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  • I'm TimLC, I was on the old forums by the same name and used to do a whole lot of URealms doodles. So glad to see the passion in this crazy world is growing back. 
  • Good-day eh, my name is Cay.  I started following Rob during his early DVZ streams, and started following Coe before that, back when he was still on a Quest.  URealms has been my favorite source for online entertainment for the last couple of years.  Excited for the new changes to URealms, as both the forums, and what has been show of the mod both look great.  Looking forward to months of great entertainment from the new season, Thanks URealms.  #S3Hype    
  • Hi, Dweeb here, I've always been a lurker so nobody is going to recognize me but I have been following Rob since his show was dropped by The Escapist. I loved his DvZ stuff and TTT however I didn't follow much of the LOM content. URealms for me has been the best of the best for Rob and will continue to watch and follow along for as long as he is willing and able to produce it.
  • Hey i'm green. ill probably be lurking and may occasionally post or reply to threads i find interesting. Figured it would be interesting to introduce myself while i wait out the time till Saturday.
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    Hello I'm OddOstrich, and I'm an alcoholic bird of prey on a mission for dat booty, you+me tonight wasguuddoegurl? Urealms fan.

    Pleasure to meet y'all. I've read half of this thread before realizing that it would be way easier to just meet y'all when I do. Until then, obligatory introduction from another old forum bro. Sup
  • Henlo I'm Willows. Fan since Urealms Episode 20. Canadian business owner. I like pugs and Liquor.
  • Howdy, I'm Jazzy. Been a fan of Rob since LoM, and started viewing URealms Live near the end of the first season, finally attending my first URealms livestream with the first season's finale. I've attempted to GM a URealms campaign of my own before (using S2's cards/rules), but that plan never quite panned out thanks to some scheduling issues with one or two of the players.

    I'm big on world-building, writing, and language construction, among many other things. Lately I've even developed a talent for creating fantasy maps and decent-looking fantasy fonts/scripts. Hope to get along with people!
  • Hi there! I'm Seananiganz, also known as Sean or Seananiganz. I've been watching Rawb and compatriots for a few years now. Rawb is the only youtuber I've always watched. I play video games on the xboxes and the pcs, and occasionally upload gaming videos to youtube. 
  • Hi, I am a zebra
  • Hello. I'm Hannes and I will probably be lurking around here.

    I have only watched one campaign live, the Tower of ultimate wizardry, due to living in Sweden and it goes to late. I need to work Monday and it’s nice to be awake at some point during Sunday.

    I watched Robs videos sporadically long before Urealms live, but didn’t start to watch everything until after the first episode of season 1.

     I hope Season 3 will be as good as the previous seasons. Obligatory season 3 hype!

  • Hello, my name is Sondre. On the internet, I usually go by the name Sondero or Sonderp (if it's available). I was first exposed to Rob via the breeding song from his album Moody Bidoofs, and I went on to binge watch his Pokemon content. When it comes to UR, I started watching with the replay of Band of Thieves around the time Buckaroos were going on, and I caught up to the Skeleton King, when that came out (though unfortunately, I missed the stream).

    Outside of UR and Rob, I frequent the Smogon forums and Pokemon Showdown (I go by the name of Sondero there, so if you have a Smogon account, drop by my profile and send me a VM, I love messages). So a lot of my free time gets spent on Pokemon, whether it's playing through the games casually, breed for competitive Pokemon or hunt for shinies.
  • Greetings from Norway!
    I'm Mr Mass, I've been watching Rawb since the DvZ Training videos he made with the Mindcrack guys. I've dropped a comment here and there, but I'm not really too talkative so I probably won't be as active in the discussion as other members on here.

    I really fell in love with Urealms at the first live show, it came at a time I was really needed that form of mental escape into a fantasy land. I've never got into DnD and pathfinder when I was younger because of all the math, rules and lore that dictates how one should play and act, but Urealms really stripped away all the "boring" stuff and made it all about fun and role-playing.

    I'm really exited for Nader's Unforgotten Tales for a more dramatic and storybased look on the old campaigns! And of course season 3, but that goes without saying.

  • (Introduction poem)
    roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I fap to gwenyth
    And you do to
  • Hey i am dutchspacewalker, and i am from the Netherlands. I have been following rawb since the birth of magic. Or so it feels.
  • Hello, I'm DrivingLlama, Llama works just fine. I've been watching Rob for quite a while now, but urealms live is my favourite thing he's ever done. Can't wait till season 3 starts tonight  :)
  • Hey I'm Tygra. Been watching Urealms since it began. Glad to be here! 
  • hello fellow urealms fans im thackes.
    i stumbled across rawb :) when he teamed up with slyfoxhound doing a few minecraft pokemon episodes. i loved his personality from em i decided to watch some of his past content and subbed to him ever since.
    i wasnt a fan of dnd stuff but watching urealm shown me how good and fun it can be and i love how simple it can be to new people to come across and pick it up
  • Hi I'm NineJives, been with rob for ages, watched since first campaign. Currently going through exams and the show coming back is a godsend for me, as I always need my urealms in a time of need. Love the show, love the community have a nice day!  :)
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    Hi I go by SquaredCubed or Squared for short. I have been watching Urealms since season one and rob since he met CoeStar and they did Wifu Wars.  I love Urealms and have always wanted to be part of the community but my irl obligations always have gotten in the way. Now that season three is out I am going to try to be here more and join in on the fun. 
  • Hey, I'm Valia, and I am probably one of the lurkiest lurkers that has ever lurked. I'm pretty sure I found Rawb through Etho and DvZ, but I don't actual remember since I have since watched every Robert Moran related stream or video I could find. (excluding the pokemon streams because I discovered those really late and I do not have spare decade) I haven't actually interacted much in any of his adventures though, I played a bit of DvZ and attended a few of the Urealms streams but I didn't even know there was an old forum until I read about it here, and I have never donated (because I don't have money). Yeah... I'm just going to disappear now.
  • I'm TheRaven81, if you have to call me anything, you can just call me Raven. You might not have to tho kuz I'll probably(or most likely) just be lurking. 
  • hi im walter i backed robs unforgotten realms game once..
    uh then i was on Bruces gym
    i was friends with dogkeac guy
    then lom now urelms
    im kind of that one gay guy that no one cares about
  • Hi I'm Deadzoulz, normaly go by Deadzo, I am new to forums, hopefully I'll be active here since I love Urealms :wow: 
    I've been watching rob since DvZ and Lords, I had seen his pokemon blaze black series, but I became a big fan of his rp stuff and still am, before s3 i rewatched s1 and 2 (in 1,5 speed) and got more and more hype for s3, Glad we are finally here :smile: 
  • Hi i'm MemeMachine
    I played dvz a bit and followed the URealms show and Rob since the pre Mindcrack days
    RIP all the dead jimmies in season 3
  • Hi my name is Melissa :D and I've been a part of this illustrious community since 2013 :3
  • hi im jaxsshadow been watching sense the beginning 
  • Howdy folks.
  • Yo Ive been a fan for a long time. These last years have blowed me away!!!!!!!!!!! ~_~
  • Hi i'm Dudz! I've been following Rawb since I watched Rust with he and PauseunPause! Since then I have been a huge fan of DVZ and have watched every URealms Live campaign live! I'm not often active in donations but support the show in any way that I can! I would love to start playing campaigns with some of the other Urealms fans!
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