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Make your own Grand Paladin soldier!

Now I don't know how the campaign will play out but we know  there will be a ferocious battle over the city going on. We may see NPC paladins fighting alongside the main characters. Using the character creator or your vivid imagination create a soldier who fights for the grand paladin order that would hear the horn blow and be somewhere else In the city fighting the ageless horde! 


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           Faris has always had a need for money. This has stemmed from when he was a child, in poverty and penniless.
           When he was a teenager, his father sent him off with a family friend to become a follower of the light, and to train to become a monk. For years he trained. And got very proficient at certain spells and abilities that his master, Drendin To'lenda, had taught him, until one day, disaster struck. It happened quickly, but deadly. The dreaded pirate, Bopen, and his skeletal crew attacked the city he was training in. He was the only survivor.
            In a moment of rage, he swore revenge on this pirate, and all of his kind. But, his master was lying there, almost dead, yet taught him one more spell. He taught him a way to combine their spirits. From this day on, his spirit would follow him and always be with him.
             When attempting to join the order, he met a peculiar person, it was an elf performing some trick on somebodies mind, he told her to quit, and she laughed at him. Angrily, he attacked at her, yet something in his mind told him not to, utterly confused, he tried talking to her, and somehow they became allies, and close friends after that day, something that he still doesn't recall how it happened.            
            When they joined the paladin order, his greed, gained from his poor childhood, battled with what he knew was right. But while he was training one day, he heard a commotion, and investigated to see what it was all about. The one he swore to kill, had claimed another life of his new family. The grand paladin himself. 
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    I have a paladin character of choice, he is Danse Dance Lightyear. And aside from the name he is a basic run of the mill paladin, he does want to be Grand Paladin some day, or at least a high ranking officer. Heavily ambitious dwarf paladin. Nothing new.

    His name, as well as a joke, is also a reference to a follower from a videogame. Bonus points if you know who it is ;D
  • @Viizko I'd assume that brotherhood of steel's Paladin Danse
  • Her name is Marion Weiss!6N00J30000002yGEC@Gr0W0T00000000

    She was supposed to be married into the Sunsword family, but after some bad blood between relatives on either end the marriage was suspended. Devastated she would not get to create a family with the love of her life she swore herself into the Paladin order and deliberately went into a rowdy platoon to project her motherly instincts on someone.

    Where she is not one for direct combat, she supports her team to the fullest with protective and healing spells in and out of battle. What's more, knowing the Golden Spices ability allows her to aid her group even if they are out of reach.

    Her biggest character flaw is that she takes on too much responsibility, and that extends to taking on other people's responsibilities. This unfortunately robs her teammates for a lot of opportunities to grow. It comes from a good place, but she might just keep helping until it hurts.
  • Elijah_Stormwinds

    Meet Elijah Stormwinds
    He is the son and heir to one of the original dwarven kings.  Because of this, he has been blessed with great wealth and resources.  He is fiercely devoted to his worship of auro'ras and vlaurunga.  He is incredibly strong of body and will.  He has been striving towards mastery of both himself and his powers of light since first reaching manhood.  He is wise and slow to anger.  The perfect, righteous paladin.  He has even managed to tame a sunhound(named Ezekiel) as his life's companion; a feat no dwarf has achieved, before or since.

    His only flaw? Pride.
    While not entirely unfounded, for his skill and devotion are without match, he possesses overwhelming self confidence, self assurance, and is highly condescending.  He assumes that, after Virgo died, he would become the next grand paladin.  This, obviously did not happen, as, rather then run straight to claim what he believed was his, he fought to contain the ageless outbreak.

    After the ageless had been contained and he made his way to claim his place, (insert name here) had already taken 'his' place.  He was so furious he broke off a sect of the paladin order(which was a significant portion) to follow him, rather than the person he considered a usurper.  He would not act to directly harm the order he left behind, his honor would prevent him from that.  But he does still seek to claim his rightful place above all paladins.
  • @prophetofmemes
    Elijah seems like a real hardass, but definitely worth keeping around in a fight. Just look at that arsenal! I've only got one gripe with the character. That he is the only dwarf who has ever tamed a Sunhound. We don't know if they are that difficult to tame yet. Perhaps the wild ones are, but I would not be surprised if the Sunswords had some domesticated ones bred for the order. We'll likely be seeing characters managing to tame a Whelpling down the line though, so a Sunhound might not be that big a deal.
  • @SugarSmear Yeah I wasn't sure.  Because of the absolute lack of sunhound lore, I kinda just made stuff up.  Tho they seem to me like the kind of 'they choose their master, and they only choose the most worthy people, and only ever choose races that lived before the hatching(aka elves because beanu are dead and what would high bears want with a wolf) because they are super magical and only the most magic of beings could draw their attention.  With the one exception being Elijah because of his ultimate badassery.

    Of course, Rob could make sun wolfs domesticated creatures that are common at some point, but I think, due to their unbelievable rarity if nothing else, that my outlook will be pretty similar to what ends up being cannon.
  • @Murlin22 ding ding ding! We have a winner!
  • Here's Jorgan Dravid (originally wanted to make him a Davidson, but I didn't). He's pretty good, but he doesn't have a lot of Stamina.
  • @friskyBrisky I like to imagine now a paladin running towards some ageless using a frying pan as a weapon
  • Halt_Unorlox

    Halt Unorlox

    Halt is considered one of the strongest mages in the order simply on the basis of his extensive knowledge and his endless practice. Being alive since the beginning of time has its perks, such as being able to endlessly practise and research magic and spells, because of this he has been able to learn countless thing, including one of the strongest holy spells known, Final gift. He got the Mallet of Devotion after nearly sacrificing himself to save Galen's life, from that encounter he has become close friends with him and even has learned the powerful paladin spell lay on hands. It is a very good thing for him that he has become friends with Galen as he is a controversial figure within the order as he has studied dark magic, and continues to do so in secret, he has even learned the secrets of the ritual to become a ageless, though he will never do it, he simply thinks learning about the enemy is the best way to find a way to beat them. Admittedly he is stuck up and proud, disliking to interact with just about anyone except for closest friends and people of equal or higher status then him, he considers himself very highly, always wanting to focus on his work above all else  
  • Martel

    A devout follower for most of her life, she only became a paladin after Golestandt arose.
    Still has her lover and child, worries about them staying home while she is off and about purging the ageless.

    Got lucky with my random pulls, feels nice  :3
  • Semphis_Briggs

    An Ancient who has been around to see many things. He learned how to fight with various kinds of weapons, whether it be a sword, hammer, of staff. But after the birth of magic, he had some sort of affinity for arcane magics. He helped his family in making a big name in the elven politics, and helped the Sunswords in some occasions. But during one encounter with the ageless during Golestandt's 3rd awakening, he was surrounded by ageless. He thought that he would be dead in that scenario, until he prayed to whatever god could hear him. And after that a powerful beam of light came from his hand that could heal his fallen allies in the midst of crisis. After that day, Semphis swore to follow the light, and do whatever it takes to destroy anything related to the dark magics that harms the land.

    Got so lucky when I got Greater Lay on Hands
  • Falcon_West 

    A Dwelf farmer born and raised on the outskirts of the city. His father raised him to take over the family business of selling crops and pigs in the market. At a young age he managed to befriend a wild eaglebear that has been his closest friend ever since. Finding out that he had such a connection with earth magic and animals led him to become a self taught Theurgist. Using summoned minnions he was able to manage and harvest crops in mass greatly improving his business. If anything threatened the city he means to fight with his own army to defend life and prosperity.
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    So..... I got a very interesting character. Btw I followed all of the normal rules for CC (as far as we know) and I have no idea if you can normally get Legendary companions just by buying one but....


    Deyanno was created in Porc Pits that were close to territory belonging to the Grand Paladin Order. When he was created, he was a huge and very strong looking porc. the most intimidating Porc out of any from his Cave Home. He has a fondness for Ice Magics, but he's also a klutz so he doesn't come off as very powerful at times, and ends up freezing himself with spells at times.

    At some point, he left the cave on his own in search to become stronger and become known as the most powerful of porcs, generally fighting wild beasts (where he got his Raskum Claws from), and even finding things to buy/take that would make him even stronger (Potion Seller's Strongest Potion).

    At some point, he found a place where a Tournament was being held, being overseen by a High Bear, who was looking for the Strongest Mortal to observe and examine for his Curiousity. Deyanno of course couldn't turn down the challenge of a tournament, and easily won, though in the last battle, he was about to lose, but accidentally fell on his opponent which killed him, making him the victor. 

    At that point, the High Bear, Ursa Mistforn, took very much interest in Deyanno, and wanted to follow him and observe him, not involving himself in any battles and just watching from a distance. Dwarves from the Paladin order also found him to be a useful asset, but mostly because the High Bear was following him, so they recruited him into the Paladin Order, mostly knowing that the High Bear would come as well. So he stays with the Paladin Order helping them, but mostly because he wants to prove he is the Strongest Porc.
  • Danial_Lightsong A sun cleric and old ally of the grand Paladins. This Dverg Dverg has long studied the sun and the light. Danial has been through many campaigns against the ageless threat as he is immune to their corruption, but don't let his size fool you his dual blades pack a mighty punch. (Though Unsure if Sunblades stack I like the thought/look)

    Anyone want to learn one of my suncleric abilities? Academic lets me teach one once per session. Got some good random armor and treasures as well.
  • Kate juniper
    when Kate was just a baby her parents (being paladins) left Kate to be raised at a suncleric temple. Kate's parents knew that they wouldn't be coming home as they were going to be off on a hunt for Bopen. Knowing that their child would never see her parents' faces again they had two elves adopt their child and had they swear not to tell her about them. her parents knowing that their daughter would find out one day because she was a keen (they couldn't find any clerics close to a keen village in time so they left her with elves and had her be called a short elf) but until then she would be able to live a semi normal life. at her 12 birth day she ended up finding out about her parents. she was flustered feeling anger, sadness, and disbelief. she had now realized that her friends and family were keeping this from her all her life. this didn't matter now she had her old life behind her and a new goal in life, to become a paladin and to find her parents. despite all her past friends and family telling her that her parents were dead she still continued on with her training to become a paladin. most of the paladins sugested she become a suncleric because she knew more about healing magic then fighting, but she would proove over 6 years that she was an adept warrior. when she was 18 she began the life of a paladin and waited for the light to give her a chance to fight bopen and get back her parents. know with this new campaign she feels like the light has given her a chance to do that and so she is eagerly going into battle with all her might 
  • Bob is a fucking badass fire guy who can level a mountain and die quickly.
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    Kaelen (pronounced K - lin) is the pride of the SunBlaze household. She has lived a long life, and has mastered many powerful spells, and various fighting techniques. She leads her house against the Ageless, and the SunSwords are distant relatives of her family.
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    Here is a foe for you no good paladins with 140 stamina ALL HAIL THE CULT OF BONES,00KvLWJPJNJ2000000631kIH4.75AH79700000
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    Paisley has always been attracted to the light, ever since he rose from the darkness of his porc pit into the shining sunlight. from that day on, he was devoted to the sun, and made every effort to become a sun cleric, including becoming a master swordsporc. Despite being a porc, Paisley fights valiantly for causes he believes are noble, and always makes sure to help his allies.

  • Astrid Mare

    Astrid Mare was raised in a port city, her father the Mayor of it. She always wanted to prove herself, despite her general weakness when compared to the city's soldiers and navy. Nonetheless, she was adored by all of her father's soldiers and most of the townsfolk, being a sweet girl who wanted nothing more than to protect her town. So, reluctantly, her father allowed her to train by fighting sea monsters and keeping her citys' coast secured with the other soldiers. Her father, seeing this passion of hers for adventure, hired a bodyguard to protect her. To the bodyguard, Astrid is a spoiled legacy child of the Mayor, and thinks she is a burden.

    After seeing an armada of Grand Paladin Order ships, Astrid wanted to branch away from her port town and join the Grand Paladin Order in their fight against the ageless. Her father, knowing he could not stop her once she had her mind set on something, told her she could go as long as she was properly protected with enchantments.
  • RemoBarrow

    Remo Barrow is an aggressive soldier who values strength second only to the Light. He is a bulky Dverge Dverge who tries to wrestle anyone he can. Since he is a Goro few are willing to compete, so he wrestles with his Gemlord companion instead. He goes into battle without armor and has several scars which he refuses to get healed. 

    Since he was a bit of a troublemaker his parents sent him out to the Paladin Order just to get him out of their hair. Once Barrow learned the spell Blessing of Strength, he decided to fight for the Paladin order in hopes of finding other ways to improve himself.

    He is very insecure about his extra limbs and is constantly working out in order to convince himself he is impressive. He tries to show off frequently, but does so obnoxiously.
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    Camus Coy Hassler 
    The sheriff of the town that is being attack and grow up with GPO for all of his life
  • Geraldo_Ferera
    Geraldo was born into a family of Keens, but his family died in an war caused by the GPO. The only possession he kept was a magical frying pan, and the family pet, a Dwarven Witch. He has since been a passionate brewer, unfortunately, he has only ever gotten to brew on the battlefield, and only with his frying pan. This act of brewing in a frying pan greatly amuses the Dwarven Witch, who still acts like a young girl, even though she has since grown up. Geraldo carries around a deck of cards to entertain the childish dwarf when he is fed up with her. Ever since he found a codex on a battlefield, he has been obsessed with the art of brewing, he frequently reads the codex for a renewed sense of life and meaning.

    Alas, this is how he has believed his life to have been, but he has actually suffered a blunt hit to the head many moons ago, and has severe amnesia, and minor reality distortions. He rarely is able to picture a Legendary spell scroll and cast it near flawlessly, but after exerting great stress on his mind, he loses his memory again, and his brain thinks up a whole new history. Though he has consistently been an avid brewer.

    The Dwarf is actually just his caretaker.
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