children on Tuesdays and then we use them as our official time keepers for drivin ... what the fuck lore have you guys created." - Rob - Senator Samuel from in character to out of character
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  • Zarlin catacombs, a Rob rant - "this is ridiculous, I can't believe...  This went from you guys are screwed to just you guys might actually win because Deadbones throws fucking fruit RANDOMLY"
  • I really like when Rob RPed Bubs being like "It was an INSIDE JOB Coe!" when he turned on the group initially.
  • "But... my mastery's!"
    -James Briggs
  • "Im not that good with holes, I mean I can do small things." -  Tania
  • "He's beating his drum like a war chest" Rob's description of phineas exiting the water in Senate of Deadlantis 
  • "ey buckle buddies"
  • DeadBones:"She just...Foof! FOOF!" 
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