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Any idea about what show is going to be next?

I am just thinking, what show do you think will be next? Personally I will admit I would like one focused on the guild of explorers, so many cool characters there


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    I feel like it might be the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry part 2 campaign up next.

    Are there any other campaigns they've confirmed will happen this season?
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    If I remember it properly there are 2 confirmed season 3 campaigns tower of ultimate wizardry part 2 and the one from the sandbold donations from the skeleton  king
  • Don't forget the Law campaign with Galen Sunsword

  • @Phendrix oh is that a guaranteed follow up? I must of missed that and had just assumed it was an eventually thing
  • I just can't wait for season 10 of URealms. I hear that's when the crazy quintuple double-cross happens and two distinct story arcs are revealed to be intertwined from the beginning!
  • I'm pretty sure tower of ultimate wizardry is next.
  • In season 2 tower of ultimate wizardry was the fifth campaign so it'll probably be the fifth one this season to.
  • It's Lynn Azveltara's climb to the top of The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.
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