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An interesting thought/theory

So I've been rewatching Episodes of Urealms in anticipation for season 3, and a thought occurred to my head, specifically the 7th Floor of the Tower, which is where King Rohbear Leomaris, has the players sitting around while he tells them stories.

It's never really spoken who really built the first 10 floors, all really we know is that The Great Pot Puppy Master Douglas Oggo, and a few of his friends who conquered the tower, who aren't named. I just have a feeling, that there's only person who'd really know Rohbear well enough, to recreate the King's personal dining chamber, and possibly even the personality of King himself:


The fact that the whole entire concept of the Room being you're locked inside of a room, with the King of all Elves, and you basically just sit there and listen to his stories he's really desperate to tell, which LITERALLY  bore you to death. Then when you do get up the King just basically dies, I imagine that Nader feels like Rohbear basically just always gossips and when you leave the King literally has nothing else to do, so he might as well be dead. 

Just feels like something someone who really doesn't like his brother would do.


  • That's actually a pretty interesting idea. Of course, it could be the King himself who made the room, but I like your idea better. :)
  • At first I was questioning this, but after a few minutes of thought, this actually seems very plausible.

    In addition to what you said up there /\ , Who else would be the first people to climb the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, than an ancient elf wizard with what appears to be a great amount of control over the realms?

    It hasn't really ever been stated that Nader likes Pot Puppies, but I don't see why he couldn't.
  • Oi, even in this isn't currently true, it would be cool if DB or Rob saw this *ahem*
  • @Ninjathis

    I would imagine this would be before he gained that control, heck maybe even Quintara Lotus even gave him that control? And also I don't think he has control over the realm does he? As far as I know I think he just Chronicles all the happenings in it.

  • There is a problem with this, Nader was exiled before the birth of magic. Exiled to the pocket demention which is where he currently is. 
  • Well, Nader tells stories about events that actually happen in the realm. I don't know if we just don't understand the time of the Realms, and he is just in the far future where everything is in a storybook, or what.

    I believe he must have some sort of control. Probably not as much as a dragon aspect, but perhaps stronger than Nisovin..? In the vision where Rhober Leomaris exiles him, he already HAS a pocket dimension. To create a pocket dimension, at least to me, seems like a pretty impressive feat.

    Maybe he just is using the spell Dreamworld, and is very good at it. He is known to be a Dreamweaver after all. But that is still a pretty crazy spell...
  • Maybe that room, is how Nader actually sees Rohbear.
    Pulling from persona 5 here, In persona 5 some people see the world differently, like for instance a school maybe be seen as that persons castle where they can do what ever they want. Nader could see Rohbear as someone WHO NEVER STOPS TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF, and made a room in his likeness, just to be a jerk. Imagine being immortalized as a jerk, in the some of the first floors of the tower of ultimate wizardry. When ever someone climbs it they get to meet King Rohbear, "Oh cool, its Rohbear! Wowiie!"-random guy "Blah blah listen to my stories! blah blah blah!"-Rohbear "gods this guy never shuts up <_< im outa here"-Random guy. Thatd be a F$$$ing hilarious prank to pull on somebody.

    "Hey guess what brother! You got a floor in the tower! :D" -Nader
    "Really? Aw your the bes-"-Rohbear
    "but the guy is exactly like you! <_< " -Nader
    "What? what do you mean? WHAT DID YOU DO!?"-Rohbear
    "I had Quintara make you as precisely as she could based off my memories, Mainly the ones where you never stopped talking, cause thats all I really care to remember about our relationship. :/  "-Nader
  • @Tripleat I really like this idea, but I don't think this fits into the cannon. I'm pretty sure the first 10 floors were made by quintara lotus with additional floors being built on top of these afterwards by people who have completed the tower. but who knows the rooms are being linked by magic portals so maybe the order isn't set in stone. 
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