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Time for the real facts about yourself.

What's your profile number, and why is it the greatest, the best, the long word synonym for best -est number of ALL TIME. Pull no punches against other numbers. "MAke it short and sweet, no don't tell them that, make the post about the number argumenjts short and sweet, god f***ing stop writing what I am saying just make the post"- Squid Chair #165



  • My number is 537, and honestly, I dare you to try to find a single flaw in it. 5+3+7=a different number. Can you say the same? Exactly. I said honestly earlier which also makes me more trustworthy, so when I say 537 is the best number, you know it has to be the best number. I've seen many numbers many a time. I am the most qualified number guy there is probably, so you should basically give up now on trying to say your number is better. Sorry for destroying your hopes and dreams- FudgyWaffles AKA jbr2000 AKA The Captain AKA Jibber AKA Number 537
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    Alright I gotta settle this dispute once and for all, profile #165 is better than the profile #537. I ain't here to say I'm better than a #1, #69, #420, #311, or any of that. 165 is the number for a real good guy, and #537 is definitely way worse than #165. #165 has got three of the best digits in there, 1 is obviously good, cuz who ain't wanna be #1, #6 is so freaking good, but what's even better, 1 better is #5.
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    @Squid_Chair First of all, I'm not a 357, so stop talking to me, second of all, I'm not a dumb dude, so stop crapping at me

    EDIT: Squid_Chair is a fraud and a liar and edited his post because he lost and he knows it, pay no mind to the loser who edited his false post in order to attract more views, Squid_Chair has been unofficially officially disqualified
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    191, is the same both back and front. What more, 1+9=10+1=11. 11 is also the same back and front. Moreover, 11 is the perfect age, as anyone who has kept up with my memes should know. I think I have this one in the bag, but I will keep going!

    191 seconds is exactly 3 minutes 11 seconds, AGAIN, 11 is the perfect age.

    191 is also a jumbled version of 911, which can be interpreted the police, saviors of society.

    One hundred and Ninety one contains 22 letters, which is 2 times 11, thus twice the perfect age.

    I could also point out that according to phijkchu tip 37 (which I know you should know, since you are the captain of PHIJKCHU), and I quote: "Pikachu never lies, EVER! " (Phijkchu cult wiki, tip 37). Since we know this is true, and I have said 191 is the best number, we know that, for a fact, 191 is the best number.

    Additionally, 191 is a prime number, whereas your number (the puny 165) is not. This shows at the very least my number is superior to yours, if not the best.

    To conclude, this argument contains exactly 191 words (including phijkchu, which shows that the argument itself is grounded in perfection). Checkmate.

  • Okay, I can see you all are disillusioned by your pride in your own number here, but let's be honest, who doesn't love #244. I mean, not only is it a nice number to look at, but if you had to deal with this in a math equation, you would be praising all known deities to man that you got a nice number like 244, and not some dumb prime number like #191.
    Not only that, but when #244 is broken up into it's components, it all unifies together, as an army of the number #2. What other number can boast this magnitude and unity, yet simplicity when you truly begin to delve into it's secrets, in the hopes to gain a deeper understanding for it.
    On top of this astonishing evidence, the number #244 is balanced. "But Maesquin," I hear you saying, " #244 isn't symmetrical!" And you would be correct; however, when you add them all together, 2+4+4, you get 10, and we all know that that is exactly half of a d20. Now you have come to understand that when I say balanced, I really mean that it is a solid, stable number, unlike those treacherous unstable, and untrustworthy odd numbers, such as #191 and #357
    Now that we have all cleared up this ludicrous arguement, I would appreciate it if we could all just forgive each other, forget our differences, and agree that #244 is the far surperior number. Thank you.
  • @PHIJKCHU_Pikachu I will now point out how all of these arguments are irrelevant.
    1.191 backwards is actually 1backwards91, which is not the same
    2.191 seconds do not exist because time doesn't exist and is just a fake measurement used by humans to be used as a variable to make other things make sense
    3.Police=Political=Not allowed, really you should be banned for this post
    4.One hundred and Ninety one do not contain 22 letters, One hundred contrains 10 letters and Ninety one contains 9
    5.Well if you were more familiar with the rules, you would know that, and I quote, "
    10 Pikachu is actually Zai.11 Pikachu is actually Sark." Therefor, you are not actually Pikachu, and can lie.
    3.Prime numbers are almost always odd, just like 191, the reason for this is obviously so that all the weirdo numbers can say they are special in their own way when reality they were a mistake
    7.We are not playing chess, while you were playing chess, I was playing Shadowgwentverselyst:Legends:The Gathering
  • @Maesquin You fool! You said #357 instead of #537, such a rookie mistake shows your incompetence and as an extension your number's incompetence!
  • @FudgyWaffles Ah, you see, but your mistake is in your assumption that I intended to say #537. This was clearly too inconsequential a number to debate, so I determined that, rather than beating a dead horse, I ought to choose a separate number, and thus turned to your valiant attempts to save your beloved #537 for inspiration, and saw that even the knock off known as #357 is far surperior to your inferior number, and thus more appropriate to discuss.
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    EDIT: Okay, found my number. #55. Double digits, double trouble. Where's my trophy?
  • I will have you know #451 is the most special number there ever has and ever will be. First the number 4 represents equality and perfect divisibility in all functions and procedures. It can be divided a whole two ways evenly and very clearly means that I am a well rounded individual. The number 5 is even better because just hearing about the number 5 makes all the other numbers quiver in fear in their make-believe number boots. 5 makes you look at yourself and say, "Dang... I can only wish to have that kind of succulent curve and flat top shape 5 has, I will never look that good!". Finally, 1. Why does the number 1 top all of this off and make my number the best? Because, it reminds everyone that I am number 1. Not you, not him, not her, but me. Think on that before you go and even try to say your number is better than me. (Which it very well may be, I don't want to be mean and just assume that I'm better than you because there are a lot of people out there and honestly the guy with a number of three in a row is probably far superior to me in every way.)
  • @Aesrien Using your arguments, my number is strictly better for the number four in chinese sounds like death in chinese, which is unlucky. However the number 6 can be flipped and added to itself to make 69, one of the greatest numbers there is.
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    @Maesquin I knew you would say this, but you see you have just fallen into my trap. As you see, you are arguing that 357 is a greater number than 537, but 537>357, literally. Also by saying that 357 is superior to 537, you are showing how you are too busy thinking about other numbers to truly show your confidence in 244.
  • @FudgyWaffles Au contrare mon amie. Even your attempt at a trap falls victim to the masterful plan of which the grand #244 has planted within my brain. In your JoJo memes, and worry regarding the true nature of #357, you have become distracted from the initial subject of this debate, which is of the ultimate and supreme glory which the number #244 possesses, and the scale of mediocrity that every other number resides upon.
    The only reason why #357's existence is of greater consequence than that of #537, is because of the splendour which radiates from #244 upon all who surround it. Had #357 been further away from #244, it's importance would diminish, until it vanished into the never-ending void of irrelevance.
  • I am #211 which is an even 100 away from #311 which is 69 from #420 just do the math
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    I didn't realise profile numbers were a thing... It was this day that I realised something. I AM THE MEANING OF LIFE! BOW BEFORE ME! I AM #42!  >:)
  • I'm 281, which is a prime number so that's cool, and uhh, it's 11 if you add the digits together which is also cool, but I think @Shuckle definitely wins.
  • @FudgyWaffles Ohhh so that's how you play eh miestro! Well I'll have you know 451 is actually the birth date of everything. The world was born on year 451 and on such a day the number became infamous and legendary in the universes eyes. Because of this, the universe decided I shall be the champion of its birthday, disreputing all who seek to naysay its power. You may say,"Year 451? How do you know the universe was created in Year 451? In fact if existence did not exist yet how could a time be accurately measured and recorded?" And I say to you, you can't prove that it didn't thus we are stuck in an eternal argument that will go until one of us gets bored and eventually leaves.
  • @Aesrien I'm sure you would like to think that, but my next argument has been google translated 3 times, I would like to see how you don't get bored and eventually leave after this one. 

    やれやれだぜ  Quam stultum, quam puerile, ut infans: sed hae partes, si posset esse principium universum. Ex hoc problema est simplex et invenies in omnibus est creatum minor est numerus, ut est 0 correspondent Tenta nos!
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    @Maesquin Haahahahaha, you fool, the video was a trap as well. As you may of noticed, the video was not relevant at all, even after being labeled "Relevant". While you have been arguing about the superiority of #244 over #537 and #357, more arguments for numbers have arrived. With no arguments for those numbers, your number must be less than theirs, and since my number is greater than the ones which are greater than yours, my #537 must be the best number.
  • @Shuckle If you think a single reference is enough to prove yourself, you are completely incorrect. Watch as I make a reference as well, to combine with all of my other arguments, to prove how my number is even greater than anyone even thought before. 537:  5+3+7=15, the 15th letter of the alphabet is O, and O my god is it the best number, O-rwell was known for making a book named "1984". 1+9+8+4=22 two 2s 22/2=11  5+7=12, and since that is already in 22/2=11, we only have 3 and 11 left. Put them together and we have 311. This might as well have been over before it even started.
  • I'm 308 and I think this is the best number because The .308 Winchester (pronounced: "three-oh-eight") is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle cartridge and is the commercial cartridge from which the 7.62×51mm NATO round was derived. The .308 Winchester was introduced in 1952, two years prior to the NATO adoption of the 7.62×51mm NATO T65.
  • 296. The natural logarithm of 296 minus the square root of 296 grants you a very, very long number. This number is so long, that it is considered transcendental (meaning it goes on forever. like π or e). I cannot post the entirety of the number here, but here is a little bit.


    As you can plainly see, my number is longer, and like the genitalia, that is what is most important, not that conspiracy type crap with number adding. Additionally, it contains all numbers that can ever be said, therefore making it reign supreme over your numbers.
    (If you want to see calculation,, scroll down to decimal approximation). 
  • As #11 I'm basically #1 but double as good, it's hard to get a better number than that sorry.

    @HCJustin I'm sorry but your math doesn't work out because if you turn 211 upside down it's 421 not 420.
  • #444 speaks for itself. 4 is the number of beauty, of perfection, and the only thing better than this number would be 4444, and I would happily concede to being inferior if said number were to appear, however, so far it appears I can only hear silence.
  • I'm #6 which can be turned upside-down to get #9 which together makes the sex number, thus making me the best.
  • #1270 has both the numbers 12 and 70 in it, which have the numbers 1, 2, 7 and 0 inside that! Not only that, but 0 + 7 - 2 - 1 is 4, aka K4. Not only is my number the most versatile, having multiple numbers inside itself, but it can also add and subtract those numbers to create even more.

  • @Shuckle you are clearly dillusional, believing that the cheap knock off #42 is better than the number it has shaped it's entire existence in the hopes of being even a fraction as great as #244. #42 is like the bootleg version of #244. It's shorter, doesn't command the same magnitude, and can't decide what it wants to be. It simultaneously is trying to be #244 and #420, yet it can't even make it close enough to be three digits long.
  • I'm #332. There are many great things about this number. Unfortunately while this number is not prime, luck has deemed it worthy of having a prime factorization (Who knew!). In this case, #332 can be rewritten as 2*2*83. 2 has the honor of being the only even prime. Additionally, 2 divides as many integers as there are integers (Wow!). The best part? 2 appears twice in the prime factorization of #332. 83 is also okay I guess.

    ...I think I just made a better argument for why #2 is the best number. Dangit. :(
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    @Ulthax, you speak in Error. Everyone knows #404 is better than #444. It's like four times the world's dalmation population.

    Anyways, #756 speaking. There ain't no sexier number. I'm like 256 but with a 7 instead of a 2.

    edit: Added the "At"-sign before Ulthax's name.
  • Man all these amateurs not even worth calling out, basically using my arguments for themselves, although @AlternateWraph 's argument is pretty funny,  just like the idea that his number is the greatest.
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