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MUFFINTOAST3R's Urealms Fan Art!

Hey everyone! I'm Muffin and I've been doing fan art in the Buffalo Wizards/Urealms community for a couple years now so I figured for all you new folks I'd post as much of my Urealms art here for your viewing pleasure. Even the some of the old stuff.. *shiver*

If you'd like to see more of my stuff or any new art when it comes out, I'll post most of it here or you can follow me on Twitter. @MUFFINTOAST3R ;
(Sorry if this is weird for any reason, this is actually the first forum I've ever used and still getting the hang of it!) 


  • Muff your designs are always spectacular!!
  • Muffin, I always have a good sense of appreciation for your art. I think I like it because of how it looks--your work always seems to utilize the use of shapes really well, I can't really describe it but it's like the body types of each character, and the signature noodle arms.. and the poses are especially nice too! It's like you can imagine a conversation or event taking place in each scene--especially the one with the personas of the Buffalo Wizards, Roamin pointing at Deadbones in some sort of anger while DB is like "wasn't me, but I don't really care." It's all unique and awesome, keep up the good work! :)  
  • youre style is so good, i always enjoy seeing work from you
  • Dumping some more here, break it up a bit <3

    Technically this is DvZ but its got Roamin and Nisovin so shhhhhhhhh

  • I always loved seeing your work, followed you on Twitter quite some time ago. I'll bookmark this so I don't miss anything new  :)
  • Really love these can't wait to see more!
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    Ohh Muffin where to start with thanking you....

    1.)For starters I have you to thank for inspiring me to start making animations in the first place. No im not joking ..really thanks!.. It was your earlier cute blocky heads in black and white where I discovered you through a rob favorite videos list. Man watching your animations/ animatics was really what got me to thinking... hey I could do that... and research ensued.. gifs spawned... rob gave me a comment on the Reddit.. I worked harder and made more and more.... thanks to you good friend :heart: 

    2.)In addition to your inspiring animations your continual posts of Urealms characters has been a important reference for character interpretations... Since K never made many more characters after season 1 .. through season 2 I've saved your post of characters and used them with a few others for constructing my own interpretations for the animations... so basically thanks for being so darn good at designing characters so I can have a jumping point in my own work :heart: 

    3.)Further more you've been an outstanding internet friend whose been able to trade support between each other to motivate each other constantly. I loved having the chance to work with you on our most recent video!! :heart: 

    4.) Thanks for many years of epic DVZ/Urealms desktop backgrounds and login screens!

    Many :heart:  s ~_~ 

  • I've seen most of this stuff, but I never saw your dbz stuff and they're all great especially your individual posters (if that's waht they're called) for niso, bruce and roamin. I freaking love your stuff, and I'm wondering why aren't you gold?
  • @Ininja73737 Yeah I really love those DvZ pieces and do have them seperated if you're interested. Also not sure what "being gold" means or requires :P lol

  • Goddamn I love your style. It absolutely looks like something that can be an official cartoon show, and the collab you've had just makes me think about it more, Amazing!
    Looking forward to more of your work Muffin!

    also, i think the "gold" is the "gilded" status of some thread. Its mostly so people would click your thread to earn a bit of gold and bring a little more attention to your work than usual!
  • @MUFFINTOAST3R Oh no I was just reffering to the fact that alot of urealms artists have all their posts as "gilded" and since I know how much art you produced I was confused why you stuff wasn't gilded. There's a high chance I just don't know how this stuff works yet but it was just something that seemed confusing 
  • I love the artwork! The Drawings of the Woodcarvers and Johnny Feo are awesome.
  • Amazing work Muffin! I've loved to see how much you've improved :) 
  • Oh man these are the goddamn best. Love your style, it's so cool!
  • Muffin, I have always described your art style as "a modern saturday morning cartoon". It combines some of the more loose more bendy art of the modern era of cartoons with the general vibe and just sheer amount of character every drawing has. And I could quite easily see it being its own cartoon show.
    So you can imagine my astonishment when you and NinjaGuy teamed up. It was like a dream come true that I never even knew I wanted. I cant wait to see more art from you in the future, and I really hope to see more NinjaToaster productions as well
  • @davrial god I want to see Unforgotten Realms redone in this style so bad 
  • Your style is so unique (in a good way!) 
    Can't wait to see what's in store for the future.
  • Dude, I love your art!
  • I love your style of art man! It looks amazing!
  • I've always liked all your art! I can't wait to see more this season.
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    The amount of variety in style showcased here alone is staggering. Would that all of us be able to dedicate ourselves this strongly to our passions :heart: 

  • Gonna go ahead and add the pieces I did for the Urealms Coloring Book, so make sure you check it out and contribute yourself! Super cool stuff over there!

  • @MUFFINTOAST3R wow this is really neat! Thanks for putting so much effort into your artwork, its awesome!

    Not to mention I love your art style!  :3
  • Your art is fantastic! I really like your line art :smilebold: 
  • Adding a few more, sorry I havent been posting much! Will get back to it soon enough! <3 Love all of you guys

  • Im really, really sad that half the art doesn't appear for me, because the half I see is really good ;-;
  • @Tamwin5 Oh it doesnt show up? I can see all of them. Is it just a client-side bug with the site?
  • I can see 'em Muffy, and i really like Lance's socks!
  • edited June 2017
    @MUFFINTOAST3R probably ;-;
    Edit: Yay they work now!
  • My heart can't take how amazing those Woodcarver pieces are
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