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What project of Rob's do you miss the most?

I personally miss DVZ the most but there is also
-The original Urealms cartoons
-LOM (server and videos)
-TTT videos
Theres more too. Honestly, I love everything Rob does so whenever something ends I'm always sad.


  • Buffalo wizards TTT... still one of my favorite playlists to go back and listen to. ;_;
  • OH! I also love to go back and watch the 2 UHC's that Rob was in. I still get hyped when he team killed those guys in ladies choice UHC. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE IM OLD MAN WILLAKERS!
  • @Umlaut Totally forgot about UHC. I loved the  Oldblingmandouble00 one.
  • I am highly upset that i never got to play Dwarves Versus Zombies. I really want somebody to make an Indy game based on the concept.
  • The Original Unforgotten Realms Cartoon, but having rewatched them recently, the story did start having problems towards the end of Season 3. Plus there is no way it would ever make as much money as current URealms make.
  • i don't really "miss" any one series per say, i really enjoyed nearly everything rob's done up until this point and the way i see it, Rob is just doing different stuff now and that's fine, but i will say i do kinda miss Pause in general. i know that they're both doing different things nowadays and that's fine but it is unfortunate they can't do as much stuff together now 
  • Lom and DvZ by far. I have a lot of emotional attachment to both.
  • TTT and played it for the plot

    both have some relevant memes from them such as justin has no honor or "this is my kind of fun" 

    but definitely TTT if i had to choose one I understand schedules were hard to coordinate, but man was that series fun. I'm sure a lot of content was cut, but it seemed like there was never a dull moment.

    It really just impresses me how much rob is able to reference from years and years ago. Also seeing things rob's opinion has not changed about such as super hearing. Old video of rob talking about super powers with roamin and garry and on the subject of super hearing was pretty much word for word how he punished roamin for getting super hearing in a urealms campaign 
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    The Unforgotten Realms cartoon is the one that I missed for a long time, but I'm kind of over it. I enjoyed it, I still enjoy looking back on it now and again, but it is what it is.

    What I actually really miss is getting to watch the Buffalo Wizards play games every day during my lunch break.
  • Hearthstone memes, I think he got bad feedback on the last one he did and it depressed him enough to stop making them (or he dropped HS altogether) Which is a shame because Purity of the Cards and the other HS videos are a stroke of genius which eventually lead me to watching Urealms in the first place. 
  • where can I watch the old Dvz or was that steam only
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    Rob has a playlist of all his dvz stuff on his youtube channel
  • Or just look up brucewillkears DVZ (something like that) and you will be sure to find something
  • DvZ and TTT, Also you forgot GMoD Murder if that counts as something other then TTT
  • The thing for me is that if I "miss" a series I can just rewatch it. Like, I would have missed TTT but it's 140 videos that are very easily rewatchable.
  • I miss DVZ the most because of all the memorable moments I had in it, but I still miss the other projects
  • Though I can understand why they won't stray towards the same subject material, the GRr Podcast will always hold a special place in my heart. Honestly, any sort of podcast material from the group is great for me because I love background material. Tuesday Talk Stuff, for example, is great for the same reasons.
  • I remember and love the OldblingmandoubleOO game. But there was a second game he was in? Where can I find this?? @Umlaut
  • Dvz, really liked Willys magic ride but people didn't like it as much to pay for it or care about the kickstarter. But you have to move on, just you wait for season 7 the experience and wonder of those campaigns will blow you away.
  • '2 Player' was one of my favorite Rawb projects, I rarely ever laughed as hard as I did during those videos! Great Memories!
  • TTT is one of my favorite things, it's was always interesting to watch the traitor's perspective.(A traitor in a campaign is something I'm really looking up to.)
  • I'm actually rewatching the TTT playlist right now. Even though it's the 3rd or 4th time I watch it, It still remains hilarious!
  • @Gterra2
    Been binge watching it recently actually. Lots of fun laughs from it.
  • OG Urealms no question
  • @Skunk 2Player was amazing, not to mention all of the stuff he was putting out with Gaary and Roamin at the time. The GRR Podcast, his Super Minecraft Series, the Dungeon Hunters series..
  • Pokémon rob was great 
  • I miss DvZ but I still have hope it will return someday in some form or another.
  • @MasterDJV ladies choice UHC, just go through his playlists. He never uploaded the last episode so find it on someone elses channel.
  • @Murlin22 Sun/Moon nuxlock here we come
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