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Which avatar are you going to use as your main avatar?



  • I need a better Fem Kobold. I love Empusa, but her nips are getting awkward.
  • Raynel all the way :heart: :heart: 
  • I hardcore want Chimera as my avatar. I will purchase Kallark as well, but I won't use him most of the time. I also really want Tobias Cragg and Ladyir. 
  • I don't think I can chose one avatar, I'll be getting so many from the season 3 campaigns, but I guess I would prefer my main to be an ageless.
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    I fell in love with Borracho from the Murder Bros and Buckaroos, so I'll stick with him as my main avatar for a long while.
    Not only is Kobolt my favorite species of the urealms universe, he also wears a sombrero and sunglasses. Clothing items that I like quite a lot

    (heck, I even based my main name; Sondero around my IRL first name Sondre and Sombrero, but unfortunately the name Sondero was locked out for me because I never got that confirmation email :frown: )
  • Female Keen is my spirit animal.
  • Orven Weiss. No questions about it. Although I'll probably get the benu when I have enough gold.
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    @Shuckle do you need to do that after every stream? If you donated that is, wait this is like 5 months old
  • I'm loving looking at these comments and seeing how many people didn't actually stuck with what they said :p
  • @Tripleat ;
    One of the main reasons I started this thread!  :)
  • @Emperor you cunning and cheeky boi
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