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Looking for long time Urealms partners. Will Play AND DM. Don't be shy!

Hey everyone, I am Butt Smacko and I live in Ontario, Canada. I've been a long time fan of Urealms and I am just starting to get involved in the community. I have come forth to you today with a propitiation for you... I am a self tout DM and I need some players. Skill is not an issue, it doesn't matter if you've played your whole life or if you have never played at all. ALL are welcome. If you have a campaign, I'd be more then happy to put the DM hat on the shelf and play in your game! If you are interested let me know! My steam is buttsmacko

Alright, hope to see you soon!

With Love



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    I want to play, ive played before since season 2 and only DM'ed with some friends casually. But im really sick of DMing and would like to be a player in a full game. Im willing to play a goofy casual game or a more serious RP.

    Ive played the game a lot but don't watch the actual Youtube show so if I mess up let me know. I live in CA and can play from 4:00 PM- past midnight. If you ever get a group going please let me know id love to join and I have a mic. 

    Feel free to PM ill check every night 
  • i would love to play. i have not played any role-playing games but have want to when i first saw the nuern campaign. i live in upstate New York can play most weekends but weekdays i don't get out of work till 4 am.
    just shoot me a pm or add me on steam which is dman32795.

  • I would like to play, I hail from the UK so I'd be down for afternoon/evening games on the weekend.
    Send me a PM.
  • I too am looking for people, Im also willing to DM or play! I've only done a couple of ccampaigns, both as DM or as a player and I'd love to play more! Feel free to add me! my steam is "MasterDJV" and my Discord is MasterDJV#8765
  • Hey! I was looking for exactly this! Im also a DM so I would love to take the hat from you sometimes; however, I would also love to be a player.
    My discord is Let me know who you are when you join.
  • Alright, my discord is Nicksternick #3444
  • Sounds good to me, i am having a hard time connecting to discord, can you just pm me on steam? @Thall
  • sure! Im Thall on Steam as well. @ButtSmacko
  • Used to play with some friends back in season 1 and 2, been looking to pick it back up again and would love to join! Steam is WesGutt, discord is WesGutt#7647
  • there are multiple accounts with the same name as you, can you send me a friend request instead?
  • Yeah sorry, Ive been busy. Ill do it right now. @ButtSmacko
  • Hey I would love to join, I'm new to the community and would be down to join a group! Steam is rhynocreeper, discord is RaginRhyn0#9270
  • Yo, I would love to join. I've been doing separate URealms campaigns with a different group of friends but they kinda lost interest in it. I've been looking for new groups since. My discord is Kasai Moeru#8843 and my steam is Kasai Moeru (one of my previous names is donovangreat in case you need help finding the account). I live in Georgia, U.S.A so I'm in the Eastern Time Zone.
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    I'll make it short and simple, looking for a group/party as a player;

    I've never played this game, but I do have DnD experience so I'm quick to pick up the game. The potential drawback is that I'm from Croatia, so that's Ontario time + 6 hours. 

    Also I'm very new to the Tabletop Simulator so I'd appreciate some understanding if I screw something up.

    Feel free to hit me up so we can work out a schedule


    Discord: Hexo #7771
  • Aha if u would like to play in looking to right know @ButtSmacko
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    Hey I would love to join your group if you are willing. My steam is Killer Nova same as on here. My schedule to play would be varied. but anytime after 3PM CST tues and thurs. Also 7pm CST mon, wed,friday. I work mornings at times and nights others but those are my best times that I am 99% open.  Discord #ID is Killer_Nova#8977
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  • i am intrested in playing and dming hit me up with the link my discord is BMM (トーマス)#8478
  • @ButtSmacko could i join your party if there's still space @ me if i can plz
  • i would play but thing is i dont have tabletop sim DX
  • (i want to but idk if this party is full yet or not.)
  • @ButtSmacko I'd love to play. and im from colorado so our time zones are verry close together
  • (also GO CANADA!!' im from toronto.)
  • @Methman we have a discord if you're interested 
  • @UniverseCat3 (if it's possible could i join your party?)
  • Ya just leave your discord @xxthatguy11xx
  • @UniverseCat3 (i'm going to PM it to you just because i regret life decisions and have a really cringy username.)
  • @UniverseCat3 Yeah sure! My discord is Methman #0517
  • I have 2 other friends that really want to start playing but we've all never played a d&d type game before, we've made characters through tabletop sim on steam but no clue how to campaign. Would love some help! JackSide#8321 on discord Jack Skull on steam.
  • I'd love to join in, if you have any free spots left. Been playing table top rpgs for about 2 years, though only one time in physical form, it has mostly been over discord. And at present I am just starved for games as I can't really find anyone to play with even online. I have a consistently free Saturday, and I get along with people quite well. Would be delighted to either DM or play, I just want to be a part of a game. Hope there is a spot left. @ButtSmacko I sent you a friend request on Steam - krisschu And I can't wait to hear your reply. ^^
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