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Possibility of Live Show Postponement

I just want to say that I just saw Rob's tweet about losing his voice, today, the day of the stream, and I just have to, take care of yourself. If you have to cancel the stream this weekend last minute, sure it would suck for everybody, but dont be straining those pipes. Dont want to make the damage worse or longer lasting.

Seriously Rob if you need to delay or cancel, we'd be fine. We'd grumble but in the end we all watch this stuff for you guys having fun, and a silly internet show isnt worth potential voice damage for.

Whether or not the show gets delayed I hope you feel better Rob. Best wishes. Do what needs to be done. If the show must go on, then so be it, but also same goes for if you needta nap for a day or three.


  • @Davrial Dang didn't hear about this. I hope Rob take the time to help his voice and I support his decision in whatever it might be.
  • Sadly.. Agreed@Davrial
  • I'd have no problem waiting a bit more if he does cancel the show for today, just hope he feels better soon. :x
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    I really don't think it's going to be postponed. He knew his voice was acting up last night and if he was going to postpone it then would have been the time, not minutes before the show was supposed to start. Justin also tweeted about 45 minutes ago about the show coming up and you would think he would know if it was going to be postponed. 
  • @Eric
    I agree,he would just be building people hopes up if he had waited this long to announce it,that makes no sense.
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