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  • I want to play, im guessing your day is my night in which I stay up until 4-5 am anyway so anywhere from 2pm-4am pacific time is when I can play. Ive played the game since season two but only DMing so im eager to try being a player. 
  • That sounds great, I will ttalk to our discord urealms group. Obviously not this time but in the future would you be willing to dm? as well What kind of schedule doyou have?
  • Hi, if you going to need people in the future I am available most of the weekends (UK)

  • @xandat Yes, feel free to dm me any time on here or steam. Im pretty open all weekday and most week ends just give me some kind of heads up atleast a day or so before hand and ill let you know if I can, most likely yes.
  • Yo, I'm willing to join if you ever need others in the future. You can contact me on Discord: Kasai Moeru#8843 or Steam: Kasai Moeru. I run on EST so yeah.
  • Hello I'm looking to play I'm new to tabletop but a veteran of urealms and would love to play my discord is Lord2k00#6821
  • If you ever need any more players, or would like a DM for some, hit me up! Have plenty of experience as both! discord: MasterDJV#8765
  • @Kasai_Moeru I added you on discord, we can talk to see if you are able to fit schedules :)
  • @Lord2k sounds good, I was unable to add you on discord, is your name right?

  • @MasterDJV I think I have added you on discord?
  • @xandat Yes you have :peace: 
  • Hey sorry idk what happened  sorry here is my proper discord lord2k00#6821
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