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URealms Shower Thoughts



  • We know that the Magical Forums exist, and that computer-like machines were made by the Beenu, so does the internet exist in URealms? And by extension, does this website of us speculating about URealms exist in the world? Are the old gods just forum users who shitpost and create memes? :*(
  • ... Goblin Psychic internet.

    ... Goblins are like ADVENT in Xcom 2.
  • Den of Devils had more combat than Cobblers did.
  • The only way to kill an ageless is to crash there skull, and a ageless can take there skull off and be fine, so could they hide there skull in a box and just be invincible (and blind and death assume you still hear take and see through the skull). Also if an ageless put on a helmet wouldn't they just be invincible as well.
  • Philhipe could've so easily never happened. I wonder what else we could've had, and don't have.
  • Four pages later, and the majority of these posts are still by people with Kobold avatars.

    Also, Ida (our favorite adorable Floofbold) is stuck in the pinata section of the Realm of Holding, where all the mosters that get pinatamorphed go...
  • Is it even canon that goblins can speak through their minds? The only one's we've seen were blind and deaf.
  • How can Ytts see, smell, hear or even breathe?
  • Virgo killed an ageless Cecilia, but Nathanial still has her skull.
  • @Maris there's the gobbos of pat, they had entire conversations in the span of a few seconds.

    yes i know that campaign isn't canon, but that doesn't mean the greenskin telepathy isn't. Until we see proof saying otherwise, it's a safe bet to say it's still canon
  • Maelstrom can probably read the chat.
  • Do the Beenu computers run on Windows EXP?
  • Philhipe would be alive and Chimera if the silvermine mountains had been about him :(
  • How different would the world be if it was Kallisto who died instead of Phanto, making the High Bears mortal instead of the Elves?
  • gwenith one of the fan favs could be A ageless or B dead or C a dead ageless....
  • What if gwyneth was Trandon Barringstar the whole time.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Someone get to work photoshopping that mole onto Gwyneth.
  • In the last campaign of the first season the dverg dverg dwarf "Returned to rock" does that mean that he is somewhere in the realm as a rock? and could he be dug out and seen in a future campaign? @DeadBones New Side Quest Idea?
  • So far, the only languages we know of are:

    Elven (Kinda)
  • edited October 2017
    @Maris ; If you have Fluent in Kobold, you cannot roll a 2.

    This is the one that really got me

  • @Maris @CookiesAndMil_ saaame i sat there for like ten minutes testing number combinations
  • Galen Sunsword could be ageless. Maybe that the true reason why he didnt become the GP. After all, maybe something at Dundinborough turn him, and he been hiding it the whole time.
  • @Maris
    Well, we kind of know about Kobold
  • The grand raven
  • If Bromas was still alive at the point where Tania Grayson apparently hurt the chance of kobolds being allowed in The Grand Paladin Order, he would've been devastated.
  • Did anyone actually get the Hopen for Bopen hoodies from the end of S2? I bought mine and it hasn't come yet, had to buy another off teespring.
  • Huh, I got mine in an appropriate amount of time? That sucks. @KaeawynShifter
  • The Urealms world would be so different right now if Gwyneth hadn't lost her baby.
  • Lyn wasted an erase spell scroll on a harmless Beenu.
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