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Pssst, Jimmy! Pssst!

Alright, buds. Let me be straight with you. I've led you down a dark alleyway. BUT! Before you start calling me out, let me ask you ... do you want Dedication>:)

I'm looking for a few people to join a private dedicated server. It's very simple, and I only ask 5 things from all of you Jimmies! (I'll be at most taking 10 people!)

1. What is important to you as a person?
2. Min Max, Roleplay, Both or Kobold?
3. Are you dedicated enough to not only be a player, but also a GM?
4. If GM's decide to hybrid their games, ("Let's all do a Peasant campaign!"), would you do it?
5. Elf or Gnome?

Now, those are the questions, but now I gotta tell you something very important.

For GM's: Those who prefer to be the Game Master, are given 1-2 weeks of time to make the campaign. Anymore results in your campaign being canceled.

For Players: Those who prefer to play games, gotta make sure you don't constantly take up spots. Sometimes newer people want to play, and you can't be in every campaign. 

For Everyone in General: Don't be a dick. I don't want wars, I want peace ... sometimes. Basically, don't be a shitposter or ass.

Finally, one more thing to make sure you wanna do it:

1. Gotta have a mic, (Sorry. No one wants to wait for your response for 10 minutes)

2. If not in Central Time Zone, (Which I'm sure a lot of you aren't ...), just make sure you're playing games when some or most of us are on. A lot of people have school and work, and some of us will not play when we need stuff to get taken care of.

3. I may force some players to GM. Sometimes when GM's run out of fuel, they can't host any more games, and that's bad for you. Sometimes all of us feel like playing Urealms, but none of us want to GM. So when it comes down to me or a power to come in and decide who it's going to be.

So Jim. I got some goodies for you if you come with me, but some you gotta earn.

What'll it be? 


  • P.S

    I'll give you the link through PM! Sorry, I forgot to mention that!  :o
  • Hello! I would love to enter further into this dark alleyway!

    1. As a person? I dunno, school probably for my future. But in terms of Urealms, a fun campaign for everyone (INCLUDING DM) and a nice story.
    2. I love to min/max when it may be needed for a campaign, but I also love roleplaying. In my last campaign I played I made an insane Porc chef, it was amazing. but I've also made a Bandito that could summon 110 cartel minions a combat.
    3. I love to both DM and Play! I've got some successful campaigns backlogged from other players that I'd love to revisit, and have some in the works! But I also enjoy playing.
    4. Sometimes these campaign styles are the best!
    5. Gnome :peace: 

    Those rules seem fine to me!

    1. Got a nice headset!
    2. I'm in eastern time zone
    3. Works for me!

    Did I make it to the end of the alley?
  • 1. I think staying relaxed is the most important thing to me. That and like my moral values.

    2. Min Max/Roleplay. It depends on the character Im playing. I love building funny combos tho.

    3. For sure! Ive run 2 games for Fourms people and would love to run some games with yall.

    4. Yep! Gotta mix it up somehow :peace: 

    5. Dwelf All the way 
  • *Pops out of a trash can that was already in the dark alley.
    I would be interested if you don't mind having me..
    1. I don't take live to seriously so its kind of a basic answer but just make sure that I have an enjoyable time, no matter what kind of situation i am in. As well as making sure my fun doesn't come from others expense and make sure that other people are enjoying themselves or at least a little happy. Otherwise whats the point... not much 
    2. I guess I would value role play the most out of those options. I love when a characters story and actions flow well together and believe those make the most entertaining Urealms moments. For instance, I ran a prison escape campaign however due to the personality types of my players characters they de-railed it super hard and kind of turned the prison into a 3 faction race war... However i do not see this as a bad thing, it all made sense. More so than three people at each others throat working together for a task that required jolly co-operation. So i just relied on my improvisational skills and made it a fun pvp faction.
      (pvp shouldn't really be a fall back however in that scenario i thought it best)
    3. Sure, I have some experience as both so filling both roles should not be a problem.
    4. Some times the simplest ideas work best, other times adding flavor like that can create an amazing campaign so I am more than fine playing in any campaign, no matter what the GM's style of hosting is.
    5. Ima diversity type of guy, so picking and committing to just one is difficult
      However Gnome just barely wins out IMO... sorry Elfs...
    As for the rules, all of them are fine by me   :D . Just so you know I'm a 20 year old College student in Ireland however I can play to any time zone as my sleep schedule is broken beyond repair and I can stay up for whenever the campaign is set for, 

    I apologize for the wall of text,, I'm just really adamant about joining, and look forward to hearing from you,  ~_~

  • 1. As a person, creativity and fun, for the most part. Enjoying yourself, and letting others enjoy themselves too. 

    2. Both, but i always lean more to roleplay. 

    3. Out of the multiple Urealms groups i've been in, i was the one who always showed up and waited for everyone else to come, and basked in the dissapointment of one or two people not making it. So i'll be dedicated, yea. 

    4. Sure, it's interesting and adds another fun twist. 

    5. Gnomes all the way. 

    Rules are fine by me, i've GM'd a couple times before,w ould be willing to do it again. 
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    Hey is there an E.X.P. dealer back here as well? I'm looking to knock two birds out with one stone.

    1: Friends, more specifically internet friends, would prefer playing an online game with a friend rather than just hanging out with an irl friend.
    2: Both, I minmax my characters but I always try my best to roleplay and stay in character!
    3: I am a GM but i'm a little rusty, I got a few premade campaigns, only one of them is on the fourms. I do not make my own maps, I use maps I find on the fourms and build campaigns around the maps. I do prefer being a player though.
    4: Of course! I'm open to trying new things ingame. (Once played in a game where all players played as beast companions, it was really fun)
    5: Well my favorite ingame race is Dwelf, so I guess Elf.

    I'm fine with the rules as well, no trouble there.
    ps: Two things, I live in EST and don't want to be up too late(family can be an ass about it) but i'm generally avaliable during the weekends, and i'm currently in the process of moving, i'm not sure if the place i'll end up will have good internet or not so I may not be able to host games but I can GM them. I should be moving out towards the end of the month(we've looked at a certain house and staying up too late shouldn't be a big problem since i'd on a seperate end of the house from everyone else.)
  • 1 easily just trying to be a good person 
    3 yes I play pathfinder and I'm both but I would prefer to play to start 
    4 yes I would 
    5 elf because I love the passive I have a mic 
    I am free a lot but I do have school 
    add my discord 
  • 1.  That's actually a tough question I tend not to care about things or care about them to much, I try to be a good person but like everything else in life its not easy overall though I guess I would say being able to be myself when I need to.
    2. Depends on the day I tend to make a mix of powerful characters and bad gimmicks that I end up enjoying greatly so I'm gonna go with Kobold whatever that means (possibly leave it up to luck? if so thats pretty convenient)
    3.  I've been a gm in dnd a few times and I can do it but I'm not a campaign creator premade modules no problem, monster campaigns that are 95% combat with small monologues before each event can do that easy but a good campaign from scratch that's a tough one, I can try but it probably won't turn out amazing.
    4. Sure why not we all just saw how incredible that was in the last live show. Besides I am a huge fan of gimmicks and spur of the moment lets do something that could fail so hard its funny is amazing
    5. Gnome. Elves tend to take up to much inventory where as a gnome I can just let other people have stuff that could make there character better

    1.  No problem got one

    2. I'm eastern so only an hour ahead though I do work various hours so weekdays im only available for character creations or daily acts as opposed to entire campaign past 7eastern (usually safe not 100% guarantee) and weekends I'm free most of the time and If I'm not I'll know in advance

    3.I'd prefer not to GM but if I have to I will do it and try to make it enjoyable

  • 1. A good scene of humor, some who can tell whats a joke and whats not. Also some one who will not correct me on my grammar.
    2. I have never relay played much Urelams but i'm fine with either, but i do enjoy doing stupid shit so role play pref i guess 
    3. I have host 1 or 2 games for my friends before for Urleams so ya no problems their
    4.Hell ya
    5. 'It's not racist, if it's right" - Roamin 2017. Elf

    For rules
    1.Got one so no problem their
    2. in eastern so not much of a big deal
    3.Like i said i have gamemastered before. sure they may be shit but hey.
  • 1. Dank memes and broken dreams
    2. Roll Play all the way I love to make super gimmicky characters that revolve around 1 particular item/spell/ability. Min Maxing is only really enjoyable for me if the whole party is doing so, to take on a particularly combat heavy campaign.
    3. I have only Gmed 2 Urealms campaigns before but I got some really good feedback from my players afterwords. I could totally run a campaign just do not ask me to make one up on the spot.
    4. I love unique Urealms stuff and some of my most memorable games have been played with either Hybrid CC rules or custom cards and classes.
    5. Gnome just seems to roll off the tongue when you say it so silky smooth like butter, Elf does not feel near as satisfying to say, "it's not racist if its right."

    As for the rules:
    1. I have a passable headset mic that nobody has ever complained to me about as well as little to no background noise
    2.I am Est so only 1 hour ahead and I make up for that with my really late sleep schedule.

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    1.)  The most important thing to me is probably freinds. I love having friends. If i'm not talking to someone irl or playing a game with an internet friend I feel weird and don't know what to do.
    2.) I could do either. It just depends on what the campaign is. I enjoy to play a good min max game but also a good roleplay here and there.
    3.) I can be a GM. It sounds like fun to GM but I don't know if I would be the best since I have never been a GM.
    4.) Yeah! I would always listen to the GM since there the one who is ever so gracious to run the game. And plus I am always down to play a good unique campaign.
    5.) In terms of roleplay i like both pretty equally. But in terms of passives and min maxing I gotta love that Elf passive.

    1.) Can do!
    2.) I am on Eastern Time Zone so CTZ is not that bad. I'll be available mostly during the weekends.
    3.) I am fine with that. I have never been a GM but hey I can do it. Sounds like fun!  :)

  • 1) Having fun is the most important thing to me is having a good time (HAVIN A GOOD TIME) 
    2) depends, if it feels like were going in deep with fights then im gonna pack my calculator but in general i like to play to a character as apposed to just doing as much as possible.
    3) i could gm, i haven't tried to many times due to the setup and general laziness
    4) if you put in the time to set something up im not gonna just shit all over it, and in that same vein the game can get dull if no new ideas are ever brought to life.
    5) dude gnomes are the greatest, they're so small and cute and its amazing.

    1) I mean yea
    2) so im gmt, but i can be ready to play so long as i know the day before, you know so i dont just go to sleep
    3) I could totally just not something ive invested time into just yet
  • 1. What is important to you as a person?
    Friends, Family and most importantly having fun in life and enjoying the day to day moments.

    2. Min Max, Roleplay, Both or Kobold?
    Totally a roleplay, I can min max if needed, but playing to my character is my strong suit and my favourite part of URealms is creating a universe of interesting characters.

    3. Are you dedicated enough to not only be a player, but also a GM?
    Yes, I have not GM'd yet but I would be willing to learn after a few games of a player. 

    4. If GM's decide to hybrid their games, ("Let's all do a Peasant campaign!"), would you do it?
    Why not the more craziness the better, I like to go with the flow of things and just do whatever is the most fun. 

    5. Elf or Gnome?
    Gnome obviously, they are just so smart and small, and I would be one if I had a choice to have a long time character.

    1. I've got a decent microphone, so that shouldn't be a problem.
    2. I'm in CST and I have a pretty open schedule so this shouldn't be a problem.

    I would be really excited for a dedicated group of my favourite thing to do right now, and I would try to bring some creativity and fun as well as dedication!
  • 1. What is important to you as a person?
    -Making sure everyone around me is happy, comfortable and having a great time! Really I'm quite the people pleaser. 

    2. Min Max, Roleplay, Both or Kobold?

    3. Are you dedicated enough to not only be a player, but also a GM?

    4. If GM's decide to hybrid their games, ("Let's all do a Peasant campaign!"), would you do it?

    5. Elf or Gnome?
    -Elf, easily.

    Microphone is fine, I live in EST
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    1. Having fun. I mean is there no other thing but having fun when roleplaying.
    2. I would have to say, Kobold, Koldold Kobold Koobold. Of Course that doesn't mean anything but I would say either or is fine.
    3. I for one never gmed before but I would be willing to give it a try.
    4. Of Course, hybrid games sound like a huge amount of fun. I mean a peasant run also sounds like a huge fun (although it is just the example), as long as it isn't Rob's peasants because they were overpowered and that kinda takes away from the peasant feel.
    5. Gnome all the way. Although elves get 4 spells, I feel getting 4 treasures would be much more fun to roleplay with.

    1. I am fine with a mic. It does make things much easier.
    2. I live in the EST timezone. 
    3. I would be fine with being forced to be a GM. I just need someone to run it over with me.

    P.S. Shouldn't you ask if people of tabletop sim?
  • *Rolls a Nat. 1.* This dark alley way seems like a safe and perfect idea! I should enter to feed my curiosity.

    1. The most important thing to me as a person is to make people smile, and not in the creepy Joker way, in a the all good fun way with interest and wonder. Because smiling is a wonderful thing.
    2. Personally for me, Roleplay is always wonderful, but Koldbold is a close second.
    3.Personally, I never GM'ed a Urealms or a DnD group, the closest I gotten to that is creating events for roleplay server, by all means though I'd be happy enough to learn and try.
    4. Of course! Mixing things up is always interesting and fun!
    5. Gnomes!

    As for the Rules:
    1. I have a rather well and working microphone, my voice is just dumb.
    2. My time zone is PST, but I have tons of free time on the weekends and week days when I am not at school.
    3. If a GM ever runs out of steam, I'd be happy enough to try and GM in order for them to recover, and if I prove good and make interesting stories and what not, then you can bet you bottom dollar I will GM as often as I can. Already love making stories after all, I just need to learn how to set up boards and maps.

    Thank you for reading!
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    1. I just need to have fun, which is why I watch and play URealms
    2. I love min-maxing a combat campaign, a PvP match would fit me in
    3. If it's a good community on the server, I can host campaigns. My only problem would be if the players didn't respect me or my actions as a GM (i would prefer not GM'ing, as i'm still in school, but I can find time for it)
    4. Full on, i'm up for the most things, #NoTricks
    5. Elf, as i imagine them as beautiful tall creatures. Gnomes are small ugly creatures just creating stuff.
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