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What project of Rob's do you miss the most?



  • i miss Pokemon rawb and the moody bedoofs 
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  • I miss the Gary's Mod stuff. Those things were always extremely fun to watch
  • Honestly miss URTwoPlayer with Rob and Roamin, never got to see the end of A Link to the Past
  • Definitely Dvz
  • TTT it was one of the best things Rob has done while he was doing lets plays. I wish they would occasionally return to it but I know that it would never be the same now that we have been spoiled by Urealms.  Same with DvZ PKMNPawb and Tuna Bandits.
  • Honestly Rob is just such an amazing entertainer that everything he's created gets me laughing, and I still go back and check out all of his different series today- and they're still funny, it's really amazing to see how a lot of his old content has aged so well. Personally PKMN Rob was the most entertaining single player thing I have ever watched. 
  • @Jalku ; I don't know, his Pokémon streams around the winter holidays and New Years each year feel kind of special because of that. Like PKMNRawb comes to visit for a weekend.

    Personally, URTwoPlayer is the one I miss the most. But TTT and general Table Top Simulator are definitely up there too.

  • Time Gnomes 3
  • PKMNRob,URTwoPlayer....

    fuck I miss most things he no longer does.

    The one good thing about it is that none of his projects ever reached that point of being dragged out that so many series end up having. He really has a nack for knowing when things need to be let go and when things have more years ahead of them.
  • I miss any misc gaming
  • Mostly Pokemon Rob, but I also understand that if he went back to it now, it would be mostly to appease fans, and I don't think that makes for good content. My favourite thing Rob has ever done is URealms so I'd prefer that anyway if it had to be one or the other.
  • rob is such a uniqe entertainer that everything he makes is entertaining to me. I especcialy miss tuna bandits TTT and DVZ
  • It’s a cycle I’ve had to adapt to. 

    1) Love his content.
    2) Find out Rawb is making something better at the expense of the previous
    3) Mourn
    4) Enjoy the new content
    5) Repeat
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    @ZombieMonkey7 he definitlely hasnt dropped hearthstone completely he was doing some in game commentary at crendor in one of his videos a couple(?) weeks ago well after his last hearthstone meme

    edit: quick fact check it was about a month and a half ago still over a month in between that and his last meme though
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    I miss pause and rawbs relationship
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    I don't really miss one thing per say because Rob's content has admittedly improved so much...

    But TTT will always hold a special place in my heart esspecially the one where they had to solve a giant puzzle thing of parkour and lava or the one where they just kept dying, I think that was called "I died again." I remeber watching Pause play a map recently that they played in the Bufalo Wizards TTT, the flying pizza one!

    The wierd Gmod sonic video is always fun to watch on a deppresing day!

    And Played it for the Plot is undoutably memorable for the many giggles it gave me in grade 7/8. 

    Of course DVZ is a staple of Robs content with a majority of his audience coming from those days. I remeber the many evolutions of that game and the lore assosiated with it! 

    Speaking of Lore, LOM was such a big thing and probably the thing I remember the most because of how immersed I became! The story presented was so wonderful and I was so sad when it was done but I understand Rob wanted to move on (I also loved the sale/ad video with the discount code that was so long).

    Other amazing things were his 2Player stuff (that wierd ass Horseracing game), his Pokemon Nuzzlock Streams (Bipen I love you) and the original Unforgotten Realms (I am happy they finally got a lumberjack esc class :) )

    All and all, do I miss his old stuff? In a sense, yes! Because I grew up on that shit, I procrastinated on that shit and it was the shit that led me to where I am in my life. That was what helped and still helps me through my deppresion! So thank you @Rob for being so fucking amazing and creating such wonderful content that just keeps growing! Your stuff is only evolving from now and can only get better and bigger! Thank you to everyone that has ever helped you because what all of you has done is out of this world crazy awesome town!
  • PML and when I say that I don't mean I miss it as in I wish it came back. but as in I wish just a little more of it was made at the time. was one of the more interesting things that was streamed in early minecraft.
    Other then that I am not sure you can call it a project but I miss the random mmo streams where it was just rob and a ton of stream jimmys occupying a FTP mmo for a few weeks. I met some really nice people in the Rift streams those of us who played off stream just kinda hung out was neat.
    stuff that I kinda wish  came back would be just another singleplayer minecraft series or maybe something rob and deadbones or rob and roamin again not necessarily minecraft but maybe more twoplayer would be awesome
  • My favorite moment or "project" is when they played GoldenEye!  That brought about so many happy memories for me and I laugh so hard. "Click X to check your mission statement"...
  • Buffalo Wizards TTT is my favorite Rob series. (Excluding URealms)
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    @Ewan I was craving for that ending!

    I think I actually miss the DvZ dimulations with pause, the way they combined tragic roleplay with silly gameplay made a very nostalgic atmosphere.
    "Two-stepping my way to death..."

    It's also how I stumbled across rob, when they just started the simulation preparing for the DvZ update.

  • Two Player. Rob and Roamin basically shot the shit a ton with various retro games. Nostalgia trip plus two funny guys provides good entertainment.

    Urealms is almost a continuation of that, with other funny people too. Still miss the retro games though.
  • I would say that I miss the PKMN BBN runs. I mean they were very entertaining and they are so numerous. But I would say I miss the PML the most. Although it was terrible minecraft pvp, it was still fun to watch.
  • I really enjoyed buffalo wizards TTS,
  • I'd say lom is the project I miss most, mostly because going back and watching the videos really doesn't match up to the experience of being there for what happened. Otherwise, though, I feel like most of his projects had a fairly graceful end and it's always nice to hear little inside jokes from them show up in stuff nowadays
  • the urealms game that rob is definitely still working on
    i donated money to that..
    also i miss Bruce's gym the most tho
  • @RaHuHe
    The 24/7 server is still up and is moderately active, but its hard to get full games. 
  • Honestly, its tied between DVZ and the Tuna Bandits in Rust. I loved DVZ, part of the reason being that there was no "regular" game. Every game, especially when rob was around, was special. I still haven't found a game that can match the feeling it gave me in pvp, but Rust is closest by a long shot. 
  • I loved PKMN Rawb, It is hilarious to hear Rob doing different voices for the pokemans, and how he voices them.
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