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Memories from Dong Dank, DvZ or any other of Rawbs stuff where you interact with other people



  • This post inspired me to go check on my old home in Brickton. I abandoned it a while ago and someone renovated it. Only the basement remained the same. I rented the plot and polished the house a bit more. Really brought back so many good memories.
  • I remember one video when Rob was being pestered by Jimmies, so he gave my friend Iamtaller a sword and PvP to kill them. I logged on the next day and people were trying to hire Iamtaller to be a hitman.

    There was another time when someone vandalized the wizard school in the magic quarter. They put a great big X over the meeting table. Nisovin came in with one of his squires and destroyed it, starting a mini plotline that never got resolved. That was like the only interesting thing to happen while I was online, regrettably. I was already pretty burned out on Minecraft when LoM started.
  • Rob and Pyro came by me and my brothers fortune telling shop in LOM. Lol we were so young then and we thought it was the greatest thing to ever happen to us.
  • i really always forget how many personal stories lom is made up of and how many people at one point put their time energy and trust in it but now that i think of it it's kind of amazing

    that being said i never got anything done on lom really i just bought a bunch of things and renovated them but never did anything with them but i still had a great time
  • In a DvZ game on Nolrim hold I got Bruce. I wish I remember who the Nisovin was because I feel like I bonded with them that game. 

    At the final shrine with only me and nis we held that shrine for 40 minutes. Every time a creeper blasted me off they used their wand and absorption clearing out the waves of monsters with wormhole tinder flame or explosion. Every time they got blasted off I horned to clear the shrine

    Back and forth up and down monsters were leaving the game and asking us to take off our armor (which we did) 

    Was easily my favorite moment in MC and possibly gaming
  • @Nenga ah the old Hoedowns were awesome! For those who don't know/remember I was the winner of the first Hoedown tournament!
  • More stupid dvz stories! 

    The boat
    This was back when you bought tittles and they gave you Dwarven runeblade reskins. Like my grapevine story this is when we got bored of the regular dvz and me and a bunch of dwarfs defended a boat, me as the captain. I don't remember the map but it had a ghost town with a boat which was where we was gonna defend. So we headed to the boat with 3-4 + me. most of the 4 were the same people from the mountain village. Every single time we did it a golem came in and broke the boat and we had to swim. Sometimes no golem showed up and adventually we went to the last shrine but the only way was to swim across an ocean. Usually a guy died from a skeleton and we did an epic push back into the shrine. I can a game where one of the crew memembers got roamin, of course we didn't stay at the boat. 

    Holes in the wall
    There was a dvz episode called bunker buddies that showed a tactic of putting easily defendable tunnels in the walls so dwarfs could run out of the field and could bait enemy's to there doom. It was extremely effective and everybody wanted to use it the days after the episode came out. For a week after the episode there were so many defendable holes in the front walls that they didn't have enough people to defend the holes. 

    Dogekac massacre
    this is a year back or so. I got bruce on dogekac remastered and was excited to fight on the bridge and kill monsters, hadn't gotten Bruce in a while. So plague starts and gobospam starts immedietly. I jumped at the wrong time and fell right into the pit. Before I know it half my manas gone. So I'm at 300 mana and there's 5 skeletons on the other side of the lava shooting me, going over the lava is a sure death. Nerd polling is impossible, the ravine is to bumpy so I would have to do it not against a wall with 5 skeletons shooting me, maybe not the best idea. If I get over the lava and somehow get a proc they can split up and waste my time so much that more skeletons could arrive. So I called for help so Nisovin and all the healers came down to heal me and try to rescue me. The amount of monsters doubled when the rescue team came. Before we know it the healers are dead and Nisovin is at 500 mana and I bruce had 100. It was clear we were gonna die. The final 2 minutes of our life went of Nisovin panic placing slabs more reinforcements that instantly died and when the slabs broke and we were overwhelmed. The game lasted in total like 25 minutes.
  • The only hero I ever got to play in DvZ was Nisovin, besides Roamin a single time. Nisovin was so much fun to play as. You could escape pretty much any scenario with wormhole and the rocket boots.
  • My first hero I ever played was pause on the gym. it was on oasis and was really bad at dvz during that time so i got massacred early on but it was fun for the short period. Later i played roamin on the playmindcrack server where all the dwarves walled me into the second shrine that just became monster spawn. I must have gotten 30 kills before a creeper blew the wall away so i could escape. Also on the gym it was Dogekac and i died early on. so i was running into the entrance with all the other zombies and almost every dwarf alive was in that room waiting. so the game lasted an hour and a half because the dwarves would not die. And finally for this post I was playing on one of nisovin's test games and all the dwarves wanted a dragon to spawn. so nisovin became a dragon and proceeded to roast many dwarves. I stared at the dragon before i was melted in less than a second.
  • I tried to roleplay Dwarves vs Zombies as much as I could. Especially the heroes.

    In the "New" version of DVZ, the one with the cool sprites and the special lobby and stuff, I got to play Old Man Willakers in one of my games.
    So I started ordering dwarves around, telling 'em "BUILD THE WALLS JAMES!". Get people into the zombie fighting spirit. At some point, I yelled at a James to bring me his juice, and he brought me... I think it was poisoned tea? (Roleplay from three years ago is hard to remember.)
    After that, I started acting as a drunk. I slurred the words to the chant at the beginning of the night.
    "I am a dwarf, something about a light. We fear not death, just the dragons bite." And so on. When under the effects of this poison tea, I would charge into battle, wildly swinging and killing. Every few minutes though, I pretended to be "cured" from the poison tea's effects, and be freaking out at the mess, and someone would come back and drug me again to keep fighting.

    It was pretty fun. I think we sacrificed a Jimmy that night. I believe we got a total of 13K kills that game...
  • A few of my favorite memories include
    -The day of Elves Vs Skeletons where the only items you could pick up were a bow and a shovel which didn't allow you to make armor, and you couldn't get a sword. so it devolved into a lot of very ranged games, at the end of that day the mods logged on and gave everyone roses  named in rainbow 'Friendship' that could proc. I was given by one of the mods Weetigo and 2 sets of protection 10 armor because I was alive so long at the end of the game with a pause hero and a kedemonia hero that the first set of prot 10 armor had started to break. that was the longest EVER that I had to keep spamclicking with literally no break it was horrible on my hand but Felt so gd good making the game last that long. (game was on a mtwillakers map so you can imagine how being 3 people and defending those 2 tunnels went if you ever played the map, it was essentially 1 person on eachside and 1 person who alternated to give one of the sides a very short break)
    -Other memories include a few of the first cakeshrine games because I was in the call of the people who Made the shrines and it was super fun to be apart of those.
    -I have a ton of DVZ stories this is just 2 the first one is most likely one of the stories I tell the most often as it was one of my fondest memories of dvz. when I wake up later I might come back and post more that come to mind ^.^
  • I'll probably never forget the Dark Days of Dong Dank. Before the event I went on the server a few times and watched the videos and lost interest. One day I go into the server to find utter chaos and found it super fun how everyone was reacting. People created gangs and safehouses while others ran away or kept fighting while the background noise made it feel amazing. After it was over I kept going onto the server for some time, and is probably one of the best experiences I've ever had on any server
  • Earliest memories on rawbs stuff was some classic DVZ on bruces gym, but my most memorable would be Temple of Jarool as it transitioned to Lords of Minecraft. ToJ was a sort of precursor to LOM on PMC. You could spend gold to earn building blocks and could only place one block every minute or so on this floating island with a temple on it (for praising jarool, of course). I remember the spawn area being an absolute disaster, messes of random blocks everywhere, but just past the spawn was an actual structured city. There were block themes for areas similar to how districts are on LOM, but it was purely driven by the community. Really there was nothing stopping you from placing any colour block in a certain district but people were compelled to follow what had been established by everyone else, it was just an unspoken rule between regulars. The fact that what was essentially a joke map for PMC that was supposed to be total chaos went on to inspire what would be the basis for how LOM worked is amazing to me, as it refined what people enjoyed so much about ToJ and made it so much bigger. A lot of good friends I am with now I met on Lords and I couldn't be more thankful for it.
  • @TheDumbOwl oh man, i miss logging in everyday and going on griefer clean up or extending roads, being a block bank, running from spleefers and redstone sucked so much to clean up. it was wild and lawless and it turned out like nobody expected.
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