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Place your Bets Boys and Girls! (Who will die?)

I vote Roamin, I still feel like he's gonna die somehow, regardless of how OP he's become.

EDIT: @astora gave me an updated list so if you voted before do it again, sorry!


  • There should be a no one and an everyone option.
  • I vote Roamin, he may be strong but hes going to get Deathrolled so hard
  • Where's the no one option, I'm a little hopeful they all survive. The companions though, all dead.
  • @SteinCr I hope Roamin and his sadistic companion live long and become amazing characters.
  • I say Roamin just because of the fact that Rob will try and deathroll him since he won't take as much attack damage as the others. 
  • i'm sad, i wanted to vote all of the above
  • @Astora a smart person would of done that. I'm not one of them.
  • Roamin I'll be shocked if he makes it.
  • @Tripleat You can edit your original and use this:

  • As much as I love Roamin's character I feel like he is going to die, if only for the reason that the death roll mechanics have changed. With the new death rolls you only die if you roll a 1, and instead of the stakes increasing like last season, you are asked to roll multiple times. This really puts Kobolds in a bind because they have twice the chance to roll a 1 as any other race, and if Rob is going to go as hard on the death rolls as I feel he is going to do then this snowbold might as well have the Doomed attribute.
  • @SugarSmear I forgot all about that. And did you call him a SNOWBOLD? CAN ROAMIN HAVE A WHITE COAT OF "FUR"? :o
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